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  1. Hey all. Looooong time since I've posted here (although I've been consistently lurking about and keeping tabs on things... which sounds way creepier than intended). Anyway, I recently began selling off most of my jersey collection and may have come across an issue. I sold a replica Adidas soccer jersey, which I had purchased years ago (2003? 04?) from an eBay seller, which had tags and what I can only assume were, at the time, signs of authenticity. Obviously, I don't remember the details about the seller's location or feedback, but suffice it to say I would have been just as skeptical about purchasing an item from an unreliable seller/location. Anyway, buyer of this jersey is questioning the authenticity of the replica jersey, so I figured you guys could help me out. Last thing I would want to do is unintentionally pass off a counterfeit item. Thanks!




  2. Figured I'd consult everyone here on this thread about this particular jersey I'm looking at.

    Now, the price ($35 including shipping) and the location (Hong Kong) points to it being a fake. But then again, when doing my absolutely-necessary double checking against reference photos, I'm seeing some discrepancies that at are making me (somewhat) reconsider. The more eyes that see it, the better I'll feel.

    Here is the jersey in question:

    Front: Vince Carter Raptors - Front

    Back: Vince Carter Raptors - Back

    For reference, he is an in-game shot of that jersey on Air Canada himself: Vince reference photo

    By comparing the two, the most noticeable difference seems to be that the raptor's head should be touching the wordmark. On the jersey for sale, the raptor is clearly seperated from the wordmark. However, take a look at this reference photo for the road jersey produced by Mitchell & Ness (taken directly from M&N's website): M&N Raptors reference. Clearly, on this reference photo, the raptor is once again seperate from the wordmark.

    So, what does everybody think here? The obvious red flags for a counterfeit are present, but if it is, it's incredibly well done (at least it seems like it is). Thoughts, please?

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