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  1. Regarding Nashville MLS name and colors: Source: SI As for the name, Ingram said, “My going-in premise is that it'll be Nashville SC. We might hold some sort of contest or whatnot to see if that is what the broad majority wants to do—wants to keep that, wants to change to something else. But one thing that won’t happen, is there won’t be anything unilateral from me. It’ll be based on what our supporters and our fans want, not based on me.” Nashville SC will wear the blue and yellow colors found on the city flag, which also have been adopted by the NHL’s Predators.
  2. very nice job with the Primary, from the color palette, to the icon/design elements and art style.
  3. What a cool and fresh overall logo shape for an MLS team and Soccer in general! Also, good job integrating local themes/icons in it. As Steelman already said, the different S C parts also throw me off, however it might be offset if you'd to the "Nashville" word mark in a similar style.
  4. CoronaOrange

    USA concept

    It has a lot of good things going for it (design elements, colors), but the 1st eagle kinda looks like Snoopy with a headscarf to me if it's just white. Looks much better with your already made improvements. (color, eye placement)
  5. Wow, this is really a truly spectacular design! Absolute WELTKLASSE !!! It works great with their stadium light system/pattern, the Bavarian pattern is included too!
  6. I've been a fan of F1 since nearly 2 decades and I feel the new group in charge is doing a lot of things right. However to some fans, casual viewers and the general public, most aren't really noticeable yet, due the longer term contract agreements, old structures and such that will still handcuff them for a while. From personal experience, things at the racetracks (access, ticket options, entertainment like video game racing in simulators, food and such) have been much improved and changed for the better in a very short time. They are also more open communicating about their ideas, issues they have to deal with and "digital and social media" is finally getting integrated and implemented. Old Logo I liked the "hidden" 1 and the bold "stated" F1. Would have loved to see an evolution of it, with the checkered flag/finish line made black/white on the right hand side and the negative space 1 turned red. Proposed Logos There are a couple of nice initial ideas like the racetrack, grid line), the fonts all seem a bit thin or toy like for my taste and I doub't the would be a good use for small icons/logo types. New Logo I'm mostly ok with it, but the racetrack lines should be black, like asphalt, and to offset it, why not go with a red 1/finish line lights out kinda thing. This guy did a fine job, integrating the old with the new. Old colors, black asphalt, hidden "1".
  7. I prefer the old A-League logo, not just because of the design, but also the warmer color. Fits Australia's Outback theme better IMO. Also I like the old font much more. Anyway nice A-League graphic, but doesn't Sydney have a new logo (or is it introduced only after this season?)
  8. Disagree, it would be an amazing primary if the red hoops, were blue, so no hoops at all USSF historically has been way more a blue/white team with a dash of red. The increased RED is a NIKE thing or JK leftover. It's still one of their best jerseys in years despite all that.
  9. the US Gold Cup Jersey is an improvement to the last couple of US jerseys, but still has too much red for my taste and I don't like hoops in general. On the plus side, the colors are now finally again a good fit and I dig the stars. US Soccer historically has been mainly a (navy) blue and white team, with a dash of red, however in the last few years NIKE and the one that shall not be named tried to push red way too much for my taste. the pre match jersey (pics) however is fantastic, even if I had preferred smaller stars. Surefire purchase. Any idea if they will also release caps, jackets, t-shirt to go along with the Gold Cup or if it's just those 2?
  10. Yeah! That will be my first pre match jersey ever if it's real. Hopefully the whole Gold Cup collection (jackets, t-shirts, shorts and stuff) has the same theme.
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