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  1. Yup, I bought two of them. Flippin' fantastic!
  2. Or go back to black where everything basically worked. They look horrible. From top 10 to bottom 10 just like that.
  3. Disagree. I don't think white yokes work with dark base colors like the original TBL jersey, like the Av's horrendous third jersey, or the Caps new third copypasta jersey. But lighter colors it can work well, like with the Flyers or the old Caps faux-retro. Even the Islanders third can work if the rest of the design wasn't a trainwreck.
  4. I'm of a similar mind, I liked when it was revealed. I like the colors and the matte grey works better than silver, but on the ice, the numbers are terrible and the hip-hem action just breaks it. There have been others, like the Pittsburgh that I didn't like until I saw it on the ice, but most are the other way, and the usual complaint are the numbers, Minny, Ottawa, Rangers and Kings have the wrong color for the numbers that don't balance or are illegible.
  5. Needs to be black. Black was the correct choice. This is hideous.
  6. Couldn't agree more. This is a horrendous look. The colors blend too much together, the black was a great contrast and framed the colors. The all cool blue look is a disaster. They just went from top 10 look to bottom 5. Just bad.
  7. Growing up in Western NY, it is a travesty the loss of the red helmet. They look so generic with the white helmet. Leave everything the same and bring back the red helmet.
  8. Looks good, but the rays can be smaller
  9. Wait, are there no secondary shoulder logos? The Sabres have so many decent to good ones to use...
  10. Those 25th anni uniforms were fantastic. I hope their new look is based on those. It was a perfect blend of the era's. They can still do mighty ducks throwbacks, or OC jersey's.
  11. Haven't seen a better looking Lions' uni-set
  12. Lions stripes are the helmet are backwards on the reverse. They should be opposite the from what they are in the front.
  13. The biggest mistake on the jerseys, both home and away, is the short-jersey look with the hem navy color blending into the pants. I hate the look. I don't think many teams wear the baby-sized jersey style anymore, 'cept for Nashville's home. It would be so much cleaner if they dropped the navy on the hem and sleeves.
  14. I am surprised Warthogs hasn't got more discussion. It ties into military, with the A-10 bomber plane, and the old Hogs nickname for the offensive line. The alliteration works. I like it better than Redwolves or Redtails. And, the imbecile who trademarked all those names, trademarked "War Hogs", not the proper spelling of the name.
  15. Falcons are :censored:en fantastic!@