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  1. Because Nike is stupid.
  2. I wasn't really referring to these two. But does Kansas State really need both black AND gray alternates? They work perfectly fine with neither.
  3. This thread is like a festival of possibly my favorite color scheme in all of sports. Thanks, @Stevemealone.
  4. Good start. My major complaint, as I was a long-time lurker on your FBS series, is why does almost every team in your universe have a yellow, gold, black, or gray uniform? It's very pointless for many teams.
  5. Absolutely fantastic. The only thing I could complain about is that Philly's black and green don't go together very well.
  6. "Raptors 905" still makes my brain throb. Imagine: "So you're the 905, and you play in Raptors? Where's that?" "No, 905 is the area code for suburban Greater Toronto, where our parent club, the Toronto Raptors, play." "So you play in suburban Toronto?" "No, we play in Mississauga." *cricket chirp* *long pause* "That's dumb."
  7. The Southside (Fort Smith, AR) High School Mavericks (changed from Rebels a few years ago for obvious reasons):
  8. Ah, they're probably just trying to find some way to tap into the whiteout fad.
  9. Only about 50%. If the school doesn't care about what I think, I don't care. I'm used by now to uniform designers not caring about what the common folk think. But I'm sick of this discussion. Agree to disagree.
  10. Purple and black is not a very good color scheme, but it's not terrible in this case. What drives me up the wall, though, is how only ONE of the jerseys has three colors. You can practically hear my brain exploding from here...
  11. ...Why not? It's like being the Sun DEVILS and making your logo a pitchfork. wait that already happened
  12. Excited for something completely dumb and pointless? I mean, your color is cardinal. It's in your name. I admit, I didn't even watch the hype video. The thumbnail told me all that I need to know: the kids aren't all right.
  13. Are you implying that every team should have black or gray? Wisconsin looks fine in just red and white. Why mess it up by adding unnecessary colors?
  14. I said that beforehand. But I don't think that they would wear it for their bowl game after losing.
  15. Great work! These are excellent. But why does a team need three pairs of gray pants, especially when three of their jerseys have no gray? Please tell me the other side of the helmet is also a number.
  16. It got taken down...but by the time you read this, you might know that already. You'll have to use Imgur or Flickr or something. Can't wait for this!
  17. I thought that it was just because the owner liked the color scheme. But maybe there's something I'm missing...
  18. This needs to Go-Go. Quickly. For a team of professional athletes, I expected more. But I guess this is what we get from a league named after GATORADE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
  19. Stanford needs to rethink this after they get humiliated by SC... (I refuse to wonder what they would do if they won.)
  20. Aw, I'm dumb. Well, it was at one point. What I meant was that the Sixers were so deeply entrenched in r/w/b that going away from it was a huge mistake.
  21. Why a team in the nation's capital thought that black, red and gold as a color scheme would work, I have no idea.
  22. Just making sure: you know that they're not actually going with those, right?
  23. Wow, you keep impressing! Manaus (sans the weird orange alt) is one of my favorites.
  24. N O P L E A S E N O
  25. No, it's the black pants. The middle stripe is red. Yes. I already said that I'm not counting Color Rush.
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