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  1. These jerseys being polarizing is a great thing. You see some of the people on this board shooting down any new idea that teams are trying, but browsing around social media, fans are loving them. The Bucks one, for example. Creativity hasn't been higher and I'm glad some teams are going all out. The T-Wolves one looks amazing, as are the others. And if you don't like a design? Guess what, there'll be new ones next year to change your mind. Being a fan of soccer as well, this variety is welcoming to see in the league.
  2. Lakers wearing the gold jerseys as their away jersey in that NBA Live clip is unsettling. Also, did they lighten the shade of yellow?..
  3. Long time follower of this site, finally made a profile. Is there any validity to these new Timberwolves uni's?
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