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  1. Hi all, I am looking for this SpeedFlex template by Chris Maurer version 2.0. If anyone has it, I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks!
  2. One of the most unique logos in all of sports, and certainly high school football, The Chinook Sugarbeeters from Montana are in the sweet 16 of a matchup to determine the best high school helmet in the country. Columbus Scotus has a serious twitter game, and Chinook has practically none, being from a town of less than 1,500 people. Please, if you have 10 seconds to spare, click the link and give the Chinook a vote. A tiny team from a rural community has a chance to be one of the final 8 teams nationwide in the competition. But they need votes! Click here to vote
  3. Thanks! I leaned towards that actually. I went in with kind of a loose strategy of maintaining a team’s style with the other teams colors. So, instead of doing the Seahawks helmet in gold (San Fran’s secondary color) I did it in red (SF’s primary color) since the Seahawks use their primary color (navy) as the helmet base. If that makes sense. That would also mean the Niners helmet should be neon green (Secondary, like 9ers gold) instead of navy (primary). So compromises were made. With Philly and Dallas, the problem was Philly’s secondary color is silver, the same as Dallas’. So if i stuck close to the rules, the helmets would have been really close to the originals. Dallas would have been silver with a midnight green star instead of navy. Eagles would have been an identical logo on a dark blue background instead of dark green. I chose to mix it up just to jar the norm a bit more. You can see the thought process a bit more in the Giants/Redskins. Instead of just swapping helmets and facemasks, the Giants got the maroon primary shells of Washington, but a gray facemask that fits their style. Washington got the blue primary of NY, but a red secondary facemask to match their standard gold secondary look.
  4. Love those Germany kits! Never thought about how well it paired with the Canucks. Looks fantastic! Maybe increase the size of the Canucks logo a bit and drop the Adidas logo down into the V of the graphic, like those old Germany ones?
  5. Just having some fun. Working on the rest of the league, but have 3 divisions done so far!
  6. Seems like I am in the minority here, but I much prefer the S on the left. Great work either way though!
  7. Gave Oregon a shot. Went with their Webfoots uniform, and just did a logo swap. Combined the O with elements of the state flag. Original photo is at the bottom.
  8. Man, Florida is giving me fits. That flag is so detailed, I'm struggling to find a way to make it look decent. You have any thoughts on how you'd like to see it done?
  9. I second that the flag should be era correct, with circle of stars, if there is any way to remedy that. Its looking great though! Good idea! Huge improvement on the bonnet from version one to version two
  10. So I recently did a helmet mockup, at the request of a buddy, using a major fashion brand as the sticker on the side of the helmet. Thought it looked pretty cool, so I posted it to my twitter page, and almost immediately got a comment saying it was copyright infringement and the brand is notorious for legally pursuing those who use their logo without permission. I do this for fun, never been paid for photoshop work or anything, and didn't want anything to do with that, so I promptly pulled the tweet down. My question is this... Are we all technically in copyright infringement every time we use a team's (or company's) actual logo in a mockup? Is a Cavs jersey mockup with sponsor patch technically infringing upon both the Cavs and Goodyear? What is the line, and how do we make sure not to cross it? Thanks, appreciate everyone's insight into this!
  11. I'll give it a shot! That X is going to be tough to lay on a helmet and look right, but I will do my best!
  12. If its just the sponsor change, here's my first quick pass at it...
  13. Sure! Do you just want to see the traditional Texas uni with a KD logo instead of the swoosh? Or like an entire rebranding/alternate uni? If its the latter, any specific ideas you'd like to see incorporated?
  14. I'll give it a go after the games tonight or tomorrow morning!
  15. A second idea. Would probably be better without the helmet stripes. Thought I'd try mocking it up quickly though