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  1. The problem with the current Blues (not including the white numbers) is the navy blue hem. It makes the navy dominate when the royal should shine more, and more egregious is because the hem and the pants are the same color, it makes the jersey look really small.
  2. I would stick with your original design. I don't mind when home and road don't exactly match color balance with each other, unless the color balance is off on the individual uniform (like it currently is). The only note on those would be the logo gets a little lost in the stripes since the stripes and the logo are balancing all three colors equally. All that said, the reverse retro is perfect, and my sensibility is to use that to make a complete set with the marroon based home and keep the black pants, gloves and helmet. I know some people don't like it, but it is still the best look for them. The black helps frame the colors of the jersey/socks and make it stand out more. The current look is so damn muddy; it's just a mess.
  3. Changing the logo to be yellow-gold based OR switching the numbers to white would balance out the jersey. Though, I am in favor of purple and black for the Kings.
  4. I don't like how the bottom sleeves and hem are also navy blue. The originals had the steel blue continue under the stripe. I don't like how the hem and the pants are the same color. Makes them look like little jerseys, not as comical as how bad the Blues look, but still not the best. I loved the bronze and steel blue era. Best they ever looked. Unique colors. They started mucking it quickly with the poorly designed and bland black jersey though. Similar to how the Jags slowly destroyed their iconic and beautiful look by oversaturating it with black pants, black numbers...
  5. They don't need alternate helmets, they just need to pick the better ones, Bills in Red, Rams in classic, Titans in White, Seahawks in grey, Patriots... silver works... Cardinals can stay in white. Alts suck for the most part, and the season is too short to be mixing and matching. I literally stopped watching NCAA because of the nonsense, as I never knew who was playing who anytime I turned in on. Brand identify matters.
  6. Yup, I bought two of them. Flippin' fantastic!
  7. Or go back to black where everything basically worked. They look horrible. From top 10 to bottom 10 just like that.
  8. Disagree. I don't think white yokes work with dark base colors like the original TBL jersey, like the Av's horrendous third jersey, or the Caps new third copypasta jersey. But lighter colors it can work well, like with the Flyers or the old Caps faux-retro. Even the Islanders third can work if the rest of the design wasn't a trainwreck.
  9. I'm of a similar mind, I liked when it was revealed. I like the colors and the matte grey works better than silver, but on the ice, the numbers are terrible and the hip-hem action just breaks it. There have been others, like the Pittsburgh that I didn't like until I saw it on the ice, but most are the other way, and the usual complaint are the numbers, Minny, Ottawa, Rangers and Kings have the wrong color for the numbers that don't balance or are illegible.
  10. Needs to be black. Black was the correct choice. This is hideous.
  11. Couldn't agree more. This is a horrendous look. The colors blend too much together, the black was a great contrast and framed the colors. The all cool blue look is a disaster. They just went from top 10 look to bottom 5. Just bad.
  12. Growing up in Western NY, it is a travesty the loss of the red helmet. They look so generic with the white helmet. Leave everything the same and bring back the red helmet.
  13. Wait, are there no secondary shoulder logos? The Sabres have so many decent to good ones to use...
  14. Those 25th anni uniforms were fantastic. I hope their new look is based on those. It was a perfect blend of the era's. They can still do mighty ducks throwbacks, or OC jersey's.
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