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  1. @pitt6pack - thanks for the good words! Just let me know what I need to do to get those to you, and I'd gladly send whatever you can use! Thanks!
  2. Very nice! I'm just wondering when they added the additional stars to the silhouette? In that 1986 NFC Championship game there is only the one star for the Meadowlands complex itself on the silhouette - and it also looks like there's still just that one star on the logo during the Giants-Bears 1990 NFC Divisional game, as well. So I'm guessing the other stars were added after 1990... Interesting.
  3. I'm watching the 1986 Giants-Redskins NFC Championship game on DVD - made some corrections (as best I could!) to the mid-field logo and endzone lettering...
  4. Thanks for the kind words (and suggestions!). Question about the stars in the NJ silhouette - what year were they added? I don't seem to remember them being there from the beginning...??!! Any and all help in this (and any!) would greatly be appreciated...
  5. Just found this amazing board and all the wonderful things on it! Thought I'd contribute an attempt at capturing the Meadowlands field surface from the Parcells 'glory days' of the late 80's... (Tried to reproduce the mid-field logo and end zone script, but realize they're far from perfect!)