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  1. I propose they change their name in honor of the local stream that runs near campus, the Virgin River. Virgin State-St. George? Virgin University of Utah (what other state would it be in?). Idk, I just think the student body would really get behind it.
  2. I would love to see a red helmet option with the “Terps” mark. You’re so talented! This looks incredible. Really looking forward to seeing what you create for these college teams.
  3. The Heat already have an established look. Their uniforms are pretty close to modern classics. If anything, wear the vice jerseys less. I don’t think the Heat look anything like Toronto.
  4. Love that my Rockets are using two jerseys for the playoffs (at least in the first round, which shouldn’t last too long). The red “HOUSTON” jerseys are much better than the normal reds. And the black uniforms on the road have become normal. I like that they are staying away from the primary set, but I wish they would have worn the whites at least once!
  5. As a huge Sam Houston fan, I love the addition of a blue uniform. Right now it is nothing but an accent, but I love the concept of it as a more prominent look. The orange helmets look great with the blue uniforms. I really like the Lion head SELA helmet, that is really cool. SLC was great! Looking forward to the SWAC.
  6. Yes, Love’s sponsor the Thunder now. Last team to add an advertisement patch.
  7. Love the Nicholls update. The Colonel’s current look is so outdated. The sword is a nice touch. Also, HBU might be my favorite SLC set yet, but I cannot wait to see SHSU! Just wish Lamar would have gotten a black lid. That is their good luck charm! Made a shocking run to the playoffs while wearing those blacks.
  8. Then like the post, you don’t need to tell us this. I’m fine with Nike changing the Spring uniforms. I’m just nervous about this Player’s Weekend” crap!
  9. I’d get rid of the woodmark. It doesn’t add anything to this set. Otherwise great work again.
  10. Brown and Yellow is hideous. The Padres should’ve left it for dead. Navy/Sand was gorgeous and perfect for the city.
  11. I think they should’ve stuck with the yellow/navy from a few years back. Loved those uniforms.
  12. Didn’t mean to come off as condescending or rude so I apologize if it came off that way. Not saying you’re wrong. Just want to wait to see it for real.
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