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  1. This is very good. I just came from a thread about the GLA, and found this. This is better imo. Very good, keep up the good work. I'm looking into putting this in NCAA 14 or Madden 17. Keep it up!
  2. This is really good. I've never seen such dedication on this website, but note I've only been here since Saturday. This really amazed me. I'll read this stuff whenever I'm bored for sure. I'm definitely going to look into putting this into Madden or NCAA 14 using the generic editor. Good job, keep up the good work. btw I'm looking into creating a fictional sport and league so if you could share any tips with me that'd be noice. Thanks.
  3. I live in Atlanta, yet I'm a saints fan. I hate the falcons with all my heart and I hate the bulldogs even more, however, Deion Sanders from FSU came here and gave it some love. Here's my picks for the Mount Rushmore of Atlanta. Deion Sanders Herschel Walker Hank Aaron Dominque Wilkins Honorable Mentions: Hines Ward Walt Frazier Fran Tarkenton Spud Webb
  4. Ooh goodie more football leagues. This will fail. The USFL is the closest we had to something being as popular as the NFL and was becuase of Herschel Walker. Let's see if a top tier college talent wastes his future by going to the MLF (milf?) instead of the NFL.
  5. Wouldnt North Carolina have a new one? The ceiling is the roof?
  6. I hope this hasn't already been posted:
  7. Funny because that rams one looks like Grayson, a school in Georgia that we love to hate
  8. FSU needs gold unis as well as the saints
  9. By 2030, uniforms will be just numbers and the primary color.
  10. We have some of the blindest fans on this planet
  11. And what happened to these? all we needed were gold pants and they would've been fine smh
  12. I personally like them. If we modernize them, get rid of the stripes on the pants and edit the spear than we'll be good to go.
  13. We need to go back to our old unis immediately. The new ones are cursed.