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  1. Very nice work! uniforms look great. where can you download this template?
  2. I'd love to see that logo with the 90's Falcons black helmet and uniform.
  3. American Street League is a street hockey league that was supposed to resemble the BIG3 basketball league. Less players, a center, two wings and a goalie. First one to 10 goals wins. There are only 4 teams. Chicago Wind Sox, Green Bay Great Lakers, Los Angeles Californians and New York Boroughs. Side note - I would love to see an artist on here, who has actual skill doing this unlike myself, (lol) create a Street Hockey League kinda like the BIG3 basketball league. It seems like it would be a fun project with really creative teams and just a fun league in general. **Some of these logos have been used on a different username of mine that I forgot the password too.
  4. Football Uniforms designed as Rick and Morty characters. LEAGUE C-137 From Top Left to Bottom Right C-137 Division Rick Sanchez Morty Smith Jerry Smith Beth Smith/Sanchez Summer Smith Mr. Goldenfold Universe Division Birdperson Real Fake Doors Gazorpazorpfield Ants In My Eyes Johnson Pencilvester Scary Terry
  8. MIAMI SHARKS Wordmark - uses teams colors Logo - Shark in teams colors - FFL (alternate universe) version of the Miami Dolphins
  9. UTAH YELLOWJACKETS Wordmark - yellow stripe through the team name, resembling yellowjacket stripes Logo - Yellowjacket within a honeycomb shaped outline
  10. INDIANA MAVERICKS Wordmark - uses teams colors Logo - "I" on top of the torch from the Indiana state flag
  11. Very True. I am pretty new at this, but I liked the way they all turned out, I feel it fits the time period I was going for. I will definitely take your advice though.
  12. NASHVILLE RAMBLERS Wordmark - script font in teams colors Logo - football laces inside an outline of Tennessee - helmet - script wordmark on helmet
  13. Thanks. I really appreciate it. I will definitely take that advice into consideration.
  14. ORLANDO STINGRAYS Wordmark - uses teams colors Logo - Stingray from an aerial view - helmet has a stingray going over the top (University of Michigan inspired)
  15. HOUSTON WRANGLERS Wordmark - tries to capture a Texas feel Logo - "HW" in teams colors
  16. BROOKLYN ISLANDERS Wordmark - tries to capture an old school New York Jets feel Logo - Brooklyn abbreviation under a Brooklyn Bridge outline
  17. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I was thinking about the uniforms, but still don't know yet.
  18. COLORADO COMETS Wordmark - tries to capture an outer space type of feel Logo - Comet with team colors - helmet has a comet shape going across the top
  19. BUFFALO SCOUTS Wordmark - FFL (alternate universe) version of the Buffalo Bills font Logo - FFL (alternate universe) version of the Buffalo Bills
  20. LOS ANGELES TIGERS Wordmark - uses team colors Logo - LA combined - helmet is the FFL (alternate universe) version of the Cincinnati Bengals.
  21. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  22. HARTFORD COYOTES Wordmark - uses team colors Logo - Coyote paw in team's colors
  23. NYCT

    WWE Logo concept

    True. I actually didn't realize that. But to argue that point, the current WWE logo only reads "WW".
  24. KANSAS CITY WARRIORS Wordmark - tries to resemble designs used on warriors clothing Logo - Arrowhead - FFL (alternate universe) version of the Kansas City Chiefs