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  1. To quote my first post, "Anything without Sparky on it is unacceptable to me". But the Sparky head isn't bad. Would love to see it on maroon.
  2. ...Good point about the tiger paw. Honestly, I like it, but my doodle had this stylized "C", so that's what I went with. Also, it would have been impossible to draw it using OpenOffice. How does having a paw on both shoulders and TV numbers make it "cluttered"? I can think of a hundred more "cluttered" designs. Not hating, just saying. Argument in a nutshell.
  3. Well, if it's UA, then I hopefully won't have many problems with it.
  4. I like orange, but good point. I do think that they should wear the purple more and also with the white pants (save the orange for big games). IRL Clemson needs to flip-flop the pawprints/TV numbers and make the white pants stripes orange/purple/orange. That's all they need to do.
  5. Originally, I said "all uniform pieces can be mixed and matched". I take that back. I've thought about what this hypothetical Clemson team would wear for specific games. Purple is the primary home uniform, with black and orange each popping up once. Black jerseys can be only worn with black pants/helmets. Orange is worn for all road games where the home team opts to wear white (looking at you, Georgia Tech). Orange pants are still worn for big games, just never with the purple jersey. So they probably end up wearing orange at home more than once, I just said that to make the point that it would be worn at least once for home games. Other than that, there isn't really any rhyme or reason to pants choices. Maybe I'll do a week-by-week combos update, based on their schedule this season. Look out for that, as well as the revisions suggested by @llfhockey.
  6. Excellent points. But that was kinda the whole point all along. I just wanted to show what I had thought up. But I think I will try a "remodel" that ditches black and plays to the set's strengths. Thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned.
  7. These aren't the greatest, but man are they creative.
  8. Wichita State has a history (for how long, I'm not exactly sure) of their uniforms not matching. In 2013, this was evident, though not to the extent it was later on. The white jersey and black jersey were close to matching, but not exactly: Also, there was a gray version, pictures of which are ridiculously hard to find, so skip to 4:18 of this video: Now to what I wanted to say. One of these is not like the others: C'mon, guys. You couldn't even match the jerseys of the same color. SMH. (From the tournament game against La Salle, the only time we wore white) Fred VanVleet also had this problem:
  9. I just want to really really pretty please see this and a black version:
  10. If only we had already worn the black jersey this season...then this would be really wrong if he's gone after the season.
  11. When I was about 8 or 9, I doodled up what I thought Clemson would look like if they embraced modernity (and BFBS). Hopefully, that does not happen soon (and I think it's never going to happen). But that didn't stop me from recreating those doodles (from memory, I couldn't find the original) using the rudimentary tools of OpenOffice 3.4.1 Drawing. I have neither the programs or the knowledge of using them to create really polished stuff, so this is as good as I have. I doubt you will enjoy, but neither did I. All uniform pieces can be mixed and matched. EDIT: Oh crud, I forgot purple pants. BBL
  12. That would be stellar...stupid one-helmet rule. But I still despise those Pats jerseys.
  13. Just a few problems: UK's pant stripe, SC using two different logos, and UGA not using block numbers. Now that Georgia's facemask is black, the gray pants seem illogical. YES. Join the Common Sense Brigade.
  14. The bright shade of green has me thinking Oregon, and in a good way. Nice job.
  15. Huh. I had thought that was just going to be a one-year deal.
  16. Oh...it's navy blue. Now I feel like a stupid head.
  17. Gives off a very Raiders vibe...
  18. Very surprised that they only extend to 5. The Cavs aren't going to have gold or blue jerseys. I figgered that the MLK jerseys hadn't been worn in a couple of years, or maybe I'm wrong. I don't want to see a gold jersey. Those "Buzz City" jerseys are despicable. Unless I'm missing something, no one calls Charlotte "Buzz City". I may be in the minority, but I wish that the Knicks would resurrect those orange duds.
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