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  1. Out of all the mascots that are used, Bearcats is the one mascot that no one knows what it is. Though the Binturong is technically called a bearcat, I highly doubt the majority of the colleges and high schools use a image of a Binturong as their mascot especially in the early 1900s which is why most schools use a cat mascot like a bobcat or a mountain lion. One reason they use cats for a logo that a Bearcat a very old term used to call a Mountain Lion
  2. Kellen Mond teasing A&M could be going back to their 1990-2006 uniforms
  3. New York Guardians switching up with the uniforms, instead of the Black/Gray/Gray away combo, New York is going Black/Gray/Black
  4. To be fair, A&M has always had a traditional look. Even with their one off looks, they really didn’t mix and match with the uniform sets except with the Maroon Helmet that came with the dark grey uniforms. That said I do miss the white helmets, I loved the all white look and the White/Maroon/White look
  5. It also looks like Louisville moved their TV numbers backed to their regular position
  6. This is already an improvement by removing the tire tread marks
  7. Is BYU ditching the navy color scheme for royal blue? I saw their promotional video about staying with Nike and it showed all the uniforms but none feature navy blue
  8. To be honest, I think these uniforms are a huge upgrade over the previous set. The Black Panther stripes may take time to get use too and the multiple colored facemask isn't my thing but overall this is a decent look.
  9. Does anyone else not like Memphis' uniform combo? Using just gray and white and not blue was not a good choice
  10. The only reason I could think Iowa State would have BFBS uniforms is that cyclones/tornadoes have black and grey colors
  11. Is it just me or does TCU's helmet look like it's just purple rather than the frog skin pattern they usually have
  12. I'm kinda torn on this. On one hand this is a good looking uniform, but on the other it doesn't show any of CSU's school colors.
  13. Honestly if TCU got rid of the stupid frog print stuff, they would have one of the better uniforms in college football