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  1. Okay so I am posting for the first time in about 7 months... back when i used to use paint to make concept jerseys.... I have gotten better at designing and I decided to put my skills to use on my favorite basketball team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unlike many, I have always loved the Thunder's colorway and most of their uniform sets. Especially the away uniform. Anyway, I always felt like there could be a little bit of flare added to their uniforms. The designs I created take inspiration from the current Nike sets that they have right now as well as looking past to retro 90s uniforms. Take a look. The uniforms go as followed: White Association uniform, blue Icon uniform, Sunset uniform, and Thunderstorm city uniform
  2. Thanks for the feedback. To touch on a few of your points, Simple is often better in my opinion (Michigan, Celtics, etc.) I prefer the clean look. Looking back, the navy will be dropped and made about the same color as the rest of the jersey. I'll touch up all of the uniforms. Black jerseys just look cool lol. I'd also like to incorporate a little bit of black into their color scheme. Also just realized the lining on the sides of the uniforms are navy and not black. And thanks again, I'll get to work and learn better programs and fix my mistakes.
  3. I just realized that the lining on the jerseys is navy and not black lol. But honestly I wouldn't change it. I'm okay with incorporating black in their color scheme
  4. I just got the template from Google and I didn't know who to credit. So with that being said, thanks Andrew Lind. Also, I am not big into completely re-doing a classic uniform like Texas'. All I wanted to do was color swap a few and see how they came out. And any suggestions on a "true photo editing program"... Photoshop? Thanks
  5. Texas has one of the best uniforms in CFB. It is practically untouchable. But I designed several concepts that I felt could change some peoples minds. Give me your thoughts. - Original template by Andrew Lind
  6. Everyone seems to hate everything about the Oklahoma City Thunder's image. I'll admit, the logo needs to change. But the colors, name, court, and jerseys always looked nice to me. I am an Atlanta Hawks fan by birth (born in Atlanta) and an OKC Thunder fan by adoption (going to college in Oklahoma). I am not a Photoshop god, but when creating these uniforms I wanted to keep them simple yet provide a touch that an OKC resident would appreciate. I'm sure somebody could do a better job editing than me but look past the technical flaws and focus on the idea. I removed all stripes and different colors from colors, cuffs, and sides. I focused on the blues, orange, white, and black while dropping the yellow. I gave the Thunder a uniqe font instead of the arial letters they use right now. On the back of the jerseys, a brick pattern can be seen, a reference to the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City. As far as the alternate jersey goes, Loud City is the nickname for the city's fans. Again, focus on the idea and not my rough sketch version. But I feel like my design is simple yet effective, but also unique to the Thunder. Give me your thoughts.