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  1. Strange navy blue, lots of piping alternates are about as mid 2000s as it gets man.
  2. Kaleek needs to get healthy, once he does my Roughnecks are going to be very dangerous. The front office has done a spectacular job drafting and after that run last year I was expecting big things. Next year will be the year. That is, if these dudes stay healthy. Next year is the year that the Roughnecks take over this league. Time to dominate! We have a great combo of young pieces and talented players. All parts to an eventual dynasty! Also hope to see a navy blue alt this upcoming offseason. I feel like we are nearing that time in history where teams gave an attempt at strange, out there alternates. Hope to see some of those!
  3. Love that my Rockets are using two jerseys for the playoffs (at least in the first round, which shouldn’t last too long). The red “HOUSTON” jerseys are much better than the normal reds. And the black uniforms on the road have become normal. I like that they are staying away from the primary set, but I wish they would have worn the whites at least once!
  4. As a huge Sam Houston fan, I love the addition of a blue uniform. Right now it is nothing but an accent, but I love the concept of it as a more prominent look. The orange helmets look great with the blue uniforms. I really like the Lion head SELA helmet, that is really cool. SLC was great! Looking forward to the SWAC.
  5. God I hope that isn’t hanging in the rafters in LA...the logo could be a lot better.
  6. Yes, Love’s sponsor the Thunder now. Last team to add an advertisement patch.
  7. Love the Nicholls update. The Colonel’s current look is so outdated. The sword is a nice touch. Also, HBU might be my favorite SLC set yet, but I cannot wait to see SHSU! Just wish Lamar would have gotten a black lid. That is their good luck charm! Made a shocking run to the playoffs while wearing those blacks.
  8. I know you try to keep things top secret, but I gotta ask. Is this Atlanta name change coming soon?
  9. Then like the post, you don’t need to tell us this. I’m fine with Nike changing the Spring uniforms. I’m just nervous about this Player’s Weekend” crap!
  10. I’d get rid of the woodmark. It doesn’t add anything to this set. Otherwise great work again.
  11. Brown and Yellow is hideous. The Padres should’ve left it for dead. Navy/Sand was gorgeous and perfect for the city.
  12. Great season, plenty to build upon! Looking forward to the future of this team. Go HOUSTON!
  13. Sad to see those classic Texas uniforms go. Don’t really care for the new look but it fits its time. Can’t wait to see the update.
  14. Lets do this boys. The future is bright, but lets show these Eastern Conference teams that the kids can play. Finally its our turn to make some noise. Lets go Roughnecks! All together H-Town!