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  1. The only one I can think of is the Maple Leafs 2018 Stadium Series uniforms, but I really like how this is looking with the Flames!
  2. Up next we have the Pirates. I remember seeing this hat in a store and falling in love with the logo. The colors, not so much. That is why I reintroduced it with updated colors. At the beginning of the Pirates redesign, I actually considered bringing back the red that they wore as alternates in the 90's and early 2000's. I tried it out and couldn't really make it work. That being said this set has a lot of 90's inspiration. Here is Pittsburgh! Home All I did here was reverse the colors on the text and numbers and add the new logo as a sleeve patch. Road Same changes as the home, but brought back the "Pittsburgh" arched font. As much as I love the script, I wanted to keep some consistency with the home. I also brought back the grey hat that was worn 1997-2000, but reversed the colors to match the jersey. In my mind this hat would not be worn every game they wore the greys, but it is just another option. Home Alternate Like I said before, I love the "Pittsburgh" script, so I had to put it in somewhere right? Well here it is! Both the home and road alternates are based off the new road alternates that the Pirates revealed for this year, but they have a few minor updates. This is basically a yellow version of it. Also gave this uniform 2 hat options just because I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Also the sleeve patch is the logo the is on the hat of the pirate logo. Road Alternate Basically this uniform with my own twist on it. 90's Throwback Alternate? Honestly I have no clue what to call this one haha. Like I said in the Pirates introduction, I thought about using red full time, but decided against it. Instead I just made an alternate using it. Just a little change of pace for Pittsburgh. Spring Training Home A pretty simple, but bright uniform here. Spring Training Road Another simple uniform. I have to say, this is probably my favorite hat in this series so far! Thanks for viewing! Marlins will be up as soon as tonight!
  3. Good to hear! That's the goal haha! Up next on the random list we have the Twins. The Twins in my opinion have been so close to some of the top uniforms on my list in the past, but then they added the gold a few years ago. I actually don't mind it on the white jersey and on the red and blue caps, but the red jersey and blue jersey with the gold trim are absolutely terrible IMO. The "Twins" script and "Minnesota" script are a bit different in regards to the font and arch. For my concept I removed gold completely and replaced it with powder blue. The Twins used powder blue as a road uniform in the 70's. This uniform was actually a huge inspiration for me in making the new look Twins. I also adjusted the "Twins" word mark and made into a script that uses the T and the underline (that is still under WIN) from the current word mark and an updated cursive from this word mark. I think it does a good job of combining eras and it also matches the "Minnesota" script. As for the logos I updated the script and colors of this logo, I also took the T from the script and added a new C to create an updated cap logo. I also made an update of this logo, but it only made it onto a Spring Training cap. Home Pretty straight forward here. Like I said I used inspiration from the 70's uniform and especially the striping, I just replaced the white stripe with powder blue. Road Basically the home jersey, but on a grey jersey and pants, with the Minnesota script and one solid color cap. Home Alternate Easily my favorite of the bunch! Road Alternate Powder blue accent overload! Not too sure about this one yet. Blue Alternate (Home and Away) Another one of my favorites from the set. A nice and simple uniform. Powder Blue Of course with all the teams in 2020 adding powder blue uniforms (including the Twins) I had to put one in here! This one is directly based off the 70's uniforms linked in the beginning, but this has the updated script. Spring Training Home Much like the Arizona teams in this series, the Florida teams will have a print in their numbers as well! Instead of sun rays, there are palm trees. Spring Training Road Not too much to say here. Just another navy blue jersey Thanks again for viewing! Pirates should be up in the coming days!
  4. Thank you! Minnesota will be up tonight! Thank you! I have generated a random list for the teams, so I don't know for sure when they will be done, but I have to say I am looking forward to working on them! Thank you as well! I used your suggestion for swapping the cream for the grey on the road alternate and I like it. As for the Spring Training uniforms, I am giving each team a home and away uniform just for more uniforms and in theory jerseys and hats for fans to buy!
  5. Happy Easter! I finished up the Giants uniforms last night and here they are! Home I brought back the cap logo from 1983-1993 as I felt that the curved and less sharp corners fit better with the script. Other than that it is pretty straight forward. Cream does not touch orange, so everything pops a bit more. Road For the road I used the script that is used on the official dugout jackets, took the tail off, and added the drop shadow to continue with that brand. Used a black bill on the cap because in my opinion, grey road jerseys in baseball should have darker colors used more than the home (if possible). Everything else is pretty much the same as the home. Home Alternate Orange alternate for home Fridays much like they already do. I adjusted everything to match the brand. I also added a home alternate cap that I'm not sure how I feel about haha. Road Alternate I kept the general idea that the Giants currently have for the road Sundays and altered it by adding the new logo along with the same striping as the road, but just added the piping. Home Alternate Black Again using the same general idea as a current Giants uniform, but just updated to fit my brand is the black home alternate. Pretty straight forward. Road Alternate Black This is about the only uniform that I am not sold on. I made the SF script grey with a black outline and orange drop shadow, and made the numbers to match. Also added another alternate cap with a grey outline to match the grey on the jerseys and pants. Spring Training Home For the Spring Training uniforms I am making the lighter color the home uniforms and the darker the road. Removed the drop shadows for a simpler look. The logos are (top) the general 2021 Cactus League logo in team colors and (bottom) a Spring Training exclusive with the California state outline with the Golden Gate Bridge inside it. Finally I added a sublimated pattern inside the numbers on the back like the 2018 Spring Training jerseys, but with a pattern based off the Arizona flag. Spring Training Road Basically the opposite of the home spring training. Thanks for viewing! I am currently working on the Twins, so they will be up in a few days.
  6. Something like this? I kept the black outline on the seams for 2 reasons; 1. The ideal look in my mind the uniforms and logos would not have orange touching cream, so it doesn't bleed too much and 2. The seams get lost in the cream ball and the black really highlights them. I Have the logo without outlines on the seams done if you would like to see as well.
  7. Happy quarentine everyone. Last night I was scrolling through MLB shop and saw these beauties: I absolutely love these. I think these could be my favorite alternate uniforms in the MLB. I just love how the black script pops off the orange. Anyway I decided the do a little rebrand for the Giants (and possibly more teams) based on this gorgeous script that I think is very underused. I am not a Giants fan at all (besides this jersey of course), but being a Diamondbacks fan, we play the Giants a LOT during the course of the season I would love to see that script more. I have the primary logo done to start and basically I took the main logo from 1958-1967, updated some colors and the script and added a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge, although in my opinion it looks a lot like the Warriors logo. I also made a version with the bridge replaced by the skyline of San Francisco, but that reminded me of the Mets. Anyway no more explanation, here is the logo I have so far. Uniforms coming soon.
  8. Next up the Philadelphia Americans Home Away Home ALT Away ALT City Spring Training
  9. Huge fan of the new logo and especially how it looks on the helmet. Great job!
  10. Finishing off the Kings Road Option 1 Road Option 2 Home Alternate Road Alternate City Spring Training Throwback Mike Trout
  11. Something like this? I feel like the top of the jersey is a little too plain and empty. I feel like there should be something added to the collar, but the suits didn't look right in my opinion.
  12. Maybe even adding some to the "I" on the word mark. That red Indians jersey is absolutely gorgeous btw!
  13. Sorry about the long absence! I don't have the next team's uniforms done but I do have the logos. I wanted to to something unique and modern with these next uniforms much like the Diamondbacks before they cleaned things up for this year, so help or suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. The team is the Las Vegas Kings and the head is from the playing cards and a special font for the other cap logo. Here are the logos!
  14. Merry Christmas! For this next team I photoshopped one of the jerseys onto Nolan Arenado. Here is Nolan and the Charlotte Royals! Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate City Throwback Spring Training