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  1. Seems like I am in the minority here, but I much prefer the S on the left. Great work either way though!
  2. Gave Oregon a shot. Went with their Webfoots uniform, and just did a logo swap. Combined the O with elements of the state flag. Original photo is at the bottom.
  3. Man, Florida is giving me fits. That flag is so detailed, I'm struggling to find a way to make it look decent. You have any thoughts on how you'd like to see it done?
  4. I second that the flag should be era correct, with circle of stars, if there is any way to remedy that. Its looking great though! Good idea! Huge improvement on the bonnet from version one to version two
  5. So I recently did a helmet mockup, at the request of a buddy, using a major fashion brand as the sticker on the side of the helmet. Thought it looked pretty cool, so I posted it to my twitter page, and almost immediately got a comment saying it was copyright infringement and the brand is notorious for legally pursuing those who use their logo without permission. I do this for fun, never been paid for photoshop work or anything, and didn't want anything to do with that, so I promptly pulled the tweet down. My question is this... Are we all technically in copyright infringement every time we use a team's (or company's) actual logo in a mockup? Is a Cavs jersey mockup with sponsor patch technically infringing upon both the Cavs and Goodyear? What is the line, and how do we make sure not to cross it? Thanks, appreciate everyone's insight into this!
  6. I'll give it a shot! That X is going to be tough to lay on a helmet and look right, but I will do my best!
  7. If its just the sponsor change, here's my first quick pass at it...
  8. Sure! Do you just want to see the traditional Texas uni with a KD logo instead of the swoosh? Or like an entire rebranding/alternate uni? If its the latter, any specific ideas you'd like to see incorporated?
  9. I'll give it a go after the games tonight or tomorrow morning!
  10. A second idea. Would probably be better without the helmet stripes. Thought I'd try mocking it up quickly though
  11. Sorry for the delayed response. Went with a Bills style helmet, didn't do anything too crazy with it, just wanted to get the logo on a clean helmet and see where it went. Could try more adventurous stuff if you have any specific ideas!
  12. Just tried one for Cal. Went a little less exact in terms of the flag reproduction, leaned heavy on the "Golden Bear" idea... Used Navy's killer helmets from 2013 as a base.
  13. Thanks! I am really bummed CSU beat me to the punch, this was the state flag design I mocked up last year for CU. Would have been a cool helmet.
  14. So this was an idea I had almost a year ago, but didn't have the ability to really see it through. Wanted to revisit the project. I have a lot of concepts in my mind, but have only done two states so far. Will likely add to this thread as I progress. Would love feedback/suggestions! Thanks