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  1. Using my new colored pencils I created the next team- the Charlotte Royals. The Royals are named after the city's nickname- the Queen City. I was originally going to use purple, yellow and black, but couldn't make it work like I wanted, so green and gold is the choice. A very simple and traditional uniform setup including a throwback. Feedback welcomed!
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I have some colored pencils that I will try out for my next one which I am currently in the process of making. Again thank you for this!
  3. Next we have the Hartford Wolves. Feedback Welcomed!
  4. Ok so maybe the Northern wasn't the greatest idea haha. Anyway here is a new version of the uniforms for the Minnesota Auroras. I took out the dark green and purple to create a simpler look. Used more of the "shooting star" as the stripe on the pants and helmet. I like this look better just because of the colors. C+C and requests welcomed!
  5. First team up- The Minnesota Northern. I based the colors and striping on the main uniforms off of the northern lights that are seen in Minnesota. The light green helmets and pants are an option for the team and are meant to be a simplified look. I thought about using the "shooting star idea as the main concept for the uniform, but went with the simple stripes with the number in star patch. C+C welcomed!
  6. This is my idea, a football league with a never ending (in theory) amount of teams. I will take a shot at this while trying to balance school and sports and designing these in my free time. I will start with the first team, and then open it up to requests on cities and/or mascots and/or colors that you would like to see, so overall this is a pretty open series with no huge plan behind it. I would love to be given ideas for teams, but also have and entire notebook full of my own, so even without requests I would love for some feedback on my own. This is The New Project.
  7. Hey everyone! I've been getting more into the graphic design area of sports and rather than drawing all my logos/uniforms I took a shot at putting one in photoshop. Here is what turned out. I am just looking for feedback and suggestions and might start a fantasy league in the future.
  8. Fixed Reveille. What can I do to fix the grays?
  9. Texas A&M. Feedback and requests welcomed!
  10. I was definitely thinking about the sleeves on CSU and I think I’ll try it out and post it. For Texas I really wanted to switch it up even though they have a really classic look. Texas A&M coming up!
  11. Done with Texas. Any more requests? Feedback welcomed!
  12. More from CSU before I move on to Texas!