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  1. Thanks. Wow. A Flames fan and an Oilers fan agreeing on something. .... now if only we could both manage to agree with Leafs fans. LOL.
  2. I'm disappointed that San Jose went with the old school look with their's - it just doesn't go with the new logo IMO..... so I did a little chopping. I'm not a huge fan of the Oilers/Panthers/Predators template, but I think it works really well with the San Jose colors and logo style if they would've done it this way
  3. I've got 10 hockey jerseys in the closet right now - 3 Oilers jerseys (old school: Gretzky, new-style: blank, 3rd jersey: Smith), Dallas Stars: Mike Modano, Pittsburgh Penguins (1992-2000 style): Mario Lemieux, Buffalo Sables (black jersey): Pat LaFontaine, Detroit Red Wings: Chris Chelios, new-style St.Louis Blues: blank, Winnipeg Jets: blank (would REALLY like to get Hawerchuk stitched on though).... and one more blank one that's escaping my memory right now. Now I suppose I'm in a rare position compared to most because a few years ago I had a great hookup and all of the jerseys including the crested ones (except for the Gretzky and Smith jerseys) I paid somewhere around wholesale for them, getting them for $30-45 (CDN) - normally I never would have gone for a Chelios or Modano jersey, but for that price, if they were available to me at the time, hell, why not, right? (No, they didn't fall of the back of a truck either... all bought LEGALLY (thought I'd point that out) from SportChek, all authentic replica jerseys). Now a days, now that I don't have that hookup anymore, I have bought the Jason Smith and Gretzky jerseys for regular retail prices. If I was to buy another team's jersey and get it crested, it would have to be a very special player like a Neely, Jagr, Crosby, Francis, Brodeur, etc. or someone who's been with the team for a long period of time such as Jason Smith and the Oilers. With names like these you're going to be safe regardless of what happens in the future because it's very few and far between where players like that leave on bad terms, so it's likely not something you're going to worry about.
  4. Holy crap is their design/marketing department LAZY. I wish I had been paid to come up with those jerseys. I would've been laughing all the way to the bank. The colours are great, but you can't possibly tell me that that was the best logo they had on the table!
  5. Here's the board at Rexall Place here in Edmonton, where the Oilers and Rush play. (For the during the playoffs, they change the Rexall underneath logo to an Oilers logo) You can get a 360* view (need Quicktime installed) of Rexall from centre ice and goal crease here: Probably my favorite thing at Rexall is the championship banners from over the years: (White=Stanley Cup, Blue=Conference Playoffs Champs, Orange=Division Playoff Champs)
  6. My $0.02: WESTERN CONFERENCE PACIFIC DIVISION: ANAHEIM DUCKS: Never had a great look with old or new jerseys.... take it back to the drawing board, boys. DALLAS STARS: Great looking jerseys. I hope they don't muck with it too much when they go to the form-fitting jerseys next year. LOS ANGELES KINGS: Any thing is better than the old purple and yellow, that's for sure.... but I would like to see the black, silver and white again with a different logo. PHOENIX COYOTES: Would've loved to see them wear the old Jets unis when they played the Oilers in the pre-season in Winnipeg, but if it can't be the Jets, any thing's better than the original Coyotes jerseys. SAN JOSE SHARKS: Looks fine IMO. NORTHWEST DIVISION: CALGARY FLAMES: The black C on the red sweater is the best they've ever looked. COLORADO AVALANCHE: It's OK I guess, but the colors could stand to be changed. EDMONTON OILERS: Navy blue looks best... I wish they would've used copper instead of silver in the 3rd jerseys though. MINNESOTA WILD: What blind person created this Christmas combination? VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Any thing is better than the "V" jerseys, but the next jerseys should go back to the old blue, green and white. CENTRAL DIVISION: CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: Classic. Touch it and die! COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: Should use their third jersey's logo as the main logo and they'll look great. DETROIT RED WINGS: Why mess with what works? NASHVILLE PREDATORS: Jersey looks good, but the logo needs to be simplified by using less color and detail (BTW, lose the yellow 3rd jerseys!) ST. LOUIS BLUES: Current jerseys are the best they've ever looked. EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC DIVISION: NEW JERSEY DEVILS: I really like the red, black and white. Don't touch a thing. NEW YORK ISLANDERS: Another team that needs an overhaul, but this time go with a designer that isn't retarded! NEW YORK RANGERS: Look great. I even like the third jersey with the Statue of Liberty. These guys can do no wrong. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: Love these things PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: Should've REALLY been overhauled when the last change was made.... maybe go to the original Penguins colors like Wilkes-Barre (AHL) uses. NORTHEAST DIVISION: BOSTON BRUINS: Classic. BUFFALO SABRES: Absolutely LOVE the new uniforms, but the logo should've been a blue/yellow version of the old third jersey's crossed swords. MONTREAL CANADIENS: How could you even think about altering this? OTTAWA SENATORS: Meh... it's OK I suppose. Lose the ugly 3rd jerseys though. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: The leaf design is a classic, so you can't do MUCH to it, but I am glad to hear that it's going to be updated a little. SOUTHEAST DIVISION: ATLANTA THRASHERS: Really like the light blue jerseys. The stripe up one arm makes them unique too. CAROLINA HURRICANES: The logo looks like a flushing toilet bowl. This jersey was a mistake since Day 1 IMO. FLORIDA PANTHERS: Why does Florida need 2 hockey teams? Move this team outta there. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: I think the logo could stand to be altered just a little, but don't go crazy. WASHINGTON CAPITALS: I like the eagle logo as well as the White House logo... don't have to change a thing right now.
  7. The Reebok jerseys were worn by quite a few teams during the last Winter Olympics and they looked absolutely terrible. I've seen these Reebok jerseys in person, as I was looking at a Team Canada jersey at the time..... for one, they look and feel cheap, and two, they're FUGLY! I think the NHL will see a huge dip in sales if they do this for all teams.
  8. I love the white... always have like that style of their jersey. The blue one, IMO, not that great..... just not my cup o' tea I guess. I look forward to the rest of them.
  9. You took the words right out of my mouth. Wow is that hard to look at. Honestly, if you're talking about the cold, use "cold colors" - try some blues, greens, even purples for that matter, along with whites, blacks & greys. While you do have blue and greens, they're neon versions of those colors - try maybe more of a darker blue, maybe a steel green. IMO the orange really doesn't belong. Anyway, that's my constructive criticism and my $0.02.
  10. I'm with you on that. Personally I think the current Stars jerseys are one of the best in the league
  11. Voting for #1 The 2010 is killer and I also really like the subtle fading stripes on the jerseys. Great job on both entries. The Federation logo for #2 was awesome.
  12. Green 2 (with Green 1 alt logo) Grey 2
  13. Sorry man, but I'm just not feeling it. IMO, the font used for the name should either stand out a little more or be changed altogether. I can definitely see where you were trying to go with it though. While I'm not a big of the spikes/teeth, how about maybe changing the color of them to the same grey that you elsewhere? I'm thinking that the 4 different colors make it almost a little too "busy" I guess the word would be, and maybe bringing it back to three would remedy some of that.
  14. Agreed. Just a little something to break things up a bit and you'd have me sold on this one. Awesome concept
  15. Thanks guys. Originally I did actually play with the silver for a little while, but opted to go with the copper for two reasons: 1.) It's an Oilers color where as the silver really isn't, 2.) The copper jumps out much more than the silver. Shoulder patches are something that I was on the fence with as well. I thought it looked a little empty without them though. Here's a silver version just for WildWinger though