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  1. I wanted to significantly change two things about the Titans uniforms. I do not like the current shoulder design on the Titans uniform and I do not like how the team does not incorporate red on the uniform since red is part of the logo. I created a uniform set that gives the Titans a bit of an Oilerish feel but not completely over doing it. With that said here are my 4 new looks for the Tennessee Titans. Hope you enjoy!
  2. This is my second project on this website. The first being my FBS redesign project. As we have heard, the Titans have been working with Nike and will unveil a new look next spring for the 2018 season. I have created a home, away, alternate, and color rush set for the team. I will post them below.
  3. Used an old computer and it messed up some of the colors. For example navy on a lot of team looks black and the purple I used for Clemson looks like black.
  4. I'm aware that I used the old ISU logo. I just love that logo and the old color scheme which is why I used it. And yeah, my project was more intended to create really unique and modern looks that are very different than the ones we see in the game today. Wanted to be different and take a different approach than the rest of the concept uniform creators.
  5. That is all 130 teams posted meaning I have completed my FBS football redesign project!
  6. Over time, I have been working on concept uniforms for all 130 FBS football teams. I did the universities that are currently planning on staying or joining the FBS level. My designs were intended to be very unique and creative. I have had a lot of fun during this designing process while creating new uniform ideas. I will start uploading the uniforms for each team in alphabetical order. Let me know what you guys think and which ones are your favorites. Hope you enjoy!
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