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  1. Yeah, the kindergarten-esque perfection to the letters, and then the second M is wrong and the R in Marlins is wrong as well. I see them with the dotted line down the center and two red marks around the mentioned letters.
  2. Looks good, really bizarre that this uniform was a one-year wonder in Bears history.
  3. I love all of this. Love the inverse orange Monsters of the Midway for the Bears, love the cleaner Cowboys. Seeing the Bills... Red helmet option only. It's a no-brainer. Balances the colors, unique look to them, and their most recognized look of the K-gun era. I'm torn on red or black for Falcons helmet. The Dirty Birds era was awesome, but that red has punch there. Everyone says Black helmet for the Panthers, but they'd be so close to the Jaguars that way. The silver helmet looks off on your concept since there is so silver in the jersey anymore, so what about a Carolina Blue helmet? The logo looks so nice on the shirt/beanie. I think it could be really awesome (and then drop the silver pants).
  4. No pun intended, but I think the Sharks road jersey is too heavy.... visually. Weighted down too much at the bottom and the sleeves. Maybe try it with the cleaner striping of the socks with white below the stripes?
  5. I disagree about the Orange/Blue and Blue/Yellow being the same... but the reason it works for the Vikings and Lakers is there is a good balance of white in their uni's. The old kings were Purple and Yellow and very little white in the logo. It was overload. Even when they added more white, for the 80's updates, they screwed with the color balance and had purple and yellow almost split.
  6. Local commercial shoot?
  7. The Puple/Black/Silver color scheme was their best by far, but the execution was a bit too busy. I really wish they'd go back to that, especially since purple is completely unrepresented in the NHL. I think there is a good hybrid of era's that can come together using that color scheme and the more blocky/traditional setup of the gretzky and cups eras. The purple and yellow... I don't like at all. Never did as a kid growing up either. it's too bright and clownish on the ice.
  8. Yeah, their new third next year, I hope is a faux-original jersey (same basic setup, but not triangle shoulders, etc.) with the new colors and updated leaping logo. Don't want a navy alt for them.
  9. The designs are way too busy for me, I know that's the intent though. The template is a little awkward for some reason, maybe it's the turtleneck, but man the logos for Colorado, Arizona and especially Carolina are fantastic! I see a C and H in there and it's still the basic hurricane symbol... Love it.
  10. Wait, what's wrong with that? A team with the Toilet-seat nickname because of their logo, now has an actual toilet seat around their necks. I think it's perfect here.
  11. Something is off about the logo, and I think after staring at it a while, it's the Marlin facing the wrong way. It seems fine with just the cap logo, but with the wordmark on the Jersey, it's kind of off-putting, as I naturally read it left to right, the Marlin is looking away from the rest of the wordmark logo. Plus, swapping him around to go with the upward movement of the M cap logo might look better there, and also, the negative space between the tail being the outline color is weird a little when it gets further away. But the colors and usage, jersey design are top notch.
  12. I think the Lightning need to avoid going back to black into their brand and instead focus on grey/silver to enhance their blue and differentiate them from the Leafs. But, excellent work here, really fun
  13. I like the added green on the road jersey... but if you are going with that collar treatment, I think you need the V arm stripes. Fits better than the more traditional striping on ver. 2 & 2b