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  1. I'd assume much longer than Friday. Still a ton of teams left.
  2. Bad choice for the waistband logo on the Lakers uni IMO.
  3. Kinda wish they did a purple jumpman logo on the white jerseys rather than teal.
  4. Not sure if anyone saw the video or took a screenshot. But the next 2 uniforms are either red and a gray jersey or a silver jersey. Couldn't tell. And is that the new NBA logo on the back??
  5. I thought we were discussing them all here?
  6. They seem very meshy. Maybe I haven't looked as closely in the others.
  7. Association.
  8. New Portland jerseys compared to last years.
  9. Not gonna lie, with removing silver from the logo not sure I like this. But have high hopes still.
  10. I like it on some uniforms. Looks real clean.
  11. Thank goodness haha. Also the back of the armholes doesn't look bad here to me.
  12. Is that a wishbone collar on the back??
  13. Font looks better here.
  14. I actually like these. The font gets a little too close to the collar. But overall I really like these. The waistband logo on the navy jerseys doesn't stand out enough. Can barely tell it's there.
  15. I think the new Cavs font fits with Cavaliers. It seems very medieval to me. Granted cavaliers aren't really medieval...but kinda goes with the sword and shield logos.
  16. They aren't selling jerseys with the ads on them. They will just have the swoosh.
  17. Yeah I know when wearing some basketball shorts the part that kinda catches when you get low in a defensive stance is the part where the new slit is. Not sure if its for just some shorts or not, but I know Nike will have a very good reason for it.
  18. There was another good look on the Kings unveiling. Showing that they might be two toned for some teams.
  19. Oh I thought we were talking specifically about the icon/road jersey. Yeah i'm not a fan of Cavs on the white jersey. Save Cavs for the odd black jersey or another alt.
  20. But they didn't use a shortened name, its Cleveland. But other than that yeah sure.
  21. Not sure how people are saying this looks like the Hawks jersey....this looks nothing like the Atlanta Hawks jersey, unless the similarities is they are both red(ish) basketball jerseys...
  22. As with most people so far, i'm liking this. The 'whine' color does look a bit light, but i'd assume it'll be basically the same as the whine color they've been using. I like the subtle striping on the sides. The navy waistband looks good. The collar seems a little weird in this photo. Navy with just a little gold thing in the front? I'd also assume since this jersey says Cleveland with the CAVS on the waistband, the CAVS font jersey will probably have the alt logo with the C and sword. Possibly the black jersey?
  23. Not sure how you didn't expect that. 2k always tries to make everything as real as possible. And personally I like when they keep things real. Just be glad the ads won't be on the retail version of jerseys.
  24. A Jazz media guy already said purple won't be a uniform color. We'll get white, navy, gold and green most likely. Man these are excellent. I'd change the 5 for the fight ad on the gold to mirror the navy jersey more. The gold on gold makes it hard to see. Also maybe a navy swish. But excellent work. They look great. Well done.
  25. Well to be fair the article that Nike put out with the NBA a few days ago did make mention of the changed shoulder and how that was a key area that athletes gave input on. They will probably touch more on it when they do the big reveal in fall. But Kings just wanted to jump the gun and show everyone first. Hope we see a lot more teams doing that.
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