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  1. Basically happened with some of what used to be "black shoe teams". Like you said, the Jets, Saints, Bengals and Eagles. The Redskins have been a trainwreck for years so not even sure they count. And it was mostly the skill players (the look at me guys) and DB's who tried to stand out and be different from the rest of the team. The usual white shoe teams were still pretty uniform. With these new "do whatever you want" guidelines though, there are no more "uniforms" in the NFL anyway.
  2. They've been doing it for over a decade now for their first Sunday afternoon home game.
  3. That's super great for Mohammad Sanu. Making him and other WR's and DB's (which is the diva/"look at me" position in the NFL) happy to do whatever the hell they want makes me feel good. Maybe we'll let the players wear red socks and black socks and white socks too, so they'll all feel unique and cool. Its a UNIFORM. From head to toe. Now the NFL is just as lame as the NBA and MLB. Which isn't good. The Eagles and Redskins game looks like a high school game. Good job NFL! Looks to me the Ravens still look like a team today. And lo and behold, they are kicking the dog crap out of the sorry Bengals. Ohh well, at least we still have college football who generally all look like TEAMS. Nobody at Penn State is gonna be in white shoes.
  4. I despise the fact that the NFL has allowed teams to basically wear whatever they want for shoes. These teams look so bushleague now, its not even funny. Total fail NFL. You don't have a "uniform" now. And it looks like total crap.
  5. The Lions grey is dark. Anthracite is not a light color. The Seahawks grey is a light grey, much like New England's used to have.
  6. Or they'll wear all white, since its a color rush game. Either way, its not going to be be navy and charcoal against each other. Not enough contrast.
  7. Yes they should have touched the uniforms. The Browns old uniforms were not good either. Much like their team hasn't been any good for the better part of 40 years. There are elements of the current uniforms that are vastly superior to what they used to sport. They swung and missed with a few elements but overall, its a better set then the old, drab stuff they used to wear. Brown and orange are a tough combo to make look good to begin with. Which is why so few teams at any level of sports have ever worn them together.
  8. No, they should continue to do what they do and mix-and-match. They do look best in white over Columbia. But its nice to wear different combos too.
  9. Why are you waiting on opening a new stadium to redo uniforms and logos anyway? Its a completely stupid reason for why a team won't change their uniforms. The Buccaneers didn't wait until they got into Raymond James Stadium to completely blow up what they had been wearing. Somehow, someway, they were able to do a redesign while still playing at Tampa Stadium before RJS was ready. The Rams are being asinine (which is par for the course with that franchise).
  10. I agree. Seeing them live on the field, the Rams look like a joke. The white facemask is awful. Who thought that would look good? And the rest of the uniform looks like something a high school team would wear in practice, with their leftover uniforms they still had in their equipment room that they wore 5 years ago. And I have never gotten this thought that "we can't dare change uniforms and logos until we move into our new stadium". Who gives a rip?
  11. And I'm of the opinion that most teams with dark uniforms (and black) ALWAYS look better in black shoes.
  12. Sorry, but sponsor logos don't belong on sports uniforms.
  13. No, that's just the old, ugly looking uniform they already replaced.
  14. Anybody going with "He Hate Me"? Too bad Bill Ripken had to play during the boring old years when teams just wore team uniforms and there wasn't a "cause" once a month, that really was a money grab for greedy owners and MLB executives. He could have gone with "F*$! Face" as his nickname on his shersey. If its truly "little league" weekend, then I say prices for game tickets, parking and concessions should be at "little league" levels for fans. Or do they not count in this promotion?
  15. If they were a black shoe team and he wore white, you can bet he got fined. Won't matter now because the Bills will be wearing white as a team this year. With random blues and reds thrown in to make it as non-uniform as possible.
  16. No, the Pacers hold that spot now with that garbage they will be wearing.
  17. Looks like the Lions, Browns and Bills are switching to white shoes this year.