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  1. I'm right there with you. Between the Bills and the Falcons, at least one of these teams should be wearing their classic red helmets. Since the Bills aren't going to do it, the Falcons should.
  2. If it means kicking Booger out of the MNF booth I'm all for it, but I think Romo will stay with CBS. He's got great chemistry with Nantz and CBS has more marquee games.
  3. Texans blow a bigger first half lead than the Bills had last week. You love to see it.
  4. Yeah Harbaugh was the Eagles ST/secondary coach in 2007 and then was hired by the Ravens in 2008.
  5. When was the last time a #1 seed and a #2 seed both lost in the divisional round in the same conference? I think it was 2008? The Giants and Panthers both lost and we ended up with the Cardinals hosting the Eagles in the NFC Championship that year, which was the weirdest/most unexpected playoff matchup I'd ever seen. And now we could potentially be looking at the Texans hosting the Titans next week.
  6. - The #6 seed Ravens beat the #1 seed Titans back in 2008 and now Tennessee finally got some payback. Jeff Fisher has been avenged! - In the four playoff meetings between these two teams since 2000, the road team has won every game. And that wraps up this segment of "useless facts"
  7. Lamar just doesn't seem right tonight. Ingram not being 100% is certainly a factor. But you have to wonder if the Ravens' offense was a little too cocky coming into the playoffs.
  8. Titans up 14-0! And this time it's Ryan Tannehill with some big plays.
  9. It's sooooo nice to see the Ravens in purple jerseys/white pants. Their best home look by far.
  10. DeShaun Watson was the better quarterback today. Watching Josh Allen is like watching Brett Favre, he's going to make some really spectacular throws followed by a bone-headed decision like throwing a hail mary to a fullback who is double covered, or throwing the ball directly to a lineman instead of taking a sack.
  11. So I just now saw the schedule and both AFC games are on Saturday and both NFC games are on Sunday. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I miss the old playoff schedule pre-2014 when NBC would get both wild card Saturday games and you could rely on CBS and FOX having the rest of the games after that. I feel like the Patriots should be playing Sunday at 1:00pm and the Saints should be playing Saturday night.
  12. I'm going with the Packers vs Chiefs in a rematch of the first AFL-NFL World Championship game aka Super Bowl I.
  13. Nope. They're clearly better on both sides of the ball than they were two years ago. Also 10-4 > 9-7
  14. Alvin Gentry is so lucky that Zion still hasn't played yet because otherwise he'd be fired tomorrow. I know it's not entirely his fault that roster is decimated with injuries (what else is new?) but this is just embarrassing.
  15. Shortening the regular season to 78 games is not enough. I'm in favor of a 66-game regular season. We got to experience this back in 2011-2012 because of the lockout and I thought it was great. The games meant more because of playoff implications and it was also nice to see opening night on Christmas. With 16 few regular season games per team, there would plenty of room for a mid-season tournament (making up for lost revenue) and and it would shorten the W-L gap between the 7-10 seeds, making a play-in tourney a little more intriguing. The season could still start around Halloween, with the proposed mid-season tourney starting around Thanksgiving, and then Christmas Day would be when the season officially resumes. I like the proposal for re-seeding the Conference Finals, just rebrand them as the "NBA Semifinals" and the two Finals teams would hold the title of "Semifinal Champions". Or better yet, just do away with Conferences altogether and just seed the playoffs from 1-16. But I know they won't do that because of travel issues. I also think they should adopt the NHL's playoff format, while bringing back the four-division format we used to have pre-2004.
  16. Allen is really coming around as of late. He put the ball in some tight spots and has been way more accurate in these last four weeks than in the first eight. Plus, getting a big win on the road like that in his first national TV game was huge. He's still far from looking like an elite QB, but at least he's already playing better than the last two Bills' first round QBs, who turned out to be total busts.
  17. I actually don't mind the white face mask, it looks pretty nice. But I don't like the solid white socks. If they're going blue over blue, then they need to break out some red socks.
  18. In fairness though, when has the league (not an individual team) ever contacted a free agent and told them they were going to have a workout on a Saturday (when most teams and GMs are traveling or preparing for a Sunday game)? It's not normal protocol. And then the fact that they initially did not provide a list of team representatives who would be attending, wouldn't allow non-NFL cameras or media to attend (even though they made it a national headline) and then told his agent that the date was non-negotiable is just really strange. Even if he had just agreed to the original workout and done everything they asked him to do, are we really sure that his chances of getting signed would increase? I just don't buy it. I think his "we are ready, we are here" comment has more to do with the fact that he's been waiting a little under 3 years for a team to call him up and invite him to a workout. Judging by the reaction from those who saw him live, it seems like he still has the elite arm strength and talent to be on an NFL roster. I think this whole thing was a bigger PR disaster for Roger Goodell and the NFL than it was for Colin.
  19. Bring back NFL Europe and put four teams in the UK. Better yet, they should relocate the four worst NFL franchises and send them over there as punishment, making them permanent NFL Europe teams. Those fans won't care that they have to sit through a Chargers-Bengals or Jets-Jaguars game every week, they'll just be excited to watch NFL football! This also will reduce the number of NFL teams down to 28 ( with two divisions per conference) and will make the league more competitive and balanced overall. Plus, America will be finally be rid of inept owners like Dean Spanos. Everybody wins!
  20. I'm not ashamed to eat crow. I was completely wrong about Jackson's ceiling. Earlier in this thread I brought up the fact that he currently ranks in the Top 5 in QBR. He's already an MVP candidate in just his second year. I don't know how anyone is going to be able to stop this guy. In my defense though, I never questioned whether he'd be a good quarterback, I just didn't believe that he had the type of potential to become this dominant. But you called it, so hats off to you.
  21. First the Dolphins pass on Drew Brees in free agency and then they fail to lure Teddy away from New Orleans, who is undoubtedly the heir apparent to Brees. That's gotta sting.
  22. It was only a matter of time before the Pelicans' injury curse struck again.
  23. And the Bills had a shot at all three of them. Mahomes, Watson and Jackson all rank in the top five in QBR this season, while Josh Allen ranks 25th.
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