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  1. Do people really watch all these shows on NFL Network? Like, I can understand having primetime shows like NFL Total Access that goes through all the news of the day and maybe a few specialty programs for fantasy news and behind the scenes stuff. But are people really waking up every morning and turning on "Good Morning Football"? I think they'd be better off just airing re-runs of NFL Films programs and classic games all day long.
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else miss the simplicity of the old ESPN scorebugs from the late 90's to mid 2000's?
  3. And don't forget about these beauties...
  4. *I say Houston wins a nail-biter in Game 5 and finishes off the series in Game 6 at the Toyota Center, effectively ending the Warriors' current dynasty as Durant walks off the court for the last time in a GSW jersey. *A man can dream right?
  5. Who is this Austin Rivers and what has he done with the real Austin Rivers? The Rockets are +7 with him on the floor tonight. He's been huge off the bench in this series so far.
  6. The Nuggets keep wearing their royal blue "Mile High City" alts on the road. They might as well just wave the white flag and admit that switching to navy blue was a bad choice. Even these are still better by comparison...
  7. Jokic and Murray played for a combined 120 minutes while Lillard and McCollum played for a combined 118! It's safe to say that both teams are going to be exhausted over the next few days.
  8. Whoever wins this Game 7 is going to get throttled by the Blazers in the next round. The Spurs are playing offense like it's 2003, and not in a good way. DeRozan needs to step it up.
  9. If you were the Knicks, would you offer that #1 pick plus future picks/players to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis? Imagine how good they'd be with Kyrie, Durant and Davis.
  10. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. When has he ever been considered a locker room cancer?
  11. I think people are unfairly criticizing Josh Rosen as if the Cardinals didn't string him along for four months by pretending that they had no clear intention of drafting Kyler Murray. I hope that Rosen goes to Miami and gets a fresh start.
  12. In fairness, Tom Brady was on the cover two years ago and won a Super Bowl. Back in the 2000s, I definitely believed that the Madden curse was real but no so much in the last decade.
  13. I like your Clippers' logo tweak, but I like your Dolphins tweak even better. Nice job!
  14. Losing these next two games to the 8th seeded Clippers would be the most perfect way for the Warriors' current dynasty to come to an end, but there's no way that's going to happen. The Clippers deserve a lot of credit for winning two games on the road against the defending champs and I hope they can at least force a Game 7. I love watching the trio of Beverly/Williams/Harrell battling on every play.
  15. So by my count, 11 of the 16 playoff teams have at least one black primary or alternate uniform. And I believe nine of those teams have worn a black set at least once in the playoffs. So of the 32 games played so far, not counting tonight, 17 matchups have featured one team wearing black. That's over 50% of the games! That number is...
  16. I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet but the Bills do have a 60th anniversary logo this year... It's much better than their cheap looking 50th anniversary logo...
  17. I'll be rooting for you guys tonight! @Magic Dynasty
  18. And just like in the 90's, the Bills will get crushed on Thanksgiving by the Cowboys. I'll still be watching though.
  19. Is NBA TV using a new scorebug for the playoffs? It looks really nice/clean.
  20. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001026789/article/nfl-reveals-historic-matchups-for-100th-season It kinda feels like the NFL picked some of these games at random. Browns vs Bengals shouldn't really qualify as a "historical" matchup IMO. The Steelers don't appear in a single one. All of that being said, I think it's a cool idea but it would be even better if each team wore throwbacks for these matchups (excluding the Eagles and Titans thanks to the one-helmet rule).
  21. Embiid (knee) is out for Game 3 tonight. The Nets have to capitalize.
  22. So the 2019 schedule has been released. Bills are playing on Thanksgiving Day for the first time since 1994! In other news, Browns get four primetime games and will play the Jets on MNF Week 2. The Texans will play the Saints in the MNF opener which will be a great matchup.
  23. I hope this means that they're going to ditch their navy blue pants completely and tweak their white pants to match the new powder blue primary colors.
  24. Bravo, Chargers! Well done.
  25. And don't forget about CP3 getting hurt with the Rockets up 3-2 in the WCF.
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