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  1. A lot NBA Courts have cheesy mottos. I find it to be fun. You have to laugh at mottos like "Fear the Deer"
  2. Rain has to do with Vancouver, which is also called Van City. Yes the Fountains and Clippers have similar color schemes. I think they look too much like the Jayhawks. Golden Eagle is a type of eagle. Not the color of the eagle. Gold is one of the accent colors and on the eagle on the collar.
  3. Cuidad de Mexico This one was fun and people will hate the colors, but i love them. base color are maroon and red with gold accent. The bright others are special occasions colors. i need to o the logos for sure,
  4. Basketball finally returns to KC. Logo work on this been back and forth for me the alternate is still a work in process.
  5. The athlete Sails uni is basically an updated throwback, but i agree it is very blue. i will look for a solution. i will play around with the Flamingos and try to clean it up a bit. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the ideas to improve i will work on my fonts. My colors are a lot i get that. I was planning on breaking them. but decided not to last minute, i will change that, The jet is in all on the uniforms in the svg, but the png export messed it up. i will find out the problem, plus i could do better in this any way.
  7. Next I will post my home town Sonics. I have a lot of old Sonic elements but remade the entire image. New color scheme is similar to the past but using Apple and Emerald as the Greens as both have local significance. And instead of yellow using Old Gold. I used a Boeing jet as the base in the logo, while still using the Seattle Skyline from the past Sonics logos
  8. Thanks for the Anchors Aweigh note. Kc is the city of fountains, which also why there is a huge fountain in the Royals Kaufman stadium. I also like the imagery of the water flow of a fountain like a basketball shot arch.
  9. First off I am adding the Sails concept. It is mostly based on the original Sails logo and uniform, but updates colors. Some of my patterns did not make the switch from SVG(Made in Inkscape) to PNG. So I will be reporting this soon. The court and Navy patch are the main ones.
  10. The NBA has decided to expand and reorganize the conferences and divisions while adding 6 new teams. The base conferences and divisions will stay the same. Each division will move to six teams. All new teams will be in the Western Conference. Eastern Conference Atlantic Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Toronto Raptors New York Knicks Philadelphia Sixers Washington Wizards* *Added the Wizards from the Southeast Central Cleveland Cavs Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks Detroit Pistons Indiana Pacers Minnesota TimberWolves* *Added timberwolves from the Northwest Southeast Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets Miami Heat Orlando Magic New Orleans Pelicans* Memphis Grizzlies* *Added Pelicans and Grizzlies from the Southwest Western Conference Northwest Portland Trailblazers Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets Sacramento Kings Seattle Supersonics* Vancouver Orcas** *Supersonics return as an expansion team **Orcas bring NBa back to Vancouver Pacific Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns Vegas Flamingos* San Diego Sails** *Vegas is getting NHL and NFL so NBA decides to come too **Sails never completed a full season in the ABA but get a second chance Southwest San Antonio Spurs Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks Oklahoma City Thunder* Kansas City Fountains** Mexico City Golden Eagles*** *Thunder move over from the Northwest **Fountains add NBA to an area that loves basketball ***Golden Eagles spread the NBA global brand into another country. I have completed most of the expansion teams concepts and will posting them shortly.
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