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  1. Good riddance to these atrocities... The only good things to come out of Color Rush are the Saints, Giants, Broncos and Cowboys faux-back jerseys (and pants) which I hope we get to see them wear as alternates more frequently next year.
  2. I haven't seen the fanbase this excited since Trout was called up for good. This kid is fun to watch.
  3. The trouble with Sammy Watkins was he just wasn't targeted enough in that offense. Woods and Kupp were the go-to targets last year for the most part. I hope that Goff decides to just let it rip this year because Cooks is about as dangerous of a downfield weapon as you'll find. Man this Rams team is loaded with talent. This is as good of an offense as they've had since Bulger/Jackson/Holt/Bruce, if not better. I just worry that they might struggle the way the 2011 Eagles did with expectations being so high.
  4. I'm predicting it now, they're going to wear navy pants at home. Combine that with what will likely be a navy helmet, and we now have the Seahawks of the southeast.
  5. Yes! I've missed these jerseys. I'm actually sick of their throwback jerseys and I hope these orange ones will replace them.
  6. If the Titans are going with navy helmets, then it's time for the Texans to switch to white helmets. Maybe the two franchise can negotiate a deal to allow the Oilers identity/history to return to Houston. I don't think fans in either city would have a huge problem with that. If the Pelicans and Hornets were able to pull it off a few years ago, the NFL is certainly capable of doing it now.
  7. If you squint, those look pretty much identical to their 2009 redesigned unis except they managed to make them look even worse... Yes, they fixed the two-tone helmets. But anybody who says this new design is in any way an upgrade over the 2009-2012 unis (which were either horrendous or mediocre depending on who you ask) is kidding themselves.
  8. I'm shocked. Quinn is a beast when healthy, but he's missed a lot of games over the past few years and his production has dropped off. Looks like the Rams will be looking for a pass rusher in the draft.
  9. This isn't hard, Jacksonville. Teal should be the primary color. For the love of God, enough with the monochrome black obsession. It wasn't a good look when you trotted it out in 2003, it didn't look good when you updated it in 2011, it didn't look good when you made it the primary uniform in 2013 and it certainly won't look good now. If they're going to stick with black, then I'd rather see them do what the Rams did and keep their current uniforms with just the updated helmet. At least their current black jersey has white numbers. Making the numbers teal over black and eliminating gold altogether just seems so stupid. How is it possible for a team to screw this up so many times? Even the Bills in 2011 were like "Alright, everybody hates our navy blue look but they love our royal blue '65 throwbacks. Let's make our helmets white again and bring back royal blue as our primary color and call it a night." The Jags are about to fail at their third attempt since 2009 to fix a problem that they themselves created and still can't figure out how to solve. Maybe they'll finally get it right in 2023...
  10. Marcus Peters is a great addition to that Rams secondary. I sincerely hope that Jonathan Martin gets the help he needs. It's a good thing that he was dumb enough to post that photo so that the authorities could stop him before he harms himself or others.
  11. All of your points are completely valid, @dfwabel As I stated before, it would have a huge effect on the league's/owner's revenue for the exact reasons you pointed out. And yes, technically speaking the bottom 12 teams would be playing at least two or three more games (no more than six) before the top four teams begin playing under this format. However, I will argue that lower seeds wouldn't necessarily benefit from more home games. Here is the maximum amount of home games each seed could play: Maximum amount of home games per seed (excluding the NBA Finals) #1 seed- 8 games / 12 under current format #2 seed- 8 games / 12 under current format #3 seed- 9 games / 11 under current format #4 seed- 9 games / 11 under current format #5 seed- 10 games / 10 under current format #6 seed- 10 games / 10 under current format #7 seed- 9 games / 10 under current format #8 seed- 8 games / 9 under current format Everyone would lose potential home games, not just the top teams. Realistically, we almost never see a 5th seed or worse actually make it to the Conf. Finals. A 7th or 8th seed is not getting all the way to the Finals either. It's basically impossible for the lower seeded teams to play more home games than a team like Golden State even in this format. I'm simply advocating for a way to eliminate the weaker teams much more quickly while still making the early rounds a bit more competitive. Let me put it this way. Under the current playoff format, 99% of the time an 8th seed is going to play no more than two home games (by losing 4-1 or 4-0 in the first round). Under my proposed format, that same 8th seed would have to beat a 5th seed and advance just to get to two home games (the lower seed would only get one in a best-of-3). So this format would basically eliminate at least one home playoff game for the bottom four teams each year, while reducing the length of each first round series. Now granted, a team like the Warriors would be losing at least two home games in this format, but the trade-off would be that they get an extra BYE week and wouldn't have to waste their time putting away an 8th seed in four games and risk losing a star player to an injury. But I get it, the team would lose that extra revenue and having two weeks off is probably way too much. My idea is far from perfect. But I'm looking at it from a competitive standpoint and not a revenue standpoint. The Warriors smoked everyone in the Western Conference last year and only played a total of six home games during the first three rounds. They went 16-1 overall. They played a Blazers team in the first round that had no chance. Why should they have to waste their time playing a team they can easily beat and why should fans have to go through the motions of pretending that an 8th seed has a shot to upset a 1 seed when it's only happened like four times in NBA history? There's got to be a way to make the first round more compelling and less predictable than it currently is.
  12. I feel like it's unnecessary to expand the playoff field beyond the current 16-team format. This proposal would add another four teams (I don't care if they call it a play-in tournament, it still technically counts as playoff round) which would bring the total to 20 out of 30 teams playing in the postseason. Do we really want to reward teams that are as many as ten games under .500 with an opportunity to play a few extra games? Not to mention that the payoffs last like two months which is way too long as it is. Here's my idea for a new playoff format that would add significant excitement to the early rounds while shortening the entire postseason by about a week or so, which would allow more room for the NBA to balance out the regular season schedule. Everything would stay exactly the same except the first round would be split into two shorter rounds. The top two teams in each conference would automatically qualify for the conference semifinals and each round would play out like this: Round 1 8th seed plays 5th seed in a best-of-3 series (winner advances to face 4th seed) 7th seed plays 6th seed in a best-of-3 series (winner advances to face 3rd seed) Round 2 5th or 8th seed plays 4th seed in a best-of-3 series (winner advances to face 1st or 2nd seed) 6th or 7th seed plays 3rd seed in a best of 3-series (winner advances to face 1st or 2nd seed) Conference Semifinals Lowest remaining seed plays 1st seed in a best-of-7 series Highest remaining seed plays 2nd seed in a best-of-7 series Conference Finals Best-of-7 series NBA Finals Best-of-7 series This would shorten early round schedule, with a maximum of six games being played by the lower seeds before the conference semis, and would eliminate the potential for those boring four-game early round sweeps that we see every year. I love the idea of having the bottom four seeds of each conference battling it out and moving on to face the next two highest seeds. And with a best-of-three format, you're getting rid of the weaker teams much more quickly while also giving those 7th and 8th seeds a better chance of pulling off an upset. The top four seeds in each conference would get a few extra days of rest as well, with the top two seeds not having to play for two weeks. I'm sure a team like Golden State would welcome not having to play an extra series. The most obvious downside to this format would be the way it would affect the league's revenue. The current playoff format allows for a minimum of 24 games (56 max) to be played during the first round. This new format would shorten that minimum to 16 games total (24 max). The TV partners, and more importantly the owners, would have a hard time agreeing to such a significantly reduced schedule. But, if shaking things up meant getting more fan interest and adding a little more excitement to the early rounds, I think it would be worth it in the long run. EDIT: Just for the heck of it, here's what this proposed format would look like using the current NBA standings: West 1st Round- #5 Oklahoma City vs #8 New Orleans #6 Denver vs #7 Portland East 1st Round- #5 Indiana vs #8 Miami #6 Milwaukee vs #7 Philadelphia West 2nd Round- OKC/NO vs Minnesota DEN/POR vs San Antonio East 2nd Round- IND/MIA vs Washington MIL/PHI vs Cleveland
  13. Why do I get the feeling the Titans want to take us back to 2002 by bringing back the monochromatic navy blue look?
  14. If the only change the Dolphins made was an improvement to their helmet stripes, I'd be completely happy with just that. The lack of orange on their current helmets has always bothered me. I also wouldn't mind it if they changed the face-masks back to teal.
  15. I'm willing to bet that Frank Reich will get Andrew Luck back to playing at an MVP-caliber level, when he gets healthy again.
  16. Chloe Kim is my new favorite person: Thinking about ice cream while in the middle of a competition for a gold medal. We've all been there, amirite?
  17. The Colts should bring back Jim Caldwell just for old time's sake.
  18. I would love for the Marlins to bring back teal as their primary color if it meant I never have to see that "Marlins Man" d-bag and his dumb orange shirt & visor sitting behind home plate ever again.
  19. Super Bowl ratings are in... http://deadline.com/2018/02/super-bowl-ratings-eagles-patriots-this-is-us-nbc-1202278181/ 103.4 million people tuned in last night, down from 111 million last year and the lowest rated Super Bowl since 2009 (Steelers-Cardinals).
  20. All I know is that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick almost led the Patriots to the Super Bowl in 2006 had it not been for a total second half meltdown against the Colts in the AFCG. Had they won that game, they would have beaten the Bears for their fourth title in six years. You know how impressive Tom Brady was that season? I can't even remember who his starting receivers were and I doubt most of you would know without googling it. The only guy I can remember off the top of my head is Reche Caldwell, I think? That season cemented their legacy as a dynasty for me even though they didn't win the title. It amazes me that they have made it to four Super Bowls in each of the past two decades (2000-2009, 2010-present). All that being said, I still hate them. On a separate note, this makes me so happy: Can't wait for the inevitable episode of Sunny next season entitled "The Gang Burns Down Philadelphia"
  21. I knew that if I picked the Patriots to win, they would become jinxed and therefore would be doomed to suffer a humiliating upset at the hands of an underdog Eagles team (who I was rooting for all along).
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