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  1. Disagree, assuming the pants would be eggplant, the whole set would be lacking any significant jade on the road
  2. I thought the Ducks anniversary jersey was flipping phenomenal. At first it irked me that it was black, but it grew on me quickly and I got it as a hybrid of all their eras. I was hoping when they announced it wasn't going to be the third this season was because they were making a matching road and bumping it up to primary home uniform.
  3. You would be too if you followed the Bears in the 90's
  4. I hate the Bills' white helmet, Red all the way. It makes such a great combo with the royal blue jersey and white pants. Keep everything else about their uni's, just go back to the old helmet
  5. I think they already have their new primary logo, and it's on two of the jersey's already. The Warning Flag C. It's beautiful, simple and perfect for Carolina and 'Canes. The toilet flush never worked for me. It always felt like they had no imagination and just made as literal as possible hurricane on the front of the jersey. I don't like the updated Warning Flag on a Pole. Too awkward of a shape, but the C is great.
  6. And that's pretty much perfect way to go...
  7. I love the color scheme, looks dope. Maybe the away jersey is calling for a solid chest stripe? Always loved the sea lions logo. Probably my favorite of yours. That and the "S" Kraken one, too. Wait, no, I also love the Sockeyes as well. Especially the secondary Sock-o mascot logo
  8. Yeah, exactly that. I wish I knew how to upload photos. But my hope is that they are saving those socks to re-introduce the Neely-era black jersey for their 3rd's next season, complete with era appropriate yellow socks.
  9. Love that last Evergreens' set with the plaid-esque stripes. I think that one is a winner. I'm not the biggest fan of the main Evergreens logo. Feels like it lacks some depth to it, like it feels more corporate than sports related. Not sure.
  10. Yeah, the kindergarten-esque perfection to the letters, and then the second M is wrong and the R in Marlins is wrong as well. I see them with the dotted line down the center and two red marks around the mentioned letters.
  11. Looks good, really bizarre that this uniform was a one-year wonder in Bears history.
  12. I love all of this. Love the inverse orange Monsters of the Midway for the Bears, love the cleaner Cowboys. Seeing the Bills... Red helmet option only. It's a no-brainer. Balances the colors, unique look to them, and their most recognized look of the K-gun era. I'm torn on red or black for Falcons helmet. The Dirty Birds era was awesome, but that red has punch there. Everyone says Black helmet for the Panthers, but they'd be so close to the Jaguars that way. The silver helmet looks off on your concept since there is so silver in the jersey anymore, so what about a Carolina Blue helmet? The logo looks so nice on the shirt/beanie. I think it could be really awesome (and then drop the silver pants).