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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Toronto Raptors - Purple & Red NBA Central Division _______________________________________ Indiana Pacers Removed silver, reverted the shade of blue and yellow to the Reggie Miller Era. Chicago Bulls Chicago has the perfect logo, that's why it was never change in their entire franchise history. But because it's a recoloring concept, I added silver to their team colors. Milwaukee Bucks They got a great rebrand. Utilized the blue they have from their color scheme. Detroit Pistons I like the Pistons throwback to the badboy era, but it's almost indistinguishable from the old one from far away or low-resolution image. Just mixed the colors up. Cleveland Cavaliers Removed navy, emphasis of black. Making the colors wine, gold and black.
  2. NBA Southeast Division (V2) __________________________ I returned the black color, changed the flaming ball color to a gradient effect. I returned silver exchange of the brownish gold color. NBA Atlantic Division __________________________ Boston Celtics Removed unnecessary colors, just green, white, and gold. Philadelphia 76ers Added more red. Toronto Raptors Removed silver, added more gold from their alt logos. Making the primary colors Red, Gold, and Black. New York Knicks Replaced silver with white. Added orange outline. Brooklyn Nets Inspired from NBA Project 32, replaced black with Dodger blue.
  3. NBA Southeast Division _________________________________________ Washington Wizards You can't edit and brainstorm that much with the Wizards. They have a logo and identity that have no relation with their nickname, their identity just screams 'Murica. I wish they change their name to Capitals or Monuments. Charlotte Hornets Changed the shade of purple and teal. Orlando Magic In my opinion, the Magic's color scheme is too boring with Blue, Black, and Silver. I got the purple and gold combination while searching for anything magic that is not Disney, and the only thing that pops is Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh. Miami Heat Miami Heat predominant color on their logo is black. In my opinion, black doesn't scream Heat to me. If their nickname is Miami Burn, black would be good. I replaced the deep red with orange, and black with deep red. Atlanta Hawks When the Hawks rebranded, everyone expects them to return to their red & yellow color scheme from the 80's to early 00's. But when it was revealed, the new colors is red and some shade of green, many were disappointed. Yellow also looks good with their current logo, compared to just red and white.
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