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  1. Seattle vs. Arizona Green Bay vs. Chicago NY Jets vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Cleveland vs. Detroit LA Chargers vs. Jacksonville New Orleans vs. Buffalo Minnesota vs. Washington Cincinnati vs. Tennessee Houston vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. San Francisco New England vs. Denver Miami vs. Carolina
  2. That Seahawks-Redskins game was crazy entertaining. I had zero belief that Cousins could lead a TD drive with less than two minutes to go, but then he made a couple of terrific throws to Quick and Doctson. The Seahawks should have had that game, I don't know why they are keeping Blair Walsh around. The guy is jinxed or something. Now the Rams have a game lead in the NFC West and Seattle will have to face the Cardinals on the road on a short week.
  3. I don't know about that, he had me totally fooled with that slicked-back hairstyle. I thought he was the real-life Gordon Gekko.
  4. I get that universities don't want to have to compete with NFL games in their markets on Saturday nights, but I never understood why Friday NFL games in December aren't exempt from this law because high school football usually ends in late October/early November. I know they had a Friday game a few years back (I think it was 2008 or 2009) on Christmas night. I loved the old NFL schedule back when they used to have Saturday triple-headers in Weeks 16-17. I think they stopped doing this around 2005. Saturdays are definitely more laid-back and people are already used to watching college games. At the end of the day, the NFL would benefit tremendously from addition by subtraction. Get rid of Thursday Night Football, cut back on early morning London games or stop scheduling them entirely, and let the fans breathe a little bit throughout the week so that the anticipation for Sunday can build. I get that there's a lot of TV money they stand to lose by doing this, which is why they could still move those extra games to Saturdays in mid-December like they're doing now and sell that as a late season "Playoff Push" package to the highest bidding network. The TV bubble is going to burst soon anyway, they might as well accept that now and do themselves a big favor.
  5. I say cut down Thursday night games to just opening night and Thanksgiving, and move these extra games to Saturday nights during the month of December. The NFL has already started scheduling double headers on Saturdays again after not doing so for a decade. Weeks 13-16 can have feature a Saturday night game plus an extra 4pm game in Weeks 15 & 16 for a grand total of six games. If there's a scheduling conflict with college football games in early December, then move the first two Saturday night games to Friday. I think the players would be much happier with this type of schedule. They could even bring back their old "Run to the Playoffs" slogan they used for their TNF games in 2006-2008.
  6. Here we go again... The Bills begin their annual November slump right on time.
  7. Buffalo vs. NY Jets LA Rams vs. NY Giants Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Atlanta vs. Carolina Baltimore vs. Tennessee Indianapolis vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville Denver vs. Philadelphia Arizona vs. San Francisco Washington vs. Seattle Kansas City vs. Dallas Oakland vs. Miami Detroit vs. Green Bay
  8. I read something about Benjamin still having knee pain from his ACL surgery from a few years back. Is this something the front office may have been concerned about? Has it affected his performance on the field this season?
  9. Last night was amazing. Though, I miss when the World Series would have Game 7 scheduled on a Sunday. There was nothing more exciting than watching the Diamondbacks win that thrilling Game 7 on a Sunday night back in '01.
  10. Well, at least they traded Garoppolo out of the AFC East. I was fully expecting him to take over for Brady after 2018 and go on to dominate the Bills for the next decade, but now I don't have to worry about that happening.
  11. There is just something special about this Buffalo Bills team. Three forced turnovers against the Raiders today, 34-14 win. They are 5-2 for the first time since 2008.
  12. Dareus is now Doug Marrone's problem, again. If only the Bills could have brought back Paul Posluszny in this deal.... (joking)
  13. Not a fan. There was nothing wrong with the graphics they've been using the last couple of seasons. If they needed to update them, they should have at least used their NBA graphics as a template. This is just disappointing. I wish they would just go back to using the same graphics for every sport (except for MNF). Speaking of disappointment... I'm bummed that TNT did not update their NBA graphics/scorebug for this season. I was hoping they would at least add team logos into the scorebug to replace the team acronyms.
  14. Are the Dolphins wearing their throwbacks? If so, I don't care if they bring back Jay Fiedler to start at quarterback, I'll definitely be watching that game.
  15. How was Kiko Alonso not ejected after that hit on Flacco? That was nasty.
  16. Awesome video, loved the classic NFL Films music! I've always wanted to visit Lambeau, it looks like an amazing experience.
  17. Miami vs. Baltimore Minnesota vs. Cleveland Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati San Francisco vs. Philadelphia Oakland vs. Buffalo LA Chargers vs. New England Atlanta vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. New Orleans Houston vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Detroit Denver vs. Kansas City
  18. I'm completely out of the loop here (I've never even heard of Barstool sports until recently). Who is this PFT guy? Is he parodying someone?
  19. The majority of Ravens players were wearing white cleats today, I thought that was interesting. I've always preferred their 1999-2003 combo with the white cleats and the single striped socks over their current look.
  20. Holy cow, the Rams are 5-2 and the Bills are 4-2. We must be living in the upside-down dimension from "Stranger Things"
  21. Kansas City vs. Oakland New Orleans vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Minnesota Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Chicago Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. Miami Tennessee vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. San Francisco Denver vs. LA Chargers Seattle vs. NY Giants Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. New England Washington vs. Philadelphia
  22. I just saw the Hayward injury. That was horrifying. I can't imagine what kind of pain he's going through, both physically and emotionally.
  23. Ah, I see... So Kaepernick is solely to blame for the 49ers futility over the last few years? Interesting. This isn't about character over content. You seem to be the only one here arguing that Kaepernick is so terrible that no NFL team has any reason to sign him, even as a backup. You're completely ignoring the context of the last two years. So let's talk about content... You're right, he did lose his starting job in 2015 before having season-ending shoulder surgery. Statistically, it was the worst season he's played on a team that was already in a severe decline (not his fault that they lost a lot of talent around him between 2014-2015). He came back to training camp in 2016 and Chip Kelly eventually named Blaine Gabbert as the starter. Eventually, Gabbert was benched and Kaepernick re-took the starting job in Week 6. Here's what he did the rest of the year... 2016 Games: 12 Starts: 11 Touchdowns: 16 Interceptions: 4 INT %: 1.2 Yards: 2,241 Completion %: 59.2 Rating 90.7 Yes, he went 1-10 as a starter. It's kind of hard to win games when your defense ranks dead last in points allowed per game, your running game ranks dead last and your top two receiving weapons are Torrey Smith and Jeremy Kerley (who combined for >1,000 yards). And despite all of this, he still finished with the 6th lowest INT percentage in the entire NFL last season. But yeah, he's not good anymore right? Ryan Fitzpatrick ranked dead last among qualified QBs with a 4.2 INT% last year, and yet he still wound up getting a job with the Buccaneers. I guess it's only fair that Fitzpatrick should get an infinite amount of starting opportunities over his career, but Kaepernick should have to call it quits after a few bad games over a two-year stretch. Now let's look at Gabbert's numbers as a starter last year: 2016 Games: 6 Starts: 5 Touchdowns: 5 Interceptions: 6 Yards: 925 INT %: 3.8 Completion %: 56.9 Rating: 68.4 Kaepernick clearly put up better numbers and won the exact same amount of games (1) with the same team around him as Gabbert did in 2016. So naturally, the Cardinals signed Gabbert this offseason. Because who wouldn't want to bring in a former first round draft bust who is 9-31 as a starter to run the team in case of a Carson Palmer injury? Clearly this is not about wins and losses. Also, I like how you gloss over Kaepernick's leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl and an NFC Championship game as if that was no big deal. But as the team goes into a decline, suddenly that 3-16 record matters a lot more huh? It's pretty easy to nitpick his starting record while ignoring how terrible the 49ers roster has been since 2015. I seem to recall Kurt Warner's career was on a downward trend (got benched for Bulger) following a dominant three year stretch from 1999-2001. But you know what, that didn't stop the Giants and later the Cardinals from giving him another opportunity, and look how that turned out for AZ. I think you're in denial here. This is not about proving some political point, and nobody is playing the race card. FiveThirtyEight did an analysis of this back in August: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/colin-kaepernick-is-not-supposed-to-be-unemployed/ So what? The real issue is why has he only receive a single workout since opting out in March? There were plenty of teams that were in the market for a backup during the offseason and plenty more since the start of the season. The fact that the Packers won't even entertain the thought of inviting him in for a workout and would rather stick with two backups with zero starting experience is stupid. Same goes for the other teams who would rather stick with terrible backups (Raiders, Titans, Rams, Bears, Bills, Ravens, Jets, etc.) Haha, conspiracy theory. I'm pretty sure most people in this thread believe Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL and feel that he's better than 90% of the current backups in the league. I think you're doing everything you can to come up with reasons why teams are better off not signing him. I'm not sure that's an argument you can win unless you bring up the so-called "off-field issues" that you feel Kaepernick would bring to the table. It's not like we're talking about Johnny Manziel here. I can't help it if you don't see through the NFL's hypocrisy on this issue. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice (before the tape was leaked), Michael Vick, etc. all received second opportunities despite heavy media scrutiny. It's pretty obvious what this is really about. If a convicted dog killer can sign with a team (who had no immediate need for a QB) just months after being released from prison, then surely Kaepernick should be give the same opportunity yes? Now if you seriously believe guys like Matt Schaub, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet, Scott Tolzien, E.J. Manuel, Tom Savage, Mike Glennon, Brandon Weeden, Mark Sanchez, Kevin Hogan, Brock Osweiller, etc. are all better QBs than Kaepernick, you're delusional. If you can't think of a single NFL team that could utilize his talents as a backup or as a spot-starter, you're delusional. And spare me this notion that front offices always knows whats best because "It's what they get paid to do!!!!!!!" If that were true, the Browns wouldn't be on their 1,000th starting QB since 1999. You seem to think that all these teams have "figured out" Kaepernick's game and that's why he's still unsigned, even though statistically he's still better than all of the jabronis I listed above over the last two years. Stop lying to yourself. I'm done arguing. You're certainly entitled to your opinions, no matter how outrageous some of them may be. I believe @Rockstar Matt was able to sum up everything I've said much more concisely a few weeks ago:
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