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  1. With Jae Crowder and his #99 joining the Suns, he will be the 9th player to have a number containing 9 in Suns history. Also interestingly enough, the Spurs are the only team in the NBA to never have had anyone wear 0, however they do have 00 retired.
  2. Suns having orange statement uni's this year basically confirmed, perhaps other reveals for other teams will be coming soon.
  3. That bucks jersey really reminds me of abstract art. I like it, and it'd go perfectly with hipster fashion nowadays, as well.
  4. Looks like the Sun's city uniforms have been leaked as well. Looks like a homage to the 90's away uniform in some way.
  5. Never understood why they decided to add so much grey to their identity.
  6. That's weird, because in NBA 2k18 it uses the same court as last year. Maybe it's an alternate court or something?
  7. Leandro Barbosa has two entries for this: Right team, wrong uniform, but right number: And then right team, wrong uniform, wrong number, and possibly wrong haircut his 3rd time around: EDIT: Speaking of Suns with multiple tenures, Dan Majerle in his return to Phoenix:
  8. Also of note: the panini rookie photoshoot is happening right now, so we might see even more unrevealed jerseys on people.
  9. https://twitter.com/Suns/status/895723198104322049 So the big numbers were just NBA Live being NBA Live, which is good to know. Interesting shorts.
  10. They almost kinda look like a mix of the old sunburst, a fireball, and also kinda look like bird wings.
  11. God, those huge numbers just reminds me of how NBA live is still trying to catch up to NBA 2k, and how EA won't take a few seconds to scale them down so they aren't the same size front and back.
  12. Looking at the instagram video which is slightly clearer, I think the giant orange blob is actually the back of the jersey, with an orange player name and purple numbers.
  13. Pretty sure it's more purple then blue.. looks like the same shade as the Laker's purple to me.
  14. Has anyone mentioned this yet? The round about fanatics shirts seem to be very accurate so far in terms of jersey numbers and colors (76ers drop shadows, the cavs jerseys) and this seems to contradict the earlier Phoenix leak... unless they have another purple jersey, for some reason.
  15. One can dream, right?
  16. So based on those leaked purple phoenix jerseys, and those fanatics shirts, i have a feeling the new home jerseys will look something like this: and that's just.. really bland and a downgrade in my opinion. Yeah, purple is back, but at what cost.
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