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  1. I agree a full beard looks better on him. I also wanted to make him more "jolly" and lively, since it's a friar... As well as give it a sort of vintage college mascot feel.
  2. Thanks, I do like it better with the shading up to the hairline. And I closed off the top of the head with shading as well, which I think looks better. Yes, the school colors are (dark) brown and white, with some gray as an accent. I have a primary logo and wordmarks as well, but just felt that I needed some input on the secondary friar logo.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone... Yeah the halo does look off, so to avoid the space helmet look I wanted to update it as a straight-on logo. I think this looks much better and will also allow for the school name inside the brown of the halo. Still, any suggestions are more than welcome!
  4. I'm doing a rebrand concept for a college team, and I'm looking for some constructive criticism on the secondary logo. Even if it's a small critique, every little bit helps!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I think I need some more guidance on a few things, though! I can't decide which B is better: Also, any constructive criticism on wordmarks and alternate logos would be appreciated...
  6. I did a rebrand concept for my alma mater...