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  1. Wow, Umbro is back, that is great news, just with wrong team I just can't get used to seeing Scotland kit with British Telecom logo, it's like Team USA would have Chinese add...
  2. Appart for Roarin' Riots (Panthers) and Brown Backers, what other NFL teams have organized supporter's groups (fan created and club created) and how do you rank their logos and merchandise? I think Riots have cool name and some of the merch is decent, but some are just bad, while Brown Backers are product of the club, not fans, so no separate merchandise.
  3. No 19 fits barely on the shirt, but trying to put two digit number that has any other digit but 1 will spill out of the shirt...
  4. Today looks like the best looking NBA day, of course starting with Miami Vice, over to Milwaukee cream, followed by Phily script. Indiana whites are my favorite of Indiana set, and that matched up with Hornets teal is looking good, Minn blue vs ATL red is intersting. Denver's white vs Boston black is nice look. Dallas is the only bad look today. If only Utah played today with their gradient uiform, it would be epic day.
  5. Great analisys RichO, your criteria is spot on, also another criteria is how visible sponsor logos are, as the ROI results determine if they'll sponsor again or not. I also miss uniqunes of AG2R. I love their colors, so unique. BMC looked good 2 years ago, now with addition of Tag Heure and this blue neck it's a big mess. In theory I loike Katusha colors as well, but coral blue should only be accent as last year. UAE is the worse for sure, just stacking up elements...
  6. Any takers, it's still sports, and design... https://www.eurosport.com/cycling/blazin-saddles-2018-worldtour-new-kits-rated-and-reviewed_sto6462695/story.shtml
  7. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/rate-the-2018-worldtour-team-jerseys-poll/ Any cycling fans here? How would you rate the jerseys for next season. Vote there, but share your insight here.
  8. So far I love everything with this team, great original name, awesome original colors, great logo with new original crest shape... Impressed. Do we know who the designer is?
  9. Is this the worst matchup ever, Cowboys with different silver for helmet and pants, and this monsterous combo of Rams monochrome helmet and washed out blue with gold numbers?
  10. I'm struggling to see A. And I think there is no need for the behind posts to be thiner. Other then that, it's pleasant shape.
  11. That is sexy. All Blacks meet football. Simple logo with decent sponsor logo, all monotone... I can see Newcastle take a logo like that.
  12. Is it just me or are NBA players wearing more single digit numbers then before. 15-20 years ago major numbers were 23, 32, 33, 42, while now many many more single digit numbers are worn. I even spotted few times all 5 players on the court wore single digit numbers (Knicks, Celtics, Clippers, Suns...)
  13. The best sports tattoo story: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/tattoo-artist-offers-to-fix-geelong-cat-astrophe/story-e6frf7kx-1111114874478
  14. croatian heritage? TEll me more. Also I noticed you'll be doing Crystal Palace in EPL challenge. I'm CPFC fan...

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