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  1. GhostFox

    I just want to go to something different for the Miami Heat color palette, because we have several teams with red-white-black colors, so I go to "Miami Vice" theme. C+C are appreciated ! I only do the Icon jersey for the moment, but I you like it, i will do Alternate and Association versions ! MIAMI HEAT - ICON JERSEY
  2. GhostFox

    I think it's better like this, what do you think ?
  3. GhostFox

    Thanks a lot Hoopladawg for the advices ! For Portland, i like the white trim because it's a reminder of the stripes ! LA CLIPPERS - ASSOCIATION JERSEY (V2) LA CLIPPERS - ALT JERSEY (V2) Something like this ?
  4. GhostFox

    LA CLIPPERS - ASSOCIATION JERSEY LA CLIPPERS - ICON JERSEY LA CLIPPERS - ALTERNATE 1 JERSEY Go back to the last wordmark and to powder blue for the Clips, because the new one is just awful and we have too much teams with red-white-blue scheme.
  5. GhostFox

    The switch to Nike gave me the idea to create my first project, make my version of NBA jerseys. Maybe it's a little bit ambitious with my studies which take me a lot of time, but i'll do the maximum. I will do Association , Icon and Alternate/Community jerseys for each team. C&C are appreciated ! TABLE OF CONTENTS - Portland Trail Blazers (Icon) - LA Clippers (Association, Icon, Alt1) PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS - ICON