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  1. Will the helmet be changing from silver to white?
  2. They're definitely a lot better than the :censored: sandwich that got trotted out before...but...they're so...bland. I'd have figured they'd have gone with a white helmet to take advantage of the creamsicle nostalgia, too. Guess I was wrong.
  3. I may be in the minority, but I wish Tampa would utilize that forest green color again they had previously. Also, I'm curious to see what the Giants trot out...I'd like to see them update their orange alts a bit.
  4. I really dig the two on the right...the original isn't too bad, but Bucco Bruce looks like something is impaling him. Nicely done.
  5. Danny Kight (sp?) used to handle the kickoffs when Vanderjagt was the Colts' kicker back towards the end of the 90s.
  6. The pink one is still my favorite...that's about as Miami Vice as you can get. This new one isn't bad, though.
  7. I think you could get rid of the grey numbers, make them white...and pair that top jersey with the old helmet and have a decent set .
  8. Is the Totems name still in play?
  9. Are the Fins going to be wearing both the home and away throwbacks at some point this year, or just the away (white) ones?
  10. Hurricanes switched from their "feather sleeved" adidas uniforms in 2016 to the look they have now halfway through the season.
  11. Canes apparently with a subtle change this year, outlines around the numbers...
  12. My grandpa played there in the 50s..held a ton of records with them for a long time, has his # retired.... I think it’s sacrilege they don’t use gold anymore.
  13. Should have never switched from this, IMO.