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  1. I would take Andy Dalton in a heartbeat, even though I know he'll probably never be able to lead a team beyond the second round. The Bills should trade their two first round picks for Dalton, Tyler Boyd and 5,000 gallons of Cincinnati chili. But if that offer gets rejected, then let's get this guy in a Bills uniform next year...
  2. Well, the Bills offense picked a great time to play it's worst game of the season. I feel bad for Tyrod getting knocked out of what will likely be his final game with the Bills.... But he struggled badly today. Don't know why McDermott decided to kick the field goal in the first half. And then the Jags gifted them with an offsides penalty and they proceeded to throw on first and goal from the two yard line, and of course Benjamin gets called with for offensive PI. You have to convert a touchdown in that situation. Bad decision in hindsight considering how the Jags executed their own fourth and goal opportunity in the third quarter. But overall, this was an entertaining season and the last seven days have been such a surreal experience. Hopefully the players and coaches aren't satisfied with a 9-7 season + a quick playoff exit and are hungry to take the next step forward.
  3. I found the perfect uniform for the Titans to adopt, minus the logo....
  4. Sean McVay, the hottest coach in the entire NFL coming into tonight, down 19-10 late in the game inside Falcons territory and..... you run a delayed hand-off on 3rd and 14? Really? Falcons defense played really well tonight, but the Rams just kept shooting themselves in the foot. Another example of (and I don't have definitive research to back this up) when a team rests it's starters in Week 17 and then struggles to find their offensive rhythm the following week. It took almost the entire first half for that offense to get going, and they still never looked like themselves the whole game. At least they still have a bright future ahead of them with a young franchise QB whose still learning. As for the Titans... what a clutch comeback by Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry. Reminded me of when Steve McNair and Eddie George used to grind out those tough playoff wins on the road back in the early 2000s.
  5. Here's Gruden's tenure after winning the Super Bowl... 2003: 7-9 2004: 5-11 2005: 11-5 (Lost in Wild Card round) 2006: 4-12 2007: 9-7 (Lost in Wild Card round) 2008 9-7 Overall: 45-51 Not exactly what I would call a $100 million-worthy resume. Also, for a guy who has anointed himself as some sort of a young quarterback "guru" over the last few years, he sure as hell couldn't draft a QB worth a damn while he was in Tampa. If it hadn't been for the Tony Dungy-built, Monte Kiffin-led defense over those 2002-2008 seasons, the Bucs would have been picking in the top five every year.
  6. Here's my list of players that I wish could have made the playoffs during their Bills tenure since 2000... London Fletcher, Takeo Spikes, Lawyer Milloy, Terrence McGee, Drew Bledsoe, Nate Clements, Lee Evans, Jason Peters, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Aaron Schobel, Brian Moorman, Jabari Greer, Stevie Johnson, Aaron Williams, Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. Thankfully, Eric Wood and Kyle Williams finally made it.
  7. Tennessee vs. Kansas City Atlanta vs. Los Angeles Buffalo vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. New Orleans
  8. You have to consider that the Patriots have averaged 12.37 wins per year during that span, which accounts for more than a third (roughly 36%) of the AFC East's average win total. This means that the rest of the AFC East has averaged only 7.14 wins per team since 2002. The only way to know how good or bad that number is if you take each division's highest winning team since 2002 out of the equation, and then calculate what the average total wins per year are for the remaining teams of each division. I'll try and do the math later if I have some time. Update: The AFC East ranks 6th when you subtract the teams with the most wins out of each division. Average wins per season by division since 2002 NFC South minus NO (23.94) NFC East minus PHI (23.51) AFC West minus DEN (22.51) AFC North minus PIT (21.69) NFC North minus GB (21.50) AFC East minus NE (21.44) AFC South minus IND (20.94) NFC West minus SEA (20.63)
  9. The Dolphins, Bills and Jets have combined for a total of five playoff appearances and one division title* in the last 10 years. I wouldn't exactly call the AFC East a powerhouse division. The Steelers, Bengals and Ravens have each made the playoffs at least six times during that same span. *- Tom Brady tore his ACL in 2008
  10. The guy who made this is also the genius creator of this masterpiece:
  11. Then why not change it to the two-helmet rule? One regular and one alternate/throwback.
  12. Has anybody here ever gone to a Winter Classic or Stadium series game before? What's it like sitting so far away from the rink? It's definitely a beautiful spectacle to watch on television.
  13. The Packers, Cowboys and Seahawks miss the playoffs and the Bills are in. That pretty much sums up what a weird season this has been.
  14. Never before has a team and a city celebrated a 9-7 season quite like this. But you know what, after 18 freakin' years, this team deserves this. The Bills have spoiled plenty of opportunities to end the drought over the years. Losing to Pittsburgh's backups and third stringers in 2004 with a playoff berth on the line, starting off 5-1 and collapsing in 2008, starting off 5-2 and collapsing again in 2011, being eliminated from contention by a 1-win Raiders team in 2014, squandering so many close games in the Rex era, the list goes on and on... It's mathematically impossible to not sneak into the NFL playoffs at least one time in 18 years, and yet the Bills found a way to do it. I mean even the Browns have made it once since '99! After sleeping on it last night, it still hasn't quite hit me yet that the drought is officially over. I keeping thinking back to all the heart-breaking losses and the constant disappointment. Year after year, having to watch all those crappy QBs and incompetent head coaches (I'm looking at you Dick Jauron!). I don't even care the this team basically back pedaled into the tournament, or that Tyrod is definitely gone in the offseason, or that this team still has a lot of holes to plug on the roster. For the first time since I was still in elementary school, I get to watch a Bills playoff game in January. I didn't think I'd have to wait this long to experience this again, but I'll take it.
  15. Dear NFL, Step 1: Get rid the one-helmet rule. Step 2: Get rid of mandatory Color Rush games on Thursday nights. Step 3: Let the Rams wear their throwback uniforms full-time so we don't have to suffer through their current mismatched combo anymore. Step 4: For the love of all that is holy, get on the phone and make Nike fix the green on the Jets' uniforms. Thanks. Sincerely, Everyone
  16. Both teams looked great today.
  17. It felt like that ball was in the air for an eternity. In my mind it was like watching the whole thing play out in slow motion. If ever there was going to be a dramatic way for the Bills to finally end the playoff drought, this had to be it. Also, the Flutie curse has finally been lifted!
  18. Washington vs. NY Giants Dallas vs. Philadelphia New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Atlanta Green Bay vs. Detroit Chicago vs. Minnesota Arizona vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. San Francisco NY Jets vs. New England Buffalo vs. Miami Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. LA Chargers Kansas City vs. Denver
  19. Even though the AFL never aired on CBS, Wouldn't it be fun if they went with a throwback-style broadcast to go along with this game?
  20. ^ The Rams NEED to wear these throwbacks for their first home playoff game in 30+ years, even if it means being slapped with a huge fine. I believe this picture was taken from their last playoff game in Anaheim:
  21. Mike Pereria makes a great point, let the officials on the field make the final determination. Taking the decision out of their hands and giving it to some anonymous suit in a NY office was a stupid move and it has only made things worse. First thing's first, they need to change the stupid catch rule. Stop punishing receivers for trying to make a play in-bounds.
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