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  1. WHAT?!?!? I had NO clue that ever happened!
  2. Interesting that a team that's "newly formed" has such a traditional look. Honestly, though, I don't mind it. I do agree with @WavePunter on the sleeve wordmark, though. Some minor changes would make this an excellent work.
  3. Nah, as far as I know, that honor belongs to @RealSkillsAbraham. Anytime
  4. They look just a little bit too cartoonish. He looks like he's just waving his tongue around like it's hot outside (which would be completely accurate). I'd make him a little more angry-looking.
  5. That is because I am only 14 years old. Pretty much anything before 2012 is a void in my brain.
  6. I like the Grizzlies better without split numbers. There, I said it. A couple of reasons why: 1: I'm not old enough to remember the split numbers. I've only ever seen photos. 2: It just looks a little cleaner this way. Yes, this is coming from me, the guy who wants EVERYTHING to match.
  7. ...We knew that already. But did the NBA? Nooo...
  8. That Chargers concept is absolutely spot on. No complaints. Why do the Rams have mismatched blues?
  9. Oh, I must have missed that. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Uh...the wordmark looks way too awkward. It's already weird enough on a basketball jersey, but it gets even odder on a football jersey. And...the logo still has a basketball in it.
  11. Love it! Excellent work on ASU and Wazzu. Washington is a major improvement! Terrific! Arizona and Oregon State need some more trim, and UCLA's blues don't coexist well, but overall, these are very, very good. I presume you'll be doing Group of 5, too?
  12. Did they not originally? I know there was some confusion about that.
  13. Uh...I'm seeing black where black should not be (Florida, Florida, Houston, etc.) and an obsession with helmet patterns. I hope the full uniforms are better. Also, what team needs TWO different gray helmets, much less Tennessee?
  14. Wait, Christmas colors are red and green... BFBS TAKES OVER THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR
  15. Nope, but Christmas will probably just be an excuse for teams to flaunt their alternates. If the unveilings are in a couple of weeks, will any teams wear their fourths for Xmas Day?
  16. I love my local Savers: The batterman on the back is rendered in red and blue, for some odd reason.
  17. Oh, so it's on a team-by-team basis? Okay.
  18. Good work, but the jersey feels just a little too plain. I feel like the three-stripe motif should be used somewhere.
  19. I am very surprised that the "City" uniforms haven't dropped yet...
  20. Yeah, the original "T" has always bugged the heck out of me.
  21. Idaho looks stellar. I don't really like silver and gold coexisting (see Colorado, and I know that's an unpopular opinion), but this is done in a very tasteful way. Love the helmet script.
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