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  1. Also the rockets officially released their jerseys.
  2. Pelicans jerseys officially released.
  3. Well its confirmed the numbers aren't huge. Actually looks really nice.
  4. Magic and Mavs jerseys. Looks to just be a template switch.
  5. Man if the numbers really are that big and its not just the game then that completely ruins the jersey.
  6. https://twitter.com/TheBosco14/status/895696714161631238 Someone on Twitter just posted this. Suns jerseys potentially leaked?
  7. Also looks like Clippers will be making a few changes to their court. No blue in free throw circle/use of full logo/darker colors and possibly more that we can't see.
  8. Heres probably the best look at all the Clipper leaks. New stripes for the side panel. I may be in the minority but these jerseys are looking far better than last seasons.
  9. Via Chris Paul from his snapchat. Another look at the Rockets uniforms confirming all the leaks we've seen.
  10. The 2nd and 3rd columns spell out BLUE and BACK most likely meaning they will officially wear BLUE as their ICON Jerseys.
  11. I also attempted to make those Timberwolves leaks come to life. Not my best work but gives a general assumption of what they should look like.
  12. Some more news on the LA Clippers uniforms.
  13. Technically yes, last season players had mainly 4 options for socks. Plain white and black or team versions of white and black that included their logo. They were required to wear stance socks under those constraints.
  14. My only guess is that they have the date wrong. Wouldn't make much sense to delete it if they revealed to much because people already have screenshot/reposted it.
  15. Made a quick mockup of a Clipper Jersey considering using different wordmark and new side panels.
  16. As a massive clippers fan this really excites me. I hope they do change up the jerseys and if it looks similar to these I would not be disappointed.
  17. I like the new lighter colors for their side stripes but I prefer the old design much more. This one is simplified too much.
  18. Gordon Hayward in the Celtics new uni. Good look at clover on the waistband.
  19. A looks at the Hawks Unis and Wizards court.
  20. Im still curious to see if they will photoshop him into a different uniform if he gets traded or if they'll just keep it as is.
  21. Also a look at Kyrie in the Cavs new white jerseys.
  22. Via @Ronnie2k on instagram. Small peaks at Timberwolves Court/LA Clippers will wear blue alternate jerseys next year. Follow him to see more potential looks at NBA Changes.
  23. So does that mean these jerseys are fake? or possible alternate/throwbacks?
  24. I just realized that on the suns arm holes, the stripes don't get cut off. Wonder if they've made changes to it.
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