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  1. Not sure if this has been brought up yet. But I'm wondering if Nike is already working on rebranding some teams. The Utah Jazz president Steve Starks said in an interview on the radio, "We're planning out 5-7 years worth of jerseys right now."
  2. I agree, and I think a lot of teams are in the same boat. (Grizzlies, Rockets to name a few). And i'm wondering if Nike is working on some of these already. It was hinted in an interview with the Jazz president that they will have about 6 years worth of jerseys, not just the 4. So i'm wondering if thats hinting down the road at additional changes.
  3. Joking aside, they won't have a yellow and orange jersey to complete the set. They will have probably a green jersey, then the gold jersey. It wouldn't make sense to have 2 goldish jerseys in the 4.
  4. I'm wondering if there is a tree pattern in that smaller stripe on the shorts and jersey. Maybe even in the green, but i'd feel we'd be able to see that so probably not in green.
  5. I want to see these on a player. See how they will actually look.
  6. Can someone mock up a few of these in their other colors? Navy one, white one, green one. I'm not talented like that or I would haha.
  7. The bottom hem was already like that. The logo was already there on the waistband. But I agree. The collar is cleaned up a lot and makes them look better.
  8. New wolves shorts. So seeming like no green at all except a tad on the logo. Too bad.
  9. Did they shorten the stripes on the side on the jersey? Thought they came down more before.
  10. New jazz jerseys that are the same. Look fine to me. Interesting that the back collar on the white is green instead of blue. Matches the shorts in that respect though.
  11. Anyone else find it funny some jerseys are made out of 20 plastic bottles and others are made out of like 17? I wonder which team team will use the most bottles.
  12. I thought only the wolves had a separate thread? Since they changed their logo and whole identity. And that Denver thread is for their ad on their jersey.
  13. You mean instead of navy haha.
  14. Although looking more they should have used the same font colors on the icon as the association. The white and light blue and yellow don't look near as good.
  15. I like the Denver uniforms. They're getting real close to the Pacers, but I'm liking it overall. Could be a bit more baby blue, and could have better font colors/number colors.
  16. I love the navy/gold/green scheme. Very nice on the eyes.
  17. Nuggets - 8th Suns - 10th Twolves - 10th? Clippers - 11th
  18. I feel Minnesota was rumored for next week but I could be wrong.
  19. You have to be joking.
  20. new sneak peek at Denver's new uniform. Or just a close up on the numbers.
  21. Yep updated the post.
  22. Ronnie 2k asked Conrad to follow him. Wonder what that could be.
  23. Cavs, soon. Jazz not this week but soon. Wizards tomorrow. Nuggets on the 8th. Wish there were more firm dates.
  24. Nuggets new uniforms on 8/8/17.
  25. I like it. I don't think it looks bad. Sure the shoulder strip going all the way around would be preferable and who knows they might do that at some point but it would look more goofy. You mean icon reds. Association would be the whites.
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