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  1. Maybe try gold as a base color... then add some random spots in black on top of the gold. Kind of like the Bengals do with their stripes, but do spots instead. IDK just a thought. You might have to force it a little.
  2. The HOU rocket ship logo is great. Very clever.
  3. As much as I like the metallic gold for the Nuggets (so appropriate), the medallion logo at the center of the chest in this particular uniform design makes me think Jokic is a chain and a Kangol away from being featured in a T-Pain video.
  4. I hear what you're saying, but to me the center seam of the ball wants to be at a right angle to the tail portion of the logo. Here's a couple options where the ball is flat or tilted in line with the rest of the wordmark. IMO it feels like the ball is falling off. I'm curious what others think about it. Thanks dude, that means a lot coming from you! I'm a big fan of your work! I appreciate it man. One reason I ditched the Mardi Gras colors was because I wanted to move away from the New Orleans ties. On the other had I really did want to get something "Jazzy" and embody that Jazz Club, hip, artsy vibe, while distancing myself from the "mountain creep" that the team seems to have a hard time getting away from. The colors are "Utah", the look is "Jazz". Together the identity is Utah Jazz (in theory). Logical? No. but we're working with what we have. As far as color balance goes, because a few people mentioned it, I've messed around with a couple different looks and IMO each uniform set looks best as is. I added a little copper into the away trim, and some icy blue into the home trim, but it felt awkward. I intentionally had the trim match the double lines in the wordmark, and inserting another color just didn't work for me. If anyone has ideas on how to bring a little more color balance to the Icon and Association sets, I'd love to hear it. Lastly, now that I'm 1/3 of the way through the league (more than a year after starting, lol) I wanted to put these sets all together and see how the league is looking. Check it out. 10 down, 20 to go.
  5. Ok, up next is the Utah Jazz! I'm taking this this opportunity to push the Jazz identity a little further into a modern direction. While in general I'm glad they brought the J-Note logo and word mark back a few years ago, I never like it when team's just "re-adopt" old identities and logos. Old logos are great for throwbacks, but it is pretty lame to recycle into your primary identity. I much prefer the Blazers "evolution" of the pinwheel to the Jazz's "the 90's were crazy, and the 00's regrettable, let's just go back to our 80's logo" process. The new Jazz wordmark and J-Note are my interpretation of what a next step in the evolution could be for them. I abandoned the decidedly un-Utah Mardi-Gras colors in favor of a palette that brings in the uniqueness of their 90's colors, albeit a little more muted. The Icon and Association sets use horizontal striping on the jersey and shorts that mimic the musical staff. The Statement uniform (now with Jordan logos) uses the icy blue color, some bold striping on the shorts, and a vertical UTAH text. As always, bring on the C&C. Thanks, y'all.
  6. That's fantastic. Dizzying. Must have looked amazing skating around on the ice. I love the 90s.
  7. These are phenomenal. The custom wrought iron side panels are maybe the best thing I've seen on this site. I want to see the shorts though, how do you terminate the side panels at the bottom?
  8. That number font cracks me up, and also the wavy name plate. I love it. I'm not a hockey guy, is this something the Islanders wore in the past? Did they have a unique wavy number font for all the jersey numbers?
  9. Ok, next up the New York Knicks... My personal feeling is that the Knicks' look regressed a bit when they moved away from the black and blue 90's uniforms. They were a little 90's, but I loved the chunky side panels and thick trim. The Melo Era uniforms were fine and classy, but boring. The Celtics have already cornered the market on bland. Lastly, the last few years have been pretty directionless in what the team has rolled out (uniform wise, I can't do anything about the play on the court). Are they classic franchise with a timeless look? An homage to NYC? A joke? I wanted to challenge myself to evolve the Knicks look for a new era. Keep the brand tight, tie them to NYC in a unique way, and step forward instead of looking backwards. So I kept what I liked (classic color scheme, no black), brought back what I missed (chunky trim and side panels), and added a little NY flair of my own. The side panels on the Icon and Association sets utilize a bold pattern I snagged straight from the streets of the the Big Apple. I made the wordmarks custom, but based on this Junior Knicks type. The statement uniform is a bold return to orange for the team, with the player number centered in the Knicks alternate basketball logo, and NYC on the shorts. Hopefully y'all see something you like here. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.
  10. Ok, quick refresh on the Celtics before I move on... I took your comments to heart and when back to the double stripe motif that's so classic with them. I added a thin gold third stripe that acts kind of like a little drop shadow on the striping. I also bumped up the drop shadow on the wordmark and numbers. That's for the icon and association editions. For the statement jersey I went back to the drawing board and revisited my original idea. How do you say "Boston Celtics" as simply as possible? Green. An all green uniform. Put some kindergartners in green pennies at recess and they'll want to call themselves the Celtics. So that's where I'm starting. Classic Boston wordmark. Classic Celtics number font. Replace the name on back with a shamrock, because the only name that matters is on the front. Green-on-green, but unmistakably Boston. Any feedback is always appreciated. Up next are the New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Utah Jazz over the next couple of days... Cheers!
  11. I like those a lot. That's the balance I was missing. I tested out the two tone blue on @jaytavo305's suggestion and those are actually really sharp, imo. Let me know what you think. I'm torn, I think they could go either way. I might sit with this a while, while I work on a few other teams and come back. My gut says stick with the sage and royal per your revision (it's so unique), but the two-tone blue is so clean, even if it is a bit played out. Thanks again for your feed back and taking the time to mock-it up. I'm re-working the Celtics minimalist third, and I'll take a look at revising the Icon and Associations as well. You made good points on that one too.
  12. Fixed the sponsor issue, good catch. They were still white and thus invisible. I personally don't mind the lack of green on the association set, but I get why it could bug you. Working it into the trim or the wordmarks didn't really do it for me. If you have a suggestion as to how I could work in some green, I'm all ears. As for the Celtics, if I brought back the double stripe and minimized the gold, I wouldn't have made any changes! But you did give me an idea for how to revise the Statement jersey... that one just still isn't quite where I want it and I can't put my finger on it. Thanks for the feedback though!
  13. Last one that I've recently done is the Dallas Mavericks. This one is tough for me, because I generally think the Mavs have always looked bad. In the 80's, 90's they were so blahhhh. The modern shift in 2001 was cool. At the time, these were among the best uniforms in the league. Problem is, they got dated fast. By 2010 they had worn out their welcome, and it's criminal that they're still in use in 2020. They've also had their fair share of complete trash. I don't even like that shade of green they've used in the past. I think it pairs poorly with the blue. They're too similar. The one thing I can find that I want to latch onto is this Mavs wordmark. It's funky. It's unique. I'm a sucker for lowercase letters. And it's a complete outlier within the rest of the Mavs identity. It feels so random, and yet, it's my favorite thing they've done. So I'm running with it, making a matching "dallas" wordmark, and creating a new cowboy hat logo that fits with this. As you can guess, I also kept tweaked the green by lightening it up and desaturating a bit to more of a sage color. It's now unique, and contrasts better with the blue. As for the uniforms, the Icon and Association ones are similar and traditional. The wordmark carries much of the design weight. The trim is fairly traditional and I use navy for the darker accents. With the Statement jersey I took a chance on something more adventurous. I went back to the mis-matched tops and bottoms, using blue and navy for the two-toned look and a retro double wordmark on the chest. Sage and white trim is used to tie it all together. As always feedback is appreciated and criticism is welcomed!
  14. Up next... The Orlando Magic. Using the same general strategy I used with the Blazers and Pistons, I brought back what I saw as the strongest design elements of the franchise's past and tried to modernize and simplify from there. The big one is the 90's scripts and numerals. It's fun, unique, playful, and it is what I think of first when it comes to the Orlando Magic. Next was the pinstripes. I love the way that design element has off and on been a part of the Magic identity from the start. They've also experimented with how to use the pinstripes. Some more subtle, some much louder. I elected to take those pinstripes to a new evolution. Subtly sublimated and monochrome, I also added a vertical halftone-style transition that effectively reverses the light/dark contrast as the stripes work their way down from the shoulders to the knees. The statement jersey is black, as Orlando was one of the first (and best) examples of BFBS. It works well against the silver and blue. The Magic wordmark moves to the shorts and the jersey relies on silver stars and recognizable numerals for team branding. As always, bring on the comments. I'd love to hear what y'all think! Lastly, if there's any mod or admin out there that can help me figure out how to access my Duck_Duck account, please message me!
  15. Hey y'all, it's me, Duck_Duck. I know it has been nearly two years since I posted a concept, and I actually can't figure out how to log into my account. Can't remember my password or what email I used so I can't reset it. So here I am, as Dr. Jack, using an old account with an old email address. If there's any mod or admin out there that can help me figure out how to access Duck_Duck, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I've messed around with a few more teams and I've got concepts for the Celtics, Mavericks, and Magic I'd like to share. I started this back when Nike was unveiling the first of their designs for the NBA and my goal was (and still is) to get through every team. I'm slow. I put this down, and pick it up every few months. But I'm trying hard to do deliberate and thoughtful work, so I'm not rushing it. Thanks for your patience. Ok so, first up, the boring one. The Celtics. Hard to mess with tradition, but I told myself I had no interest in recreating existing uniforms, so I'm going to propose something for Boston. My favorite of their looks in recent years has been the ones where the introduce gold accents. I think gold is underutilized in their current uniforms and should be elevated to a permanent staple of their primary looks. In the Icon & Association uniforms, I incorporated it as an outline and slight drop shadow, and also as an accent on the trim of the uniform. I took the "thick white/thin gold" trim from the Portland Timbers latest kits which I think utilize this color scheme beautifully. All in all, I think think these two uniforms have a little more weight and gravitas than the previously more subtle green & white versions. Now for the statement uniform I wanted to take a much more minimalist approach. If I'm embellishing the primary uniforms, I wanted to go the other way with the statements. Could I design something that clearly says "Boston Celtics" with as few elements as possible. Green. Shamrock. Nothing else is really needed. Super minimal trim. No text. I debated dropping the name-on-back as well, but they looked just a bit too much like practice jerseys that way. Anyways, I know this is a risk, but I like the look. Would love to hear feedback. What's working, what isn't?