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  1. Orange would make it outstanding, but I, too, like it a lot more than I thought I would. I think it looks pretty sharp.
  2. Was this rule ever changed? I saw the NFL was working through some rules changes, and didn't know if they'd ever decided anything with the one-helmet rule. If this has already been beaten to death and/or announced, I'm sorry in advance.
  3. I remember watching that one on TV. I think they had a throwback vs. fauxback against the Rays that year too. Great looking games, the both of them.
  4. Probably unpopular, but I wish they'd bring these back on Fridays instead of what they have now (even though I do like the Friday uniforms)...
  5. I liked the Dillon ones. I wouldn't mind seeing a return to something similar to those. I always preferred the leaping tiger to the "B" they have now, too.
  6. I like the one of the slug in the trees, considering that's where you always find them on the coastal forest environments. That said, neither one really is an "upgrade" over what they had..but then again, it's a banana slug, so how much can you really do with it?
  7. As a Dolphins fan, I don't mind the current uniforms. I didn't like the previous iteration when they switched in 2013...I thought that orange was too de-emphasized and the dark blue was garish at best. That they got rid of dark blue entirely on the uniforms and made orange again was a definite upgrade. My all-time favorite ones are probably the early 80s ones, but I have a soft spot for the mid-90s ones too, especially around 1994-1996. I do think though, that the throwbacks are one of, if not the, top uniforms in the league...but I'm fairly biased.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/red-sox-president-says-franchise-is-open-to-new-and-different-concepts-for-uniform/ Red Sox possible change?
  9. I think the Dolphins did a decal switch that year too, with throwback pants. The jerseys seem to have stayed the same though.
  10. Associated with a bland time in Patriots history...but damn those are beautiful.
  11. They finally look like the Browns again. Another well-done set by Nike...even though it's basically just a "welp, we messed up" type of deal. The Browns' national nightmare is over.
  12. I can’t get over how much that smiley face looks like the Nirvana logo...
  13. The brown face masks with those don’t bother me as much as I thought they would. I’d still prefer grey or white, but the brown doesn’t kill it for me.