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  1. And last the "Athlete Mindset" jersey.
  2. Just read that each NBA team will have 4 jersey options- Association (Classic white)- Icon (Team color)- Athlete Mindset- Community (Locally inspired) I have the Association and Icon jerseys done. Now to show you the Community jersey. Inspired by the Houston Astros.
  3. I am a resident of Houston, Texas and have been craving for the Rockets to bring back the classic red and yellow look. I used a template from a post on here and thought I would put my spin on the uniforms since NBA is going with NIKE this upcoming season. Since the Rockets play in the Toyota Center, I thought it would be crafty to have Toyota as the teams sponsor. I also took the classic red and yellow logo and touched it up a bit and added a more modern text to the "HOUSTON" part and took out the black from the logo and focused more on red and yellow. Hope you enjoy.