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  1. Their uniforms and brand isn't as historic and untouchable as the Celtics or the Bulls or the Lakers... but at the same time it feels wrong to do something too out there and go full T-Wolves or Thunder or Hawks... You kinda have to treat them like the Pistons or Blazers, consistently modernizing an understated but unique look, falling back on the color scheme to carry the design and staying away from the temptation to cop out with some faux-backs (like in the Melo-era). I think this set does that pretty well, although the warping on the wordmark is a bit extreme for me.
  2. I'm liking where this is headed... It's a little garish, no doubt, but trust me when I say that this would be absurdly popular in Portland. Thanks for whipping that up, it's cool too see. A couple suggestions... I think it needs side panels and trim at the base of the shorts. It'll help prevent them from looking like pajamas. I thought last year's Rip City faux-backs were a great blend of modern and retro, and the cream color really worked well with the blazers color scheme. This design, with the buffalo check base, your improved "BLAZERS" wordmark and the trim, wordmarks, side panels in the cream color... could be nice. Good stuff, regardless. Love your vision for the team.
  3. Playing around with an idea here. I've long thought soccer kits could do a better job of representing the franchise, city, and supporter culture that is unique to them. Seems to me that often designs are disconnected from that base beyond maybe crests and colors. Stripes, checkers, hoops, sashes, etc. are all great (and for some clubs those design elements become iconic), but more often they're just an abstract design chosen by a designer. No basis in narrative. No story behind it. So for this Timbers concept, I swung the pendulum back for a more literal interpretation of what the Portland Timbers culture is. Crunchy, muddy, rainy Pacific Northwest chic. Roots in logging culture, an evolution towards recreational enjoyment of the outdoors - camping, hiking, and hot coffee mixed with soggy soccer. So this kit is inspired by this little "Timbers Off-the-Pitch Starter Pack" I cooked up: I softened the color palette to mix in more natural greens (olives, sages, khakis) that you see in the forest. Heathered the jersey fabric for a more organic feel. Used the soccer socks to mimic classic hiking socks (can't go wrong with a Kirkland 6-Pack from Costco, imo). The crest on the jersey, shorts, and the league patch are embossed leather patches, that are tough enough for the elements, but still natural and crafted locally. Hopefully this is a kit Timber Jim would be proud of. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feed back. This may or may not become a series... I do want to explore a few other teams and see how their on-field look could better reflect their off-field culture. We'll see if inspiration strikes...!
  4. I always love your concepts. As a Blazer fan, I'm obviously invested in what you're proposing. I like the tweaks to the Icon and Association, those simple changes to the wordmark and trim would go a long way. And I like the basic look of the Statement, but... the plaid really isn't doing it for me. While plaid is very much a Portland fashion staple, that particular plaid really doesn't speak to the city to me. I think the diagonal orientation is off, and the scale is a little small. I'd move it in one of two directions; either go full hipster lumberjack with a strong black and red buffalo check, or pay homage to the great Jack Ramsey with a 70's era plaid like his suits (and the patch that is my avatar). It also doesn't have to be all over, using the plaid in the trim or the waistband or the sash could be a stronger way of bringing in that design element. I really want a sick plaid Blazers jersey, I just have yet to see a concept that really makes it sing. I may have to try my hand at it some day.
  5. These are a lot of fun. I love that Spurs wordmark, it fits so well. I'd take a look at how those horizontal bands on the Icon and Assoctiation terminate as they wrap around the back. Could they go all the way around? Stop at the number? Have that little triangle fair that they do on the front? Just ending abruptly at the seem feels like it would look strange in action.
  6. Getting some major Black Panther vibes from the collar on the Liberty edition. They all look great though, very classic looks for the Knicks.
  7. Former Las Vegas Outlaws running back He Me not only included his first and last names, but his middle name Hate as well.
  8. Maybe try gold as a base color... then add some random spots in black on top of the gold. Kind of like the Bengals do with their stripes, but do spots instead. IDK just a thought. You might have to force it a little.
  9. The HOU rocket ship logo is great. Very clever.
  10. As much as I like the metallic gold for the Nuggets (so appropriate), the medallion logo at the center of the chest in this particular uniform design makes me think Jokic is a chain and a Kangol away from being featured in a T-Pain video.
  11. I hear what you're saying, but to me the center seam of the ball wants to be at a right angle to the tail portion of the logo. Here's a couple options where the ball is flat or tilted in line with the rest of the wordmark. IMO it feels like the ball is falling off. I'm curious what others think about it. Thanks dude, that means a lot coming from you! I'm a big fan of your work! I appreciate it man. One reason I ditched the Mardi Gras colors was because I wanted to move away from the New Orleans ties. On the other had I really did want to get something "Jazzy" and embody that Jazz Club, hip, artsy vibe, while distancing myself from the "mountain creep" that the team seems to have a hard time getting away from. The colors are "Utah", the look is "Jazz". Together the identity is Utah Jazz (in theory). Logical? No. but we're working with what we have. As far as color balance goes, because a few people mentioned it, I've messed around with a couple different looks and IMO each uniform set looks best as is. I added a little copper into the away trim, and some icy blue into the home trim, but it felt awkward. I intentionally had the trim match the double lines in the wordmark, and inserting another color just didn't work for me. If anyone has ideas on how to bring a little more color balance to the Icon and Association sets, I'd love to hear it. Lastly, now that I'm 1/3 of the way through the league (more than a year after starting, lol) I wanted to put these sets all together and see how the league is looking. Check it out. 10 down, 20 to go.
  12. Ok, up next is the Utah Jazz! I'm taking this this opportunity to push the Jazz identity a little further into a modern direction. While in general I'm glad they brought the J-Note logo and word mark back a few years ago, I never like it when team's just "re-adopt" old identities and logos. Old logos are great for throwbacks, but it is pretty lame to recycle into your primary identity. I much prefer the Blazers "evolution" of the pinwheel to the Jazz's "the 90's were crazy, and the 00's regrettable, let's just go back to our 80's logo" process. The new Jazz wordmark and J-Note are my interpretation of what a next step in the evolution could be for them. I abandoned the decidedly un-Utah Mardi-Gras colors in favor of a palette that brings in the uniqueness of their 90's colors, albeit a little more muted. The Icon and Association sets use horizontal striping on the jersey and shorts that mimic the musical staff. The Statement uniform (now with Jordan logos) uses the icy blue color, some bold striping on the shorts, and a vertical UTAH text. As always, bring on the C&C. Thanks, y'all.
  13. That's fantastic. Dizzying. Must have looked amazing skating around on the ice. I love the 90s.
  14. These are phenomenal. The custom wrought iron side panels are maybe the best thing I've seen on this site. I want to see the shorts though, how do you terminate the side panels at the bottom?
  15. That number font cracks me up, and also the wavy name plate. I love it. I'm not a hockey guy, is this something the Islanders wore in the past? Did they have a unique wavy number font for all the jersey numbers?
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