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  1. I'm looking forward to watching the Warriors crush the Lakers eight times next season.
  2. I always felt like John Madden got to go out on a high note after Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay. It felt like the perfect way for Madden's broadcasting career to come to an end. And that game was, at the time, probably the most exciting Super Bowl ever played... ...until Super Bowl LII. Holy crap was that a fun game! I would also have to put it at #1 on the list of greatest games ever played in the history of professional sports. The 2006 Rose Bowl would be a close 2nd.
  3. I think the Clippers could be a surprise landing spot in the Kawhi sweepstakes, but I think he and LeBron would have to be a packaged deal. I don't see only one of them agreeing to go to an L.A. team without the other. I want to see LeBron, Kawhi, George, CP3 and Anthony Davis go to the Lakers just so we can see what that starting five would look like against the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Sacramento Kings could build their own super-team by adding all three Ball brothers and hiring LaVar as head coach.
  4. I like how the President ended today's tweet with "NFL, no escaping to the locker rooms!" I can already imagine the White House hiring Liam Neeson to record a robocall and to narrate a commercial to air during every NFL game that goes something like this... "Black NFL players, I don't know who you are. If it's money you're looking for, I can tell you that I don't have it. But what I do have is a particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you come out of the locker room and proudly stand for the signing of our national anthem, that'll be the end of it. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you.... And I will kill you."
  5. The official who ejected Tristan Thompson for throwing a non-existent elbow at Shaun Livingston with 2 seconds to go in OT needs to check his eyesight. The announcers were literally fact-checking him in real time when he went over to explain the call to them after the review and they were like "Naw, the replay does not show what he just described to us." Also this...
  6. They also came within one game of the Super Bowl I the following season, losing to Kansas City in the AFL Championship game. Who needs Kevin Costner when we have the 2002 made-for-TV movie "Second String" starring Jon Voight as the fictional head coach of the Buffalo Bills and cameos from Doug Flutie and Chris Berman!
  7. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-trumps-pressure-influenced-the-nfl-to-change-its-anthem-rules-1527685321 Seems like Kaepernick's case got a little stronger today.
  8. *Opens thread expecting to see Cavs-Warriors Part IV discussion*
  9. CP3 is a free agent this summer, right? I wonder if there's even a remote possibility that LeBron could convince CP3 to join him with the Lakers? If not, I could definitely see him going to Houston to play with CP3 and Harden.
  10. Does this mean we're about to get bombarded with FanDuel/DraftKings commercials on every network like we did a few years back?
  11. Boston has been so good that for a moment there I completely forgot that Kyrie Irving is still on the team. Imagine what they might look like next year with Kyrie and Hayward both healthy. Also, shoutout to my man Drew Bledsoe...
  12. I'm really happy for CP3. After 13 years in the league, he's finally going to be playing in a Conference Finals series. But man, Golden State looks as unstoppable as they were last year with everyone healthy now. As for the Jazz and Pels, both teams had great runs this year and the fans should be very proud.
  13. Pels came out aggressive and got a big Game 3 win. Rondo with a career-high 21 assists. They had better offer him a nice contract this summer because he's been absolutely solid for them all year long.
  14. If Kevin Love can continue to play like he did tonight, I think the Cavs are in pretty good shape.
  15. I think it's a little bit of both. The Jazz are a scary good team even when Rubio isn't on the court. But I think the Rockets won't mail it in again in Games 3 & 4 like they kinda did last night.
  16. The Warriors have too many weapons for the Pels to contain. As good of a defender as Jrue is, there's really nothing he can do against a 6'11" Durant. And even when Klay has an off shooting night, here comes Curry to pick up the slack with 28 points. If you're Alvin Gentry, do you put Davis on Durant? He might have to try that in Game 3.
  17. First you said he has the highest ceiling of any QB in this draft. Now you're saying it's possible that he has the highest ceiling of any QB ever? If he was as big as Cam Newton or Andrew Luck and could throw the ball as well as Tom Brady, then I'd agree with you. But he's nowhere near as accurate as those guys were coming out of college, arm strength and athleticism aside. I'm not arguing about just his physical potential. I compared him to Taylor because I believe his statistical ceiling will be somewhere near or at Tyrod's level (~3,000 pass yards, 500+ rushing yards per year) if he does reach his full potential, and that's a pretty big "if". Maybe his ceiling is higher than that, but that's my opinion. I don't see that as being completely unreasonable. Do I think he can put up the same numbers he did in college? No way. He's not as good of a passer as RG3 was in his collegiate career either. I don't think his ceiling is any higher than Baker Mayfield's is. If we're purely talking about athleticism alone then yes, his potential is off the charts. But his overall ceiling is lower, in my opinion, because you can't fix accuracy issues at the NFL level. To me, that's why he fell all the way to pick #32. He's going to be a project just like Josh Allen. (Side note: I would gladly take Lamar Jackson over Josh Allen in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the Bills prefer having mediocre white QBs on their roster.) I don't disagree with this. I'm so sorry that I offended you with my Tyrod Taylor comparison. I should have said that his ceiling is somewhere up at the Tom Brady/John Elway/Russell Wilson/Aaron Rodgers/Captain America/Jesus level, maybe even higher.
  18. Um, you do realize that Tyrod Taylor has been statistically one of the most efficient and highest rated QBs in the entire NFL over the last three years right? Comparing Jackson to Taylor is not a knock on him at all. Also, a video game version of Michael Vick and the real-life Michael Vick are two completely different things. And yes, I know what a ceiling is. All of these guys have high ceilings, that's why they were taken in the first round. I mean, I could say that Jackson's ceiling is higher than any QB in the entire history of the NFL including Brady and Manning, but that would probably be a little unrealistic wouldn't it?
  19. Wow, the NBA also has the Cavs-Raptors game scheduled for 6pm on Thursday before 76ers-Celtics at 8:30pm. That's so dumb. I just noticed that both of the Eastern and Western series are playing on the same nights from Thursday through at least next Monday. Why would they schedule it like that?
  20. That's nonsense... He does not look like a serial killer. I mean, he looks totally normal when you see him in Madden. Just a regular lookin' dude, nothing strange ab–– OH GOD HE'S DEFINITELY A SERIAL KILLER
  21. I think the Cavs are done for good this year. Either we're getting Raptors/Celtics or Raptors/76ers in the ECF. Personally I'm rooting for a rematch of the classic 2001 semifinal series between Carter and Iverson.
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