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  1. I think it’s one of the best so far in terms of a set of unis that look really professional and that stick to a motif. Those shorts are so good I would buy in an instant irl
  2. Forgot to mention that the silhouette was a recolouring of this logo. Post has been updated
  3. The WCRFL have released the identities of the other teams in the North American Conference. New York Freedom The other team with a monogram logo based on the torch of liberty. The blue and orange come from the new york flag. Toronto Rangers The name comes from the Canadian Rangers of the country's armed forces. The silhouette was modified from this logo so don’t give me credit for it. I'll let you figure out the symbolism of the maple leaf Houston Cosmos The cosmos name is pays homage to the Johnson Space Center. The circle represents the milky way, The 3 stars on the top right are for Houston, Texas and the US and the 2 stars on the left represent the past and the present of the city. The other stars represent the future and 1 is to filled in each time they win a championship. C&C is appreciated as always. I'd also really like to here your opinions on the uni template and layout, thanks!
  4. Whoa thats kinda cool! I just made this up, never knew it was an actual game (although I figured some composite game would've been invented) Thanks very much for such high praise! Although frankly I think folk like @ItDoesntMatter and @Veras are much better! This Just In... The WCRFL have released the all star unis and with them, an idea of how all the other jerseys will be formated. In an effort to reach to a compromise between european and north american style jerseys there will be warriors style logo (or other relevant design) in-casing a number on the chest. There will be a wordmark on bottom of the back. I know jerseys aren't my forte but what do you think? I'd love to here your thoughts on the format (for lack of a better word) of them, I went for one that I thought would be a bit unique and interesting.
  5. Breaking News!! The WCRFL have just announced the 3 new teams to compete in the European Conference in the league's inaugural season. Without further ado, may I present.... Birmingham Bulls The name is taken from the bull on the flag of the City of Birmingham. Was going with initials with a horn but it kinda looks like a cow if you stretch your mind enough Liverpool Liverbirds I'm thinking of changing the name to just Liverbirds because it's quite a mouthful, thoughts? The liverbird is a fictional bird that is very prominent in Liverpool. It is featured on the football club's logo. Thought the wordmark was gonna be quite cool but it ended up morphing into a star wars knockoff. Couldn't bring myself to cut it though. London Lightning Not much to say about this one. Thought it would look kinda cool so I went and did it a while ago for some other project. That never took off and I liked the design so I decided to use it again for this one All uniforms will be released on draft night. C&C is much appreciated
  6. thanks very much @NoE38 I think they're working now. Now that that's sorted Im looking to get other teams up by the end of this week and we'll go from there
  7. Hopefully this works, Chicago Shamrocks A shamrock for the irish community inside the 6-pointed star of Chicago Edinburgh Lions The lion depicted is the statue at edinburgh castle except he is holding a superegg instead of the union flag shield
  8. still not working, tried making it smaller - didn't work either
  9. Thanks, I tried that before and it didn’t work but I will try again. I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for a while now but yeah seeing driveball and markball being so good and getting a good reception in here made me consider posting it up Thanks. It’s definitely different but I thought given the context within the sport (both that it’s an amalgamation of similar sports from different countries and that Rugby frequently has multi-national competitions like pro14 and super rugby) it made enough sense to be justifiable
  10. C and C is very much appreciated, can anyone tell me how to actually post pictures on here. I tried inserting media through url but that wasn't working so I just linked them and you can get to the pictures
  11. Hello and welcome to the world of combined rules football! Before talking about the WCRFL, lets first talk about the sport of Combined Rules Football. If you're interested in the story surrounding its than read the spoiler, If not it is not necessary Combined Rules Football is played on a field similar in size to a rugby, soccer or football field. The sport is played with a massively over-inflated rugby ball called a superegg. This makes it easier to both kick and throw it longer distances. Its a lot like american football but you can only do a forward pass once every 3 phases (downs) and teams will often rugby pass (basically laterals, but much more common). You have 3 phases to make 10 metres and if you fail to do so you must drop the ball on the ground. When this (or an equivalent fumble) happens the game effectively becomes soccer until someone catches the ball on the full and can then proceed to run with it before setting the 1st phase (like a punt return). The goals are like rugby goals but with a football net below the crossbar. A goal is worth 3 points and a touchdown, called a rouge, is worth one point with a rugby style conversion from in line to where the rouge was scored where hitting the ball over the crossbar and between the posts is worth 1 extra point and scoring a goal (keeper is still in) is worth an extra 2 points. The World Combined Rules Football League was announced in 2010, by commissioner Peter Matthews, to play its first season between October 2011 and March 2012. Matthews Announced there would be an American conference and a European conference with teams in each. Each team is to play the other teams in their conference home and away and play each of the teams in the other conference once, with 2 home games and 2 away games each year during the mid-season tours around Christmas time. It was announced that 2 existing teams- Shamrocks CRFC and Edinburgh CRFC would be the first to join the league, but with the re-branded monikers Chicago Shamrocks and Edinburgh Lions. A list of expected cities for the new teams was also released, although this may be subject to change. New York City, NY Houston, TX Toronto, Canada London, England Birmingham, England Liverpool, England
  12. I like the idea of the Can-Am series. Is there any possibility of a World Cup in the decades to come? I could see a few Aussie or Irish imports as it is quite similar the Aussie rules and Gaelic football and to a lesser extent Britain as he tried to popularise markball in London