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  1. Wouldnt North Carolina have a new one? The ceiling is the roof?
  2. I hope this hasn't already been posted:
  3. Funny because that rams one looks like Grayson, a school in Georgia that we love to hate
  4. FSU needs gold unis as well as the saints
  5. By 2030, uniforms will be just numbers and the primary color.
  6. We have some of the blindest fans on this planet
  7. And what happened to these? all we needed were gold pants and they would've been fine smh
  8. I personally like them. If we modernize them, get rid of the stripes on the pants and edit the spear than we'll be good to go.
  9. We need to go back to our old unis immediately. The new ones are cursed.
  10. Honestly we need to go back to our 90's uniforms. Those were so much better and simpler.
  11. You guys are stubborn. I'd personally would like to see some. We'd only wear them in special games.
  12. What about those Desert Ice uniforms like Arizona State. Instead of the Orange we could do a gold and garnet spear.
  13. Do you guys think FSU needs some gold unis? Maybe white on gold?