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  1. It is supposed to be the outline of an i with a lowercase t in the middle.
  2. Here is a sneak peek at the rest of the Tigers, coming tonight!
  3. Finished with Hartford. The black jersey is rarely worn, only on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Feedback welcomed!
  4. While I wait for feedback and opinions on Hartford's home uniforms, I figured I'll upload the next team since I want to base the rest of Hartford's uniforms off of the home. Anyway here is the Indianapolis Tigers.
  5. So taking Whittier S's advice with template, I changed tor rsaline's template (a big thank you to him). I came up with two home uniforms for the Wolves and couldn't decide which one I liked more, so I figured I'd leave it up to you guys. I would eventually base the rest of the uniforms off of the chosen one. Feedback welcomed!
  6. With the league's All Star City announced, I figured that I might as well show you guys the team that is hosting it. Here are the hats for the Hartford Wolves. C+C Welcomed!
  7. Finally finishing the Kings with the All-Star Game uniform and Home Run Derby uniform. The game and derby will be hosted in Hartford for the 2020 season. The ASG uniform is basically the template for Hartford (coming soon), but with Reno's colors and word marks and logos. The HRD uniform will be in the colors of the Hartford Whalers. I wanted to do a pride type uniform for the HRD and when I think of Hartford sports I think of the Whalers so that's that haha. C+C Welcomed!
  8. Oh! Almost forgot the official Reno Kings sweatshirt. C+C welcomed!
  9. Finished with the uniforms for Reno. The home sleeve striping has diamonds, like on a card, and the away has clubs. All socks have a simple wrap-around diamond pattern. The alternates are a more classic look on the sleeves with a simple striping pattern. All hats and pants are interchangeable with the exception of league rules with the grey-white combination.
  10. Here is the crown logo on a cage jacket .
  11. So I did a little research and Reno has the 2nd most casinos in Nevada only behind Vegas. In my opinion Reno Kings sounds better than Las Vegas or Vegas Kings, but that's just my opinion. I did design a crown logo as well. It would be used more as a primary logo rather than a cap logo, although I may use it on an alternate jersey. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Finished all the hats for the Kings. C+C Welcomed!
  13. So in the past I have come up with a huge baseball league consisting of an ongoing amount of teams. I have most of them drawn on paper, now I've decided to attempt to put them onto the computer. I have designed t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and of course the uniforms for each team and I figured I'd share them with everyone! I am open to suggestions on any teams the I could bring to life as well. C+C appreciated! Here is the first team, starting with a logo and a shirt. Here is the Reno Kings.
  14. Finishing off Oakland with hockey fights cancer, throwback, outdoor, and city edition alternates. C+C appreciated!
  15. Oakland with their first two alternates. A Saturday home and a Christmas Eve/ Christmas alternate.