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  1. Simplifying the Rhino logo was a good move I love the horn stripe on the helmet
  2. I dig the look for Northwestern, but I think that changing the stripe on the purple pants to match the purple helmet instead of being tonal would look a little better IMO
  3. I like the sea foam green color, but is there any particular reason for adding it to the Wings?
  4. Love the Twins, that number font is great. I do think that you should use the original block font for the throwback to make it an actual throwback though
  5. One thing that stands out to me on the UNC logo is the outline of the sunburst shape breaking out from under the wings. It looks good on a green background, but I would remove the points on the sides because the wings are supposed to be covering it anyways.
  6. The Strikers may have my favorite logo yet, that thing is gorgeous. As for the Kicks, love that you brought back the name, and I get wanting to update the old look, but idk there's just something about the original childish logo that I absolutely love. The purple looks good with the powder blue and orange, but I personally would have embraced the bright orange and powder blue and not added it. I also agree with the comment above about adjusting the s in Kicks
  7. Fresno looks great, taking the logo out of the roundel is a major improvement and the uniforms are sweet. These are exactly what I wish the Prince Albert Raiders would look like. Love the emphasis of green.
  8. An NLB database sounds awesome, you're off to a great start. The template looks really good and the logos and numbers are well recreated. Definitely looking forward to this!
  9. Off to a great start, the Spurs look great. I always love seeing concepts for juniors or low level minor league teams.
  10. Section30

    Grizzly Concept

    That looks really good
  11. I also think that the home and away would look better if the white and silver on the top of the sleeves was removed. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the home with no white anywhere else
  12. Section30

    Grizzly Concept

    I think E but maybe add a bit of purple in the yellow on the right side
  13. It's a good start. One thing that really stands out to me though are the eyes, right now it looks like the Bulldog is looking straight up rather than straight ahead.
  14. Colorado looks good, but I think the away needs some blue
  15. I like using the double blue and the canon for Columbus, but I think the stripes are too thin especially on the white jersey
  16. The images aren't loading for me
  17. Love that Wild jersey, I'd buy that in a heartbeat
  18. I love the purple and orange for Atlanta, I think that if you wanna avoid Clemson comparisons emphasizing the purple would help, but honestly I think it looks great as is.
  19. That cream Twins set may be my favorite Twins concept ever. Cream works so good with the team and helps separate them from the other RWB teams and it also represents the limestone around Target Field better than the Kasota Gold IMO. The powder blue and M-StP alternates are great as well.
  20. Big fan of the North Star S logo and Babe looks great! Overall all the updates have been improvements, keep it up!
  21. Superior looks great, love the colors and Babe themed logo. I will say that the indent at the top of Babe's head is throwing me off a bit, it looks like he got hit in the head by a something and it dented his skull. I think that wither making that area curve equal to the horns or bumping it out the opposite direction would help with that. Unrelated to the actual design though is that you mention the team being from the mountainous part of Minnesota, but Minnesota doesn't have any mountains. There's Eagle Mountain but it's more of a big hill. Hibbing is located in the Iron Range, but range refers to the amount of Iron in the ground there rather than a mountain range.
  22. And finally here are the Fairbault (Fair-boe) Flickertails.