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  1. Yeah, I stayed in Waikiki when I visited Hawaii last year. Isn't Waikiki really small though? I suppose it doesn't matter in the end, in this alternate universe they probably just built a soccer stadium on a site where they built some hotel in real life.
  2. Nice concept! The only thing I wonder about is the feasibility of the team hailing from Waikiki? Isn't that predominantly a tourist area? And by the way, I'm curious; what does "hale pa'ani" mean?
  3. That's beautiful. Maybe the contrast between the front and the back of the home jersey is a bit strange, but otherwise just great.
  4. All black is always cool. Thinking the logo might be a bit too cartoonish but otherwise this is another great effort.
  5. The new version is better. I wasn't really bothered by the RSC/SRC thing, that's common in soccer, but the addition of the soccer ball really took the logo the next level. I'm generally skeptical of soccer balls in logos, it's very overused, but it fit really well in this logo.
  6. For what it's worth, I like Puget Sound, but thematically it almost looks like the team's affiliated to Pacifica. Both teams are to some extent green and they both focus heavily on the whole wave theme. I assume two city rivals would want more distinct identities.
  7. One thing that I like about this project is the fact that you've gone for some interesting, unexpected (but not unrealistic) choices. Erfurt, L├╝beck, Limoges and Biarritz... Nice!
  8. Exciting! Your work is excellent. Here's hoping England's up next.