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  1. Hey all. Looooong time since I've posted here (although I've been consistently lurking about and keeping tabs on things... which sounds way creepier than intended). Anyway, I recently began selling off most of my jersey collection and may have come across an issue. I sold a replica Adidas soccer jersey, which I had purchased years ago (2003? 04?) from an eBay seller, which had tags and what I can only assume were, at the time, signs of authenticity. Obviously, I don't remember the details about the seller's location or feedback, but suffice it to say I would have been just as skeptical about purchasing an item from an unreliable seller/location. Anyway, buyer of this jersey is questioning the authenticity of the replica jersey, so I figured you guys could help me out. Last thing I would want to do is unintentionally pass off a counterfeit item. Thanks!
  2. Jay-Z begins to abandon ship, meanwhile, your 2012-13 Atlantic Division champions are the New York Knickerbockers. First division title since 1993-94, 13-consecutive wins, 51 total thus far, magic number to clinch the #2 seed is three.
  3. That's what I thought at first. But look again. The jerseys they wore the past 2 seasons featured black trim right after the blue/orange on the neckline and arms. This one clearly only contains blue and orange. The wordmark also seems to be somewhat straighter (though perhaps my eyes deceive me on that). Perhaps I'm wrong, though.
  4. Looks like these are the new Knicks jerseys, home set: via Knicks team store. Initial impressions - I like the removal of black (though I can't tell if the black trim has been removed from the sides, I assume it has) but I'm not too thrilled about the alterations to the wordmark. Don't understand what was wrong with the arched text as it was, and had been for decades. It's a small change, but noticeable. Hopefully I'll grow to like it, or at least not hate it.
  5. EDIT: Jason Kidd back to #5, Marcus Camby reclaims #23 as New York Knicks...
  6. Definitely an amazing week to be a Knicks fan. Lin is the real deal. I'm sure he'll come back down to earth as teams really begin to scout and create schemes to keep him in check, but that's the beauty of the situation - he's doing everything by himself right now. Once Amar'e and Melo come back, , the team becomes far more dangerous. If you load up on Lin to remove the ball from his hands, you've got Amar'e/Tyson/Melo to worry about. Amar'e will go back to his pre-Melo self with Lin at the point. He's the best finisher off the pick-and-roll. Tyson will continue to sneak in and get the same kinds of alley-oops and dunks he's been getting the last 4 games. The real question, as everyone stated, is Melo. I suppose I'm a bit of a rarity since I'm a Knicks fan that still does not regret the Carmelo Anthony trade. I may not love everything about his game, but the guy is a stone cold killer in crunch time, can get his shot whenever he wants, is an exceptional rebounder at the 3 and when he wants to, can post up or get to the basket at will. He's also an above-average passer for his position. Defensively he's spotty, but that hasn't hurt the team much this season. Since adding Chandler and Shumpert, and I suppose some credit to Mike Woodson (still not giving him much), the Knicks are a top-10 team defensively. The offense has really been the issue here, and it's 100% clear right now that it hasn't been Amar'e/Melo meshing as much as it's been the team's total lack of a competent point guard. I fully expect the team to continue to thrive with Lin starting at the 1. Melo is going to have to adjust his game to fit this style since the entire team and the entire city/fanbase has rallied behind it and Lin. And I don't think Melo will have an issue with it. He's going to get a lot of good looks and easier possessions now that teams have to watch out for Lin. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Melo and Lin together without Amar'e when Amar'e comes out of the game. The last 4 games D'Antoni has been running out Tyson Chandler, Jared Jeffries, Bill Walker, Landry Fields, and Lin. Take out Walker who plays like he thinks he's got Melo's ability, and that's a formidable 5 for when Amar'e has to sit. Melo won't have spacing issues since Amar'e will be on the bench, Lin will still have Chandler for the pick and roll, and Melo can hang tight and wait for defenses to collapse... or the other way around, the defense will continue to load up on Melo and Lin will have his choice of taking it himself, pick-and-roll with Chandler or finding a slashing Landry Fields. It's going to be real scary if Baron Davis has anything left in him. If he gets healthy enough and he can produce, having Davis backing up Lin suddenly turns the Knicks' biggest weakness (point guard) into a huge advantage.
  7. Agreed, they really don't look as good as I thought they would. That being said, it is clear that when Melo and Chandler get into foul trouble the Knicks revert back to their old ways. Except now they can't rely on Amare bailing them out. Last year before Melo the Knicks still played no defense, except Amare had support around him (Wilson Chandler, Gallo, Fields, and Raymond Felton a TRUE point guard). Now he has nearly no support when those two are out and there's no one to get him the ball. I never thought I'd say this but they need Baron Davis in the worst way. I'm confident that the Knicks will play like a totally different team when Baron Davis comes back. As you said, they need a guy who can deliver the ball and who excels at the pick-and-roll. He's going to make life for Amar'e so much easier. Amar'e is at his worst when he's forcing the action and dribbling traffic. Davis will find ways to get him the ball, get Melo his opportunities and on top of it all, Davis is stronger than nearly ever other point in the league. He'll get to the hoop often and force defenders to pick their poison. Right now, defenders can just lock in on their man since there's no ball movement. B. Diddy is the X-Factor here.
  8. I was actually at the game tonight. Had free tickets (three rows behind the Hawks bench!!). Anyway, it's definitely a case of the Nets being that bad. They were beyond atrocious, which I took great pleasure in witnessing. It was a total layup line all night, whether Okur or Humphries were in the game "manning" the paint or not. Even with Lopez, they just aren't intimidating at all down low. The Nets field a D-League roster with Deron Williams at point. I counted about three or four times someone would drive to the basket, totally uncontested by any Hawks defender and would just bobble the ball and turn it over back to Atlanta. The crowd had some pretty loud "We want Dwight" and "We want Howard" chants. It's too bad the centerpiece of that deal, Brook Lopez, is (a) not all that good to begin with, and (b.) injured. They need Dwight in the worst way, because this team is going nowhere fast without him. I don't see why anyone would want to play for this team... even with Dwight and Deron, the roster is terrible. They'd be about as good as Orlando could hope to be this year... maybe.
  9. Might want to hold that bag for a little while longer. If these tampering charges stick, your big Russian bazillionaire may have just screwed the franchise out of Howard, and their chances of keeping Deron Williams when he opts out (assuming Howard is no longer in play) and may have to give up draft picks or something a la the Joe Smith debacle. ...and even if Dwight does become a Net, Chandler-Stat-Melo is the best front line in the league (even Magic Johnson admits it, via a recent tweet), and is more than capable of handling Dwight and whatever role player personnel they fill the front line with. Kris Humphries isn't scaring anyone. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he were too heartbroken over his divorce to play.
  10. Via Marc Stein's twitter: "Our own @Chris_Broussard on SportsCenter: Chris Paul fuming and exploring legal options w/NBPA director Billy Hunter to fight blocked deal" The Saga Continues...
  11. Looks like Tyson Chandler is about to be a Knick, and Billups/Turiaf will be moved to make room for him. Looks like this takes NY out of the running for Chris Paul in the summer, although rumors are floating around that NY is considering offering Amar'e in a deal for Paul. ESPN article Interesting new developments... reserving judgment for the time being.
  12. What an incredible feeling. Miami's loss is everyone else's victory. Loving it.
  13. Agreed. I hope I'm not the only one, but in 3 games the Miami Heat have not impressed me all that much. They certainly aren't playing like the championship juggernaut most people assumed they'd be in this series based off of their domination against Atlanta, Boston and Chicago. Miami is 2-1 but could just as easily be down 1-2 or even 0-3. Their defense, as usual, has been great... but the Mavericks have been missing some pretty good shots. Barrea has played poorly, as has Jason Terry. Every time Miami goes up by double digits, it just doesn't phase the Mavericks. I suspect every game in this series will be a close one, almost down to the wire every time. Neither team is overwhelmingly better than the other - at least not at this stage.
  14. ... aaaaaaaand the NY Knicks are back to square one. Donnie Walsh not returning as GM. Oy. ESPN story... I'm crying
  15. In some non-playoffs related news, Chris Broussard broke on his twitter account that Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota are tossing around a 3-way trade. Cleveland gets: Rip Hamilton (using their trade exception) and 2nd pick in the upcoming draft Detroit gets: cap relief via Cleveland Minnesota gets: 4th pick (Cleveland) and 8th pick (Detroit) If the proposed deal were to be finalized, Cleveland would then select Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams first and second, respectively.