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  1. Next up the Philadelphia Americans Home Away Home ALT Away ALT City Spring Training
  2. Huge fan of the new logo and especially how it looks on the helmet. Great job!
  3. Finishing off the Kings Road Option 1 Road Option 2 Home Alternate Road Alternate City Spring Training Throwback Mike Trout
  4. Something like this? I feel like the top of the jersey is a little too plain and empty. I feel like there should be something added to the collar, but the suits didn't look right in my opinion.
  5. Maybe even adding some to the "I" on the word mark. That red Indians jersey is absolutely gorgeous btw!
  6. Sorry about the long absence! I don't have the next team's uniforms done but I do have the logos. I wanted to to something unique and modern with these next uniforms much like the Diamondbacks before they cleaned things up for this year, so help or suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. The team is the Las Vegas Kings and the head is from the playing cards and a special font for the other cap logo. Here are the logos!
  7. Merry Christmas! For this next team I photoshopped one of the jerseys onto Nolan Arenado. Here is Nolan and the Charlotte Royals! Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate City Throwback Spring Training
  8. Finals are over! Finally got around to the Miami update. Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate
  9. I like the idea of the coyote howling at the moon!
  10. Before I put the new logo on the uniforms and update the template with it, what does everyone think of the new logo?
  11. With my final project completed, I decided to make this into a series. Here are the Miami Flamingos! Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate City Spring Training Christmas Home Christmas Road
  12. Not necessarily, the team that I posted the teaser for has a team in the same city, so I was thinking it was more of my own league, but I don't really have a name for it yet.
  13. Teaser for the next team!
  14. Finishing off the Stags with the city, Spring Training, and because 'tis the season a couple Christmas uniforms. I always enjoyed the NBA Christmas uniforms so here is my baseball version for "Christmas in July!" City Spring Training Home Christmas Road Christmas
  15. Thank you guys for the kind words and feedback! I updated the home, away, home alternate, road alternate, and throwback to start with. I thickened the stripe on the main uniforms to add a more modern touch and also revamped the stylized letters. Logos stay the same except with the "p" which is in the new font. Took away black and added a very dark green. Thought about it on the first round, but @WavePunter convinced me to make it for this round. Number font stays the same, but without the points. Now that I look at it more the throwback looks like something Michigan State would wear, but I kinda like it haha. Here is the next round! Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Throwback