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  1. I really don’t see Georgia, a 2 loss non conference champion, getting into the playoffs. If they did, I believe this system of determining a national college champion would collapse like a house of cards. I must point out before throwing my two cents into the discussion. I am a fairly new but interested follower of college football, who discovered the sport through these boards. I have no way of seeing live games, my way of following is highlights and discussion vids on YouTube, and the back and forth on these boards! So I am by no means an expert. The problem I have with this method is the very inconsistent, and at times frankly baffling way the committee rank and select teams. If it is simply the 4 best teams go through, then to me it seems pretty clear Georgia are the 3rd best team in America, but as has already been said, they had their ‘win and in’ shot against Alabama, and fell short again. If its 4 most deserving, then for me Oklahoma is a clear 4th over Ohio State, as their only loss was a close game to Texas, who they then beat in the championship game. For my money, the top 4 is clearly- 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. Oklahoma But apparently in the past, both Alabama and Ohio State have managed to sneak into the playoffs through the back door. That is the problem with a committee, you don’t know what biases or influence are at play. No doubt one group of fans will be delighted, others will be outraged.
  2. England will never have a better chance of reaching the final. Every team in their half of the draw will give them a good, hard game, but if they play to their potential, they really should be good enough to beat any of them. Belgium and France have shown their hands, they are the real deal, and they will be serious contenders. Brazil have the potential to join them, they haven’t looked good, but they got through the group without going above 2nd gear. Tomorrow, I want to see them really show us what they have got. But it better be special, as I think that French team are still holding a lot in reserve.
  3. I can’t see past the Germans again. Spain looked another good bet, until they punt their manager two days before the Portugal game! France look good on paper, but I’m not sure they play as a team on the park. And as ever the big two from South America will be in the mix, I’d love to see Brazil win it again, but I don’t see them getting past a good European team. I think England will get to the Quarterfinals, exceed expectations while not really threatening to win the tournament. But could really push for Euro 2020 glory with a home final at Wembley. With no Italy, Scotland falling short again, and even Ireland missing out, I’ve not really been hyped for this World Cup. But with one day to go, the old Buzz is building again! One month of solid football to crown our World Champions for the next 4 years! I can’t wait!
  4. I would put money on Foxborough being a host venue. Boston is a very popular city with European visitors, and as there will be many thousands heading over, all with plenty of money to spend, I suspect that famously sports mad city will be near the top of the list! And if the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland make the finals, you can bet they will have at least one game up there! I’m glad New York got the nod for the final, one thing I remember from 94 was most players, fans, and reporters said Giants Stadium should have got the final over the Rose Bowl as it was a far superior atmosphere for a game of football.
  5. Both Mo Johnston and Kenny Miller played for Celtic and Rangers, a really big deal in the bigoted world of Glasgow football. And Dennis Law, one of Scotland’s greatest players, played for both Man Utd and Man City.
  6. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, around half the stadiums used in the tournament had corporate names, but as these were not “corporate partners” of FIFA, they could not use those for the duration of the tournament. So while you still had the Olympiastadion in Berlin, and the Zentralstadion on Leipzig, other had to use the title of World Cup Stadium Dortmund on all official material. Of corse, in practice nobody on tv or radio bothered, so you had a bizarre situation where the stadium would be listed on screen as World Cup Stadium Munich, but the commentary would always refer to it as the Allianz Arena. Dortmund was one step beyond, while it’s is really the Signal Iduna Park, everybody still calls it the Westfalen.
  7. Engine naming rights in motorsports is an odd one. In Formula 1, Red Bull Racing sold the name of their Renault engines to their main sponsor Tag Heuer. So in practical terms, everyone on tv, radio, print media will still call it a Renault engine, but in the timing screens, official results, etc, it is always referred as Red Bull Tag Heuer. And would you count Official Timekeeper of certain events? Again, in Formula 1, Rolex is the timekeeper, so in every on screen timing graphic, which are constant throughout the entire Grand Prix weekend, you have a Rolex logo on screen, and Rolex clocks on track. And virtually the only on screen company name you will see at the Olympics will be by Omega, the official timekeeper who’s red & white logo will pop up at the end of every event!
  8. I’ve not bought football shirts for many a year, I always got them when they kept for a few seasons, but these days they change both home and away kits every year so I don’t bother. Anyway, I still have 3 classics in my wardrobe- Kilmarnock 1965. A replica of the shirt we wore the only time we were Champions of Scotland. Kilmarnock 1997. The shirt Killie wore when we won the Scottish Cup, which I was wearing at the final. Italy 2000. A lovely light blue, skin tight stunner from Kappa. Best looking football shirt ever, IMHO. I had a good selection of Liverpool, Celtic, Scotland, Juventus, and Italy shirts when I was a boy right up into my 20s, but have not bought a new football shirt since that Italian shirt in 2000.
  9. What a game! Congratulations to the Eagles!? A deserved title after an incredible season.
  10. Incredible scenes! As I had no way of watching the game on TV last night, I checked out the highlights online this morning. What an amazing end to the game! It’s moments like this which make Sport so special, I’m a neutral with no allegiance to either team, but even watching the highlights on my iPad this morning was a thrilling experience, I can only imagine what it must be like for a Vikings or Saints supporter! I think we have the two teams in the NFC who genuinely deserve to play in the championship game, and I’m happy to see either one of them progress. But it’s a really tough one to predict, my gut says the Vikings, I’ve had them going to the super bowl even before Wentz went down. But there is something special about this Eagles team....
  11. Congratulations to the Jags! I listened to the game on the radio, first time I’ve experienced American football this way. It was an exciting game to listen to, as you never really felt the Steelers were out of it, right up till the death. And glad to see the much maligned Blake Bortles lead his team to the championship game. Indeed, a more inconsistent QB than any NFL starter I can recall, and a genuine bomb scare on every pass. But on his day he is good solid player, and because of the constant barrage of abuse he gets from all sides, it’s satisfying to see the guy get the big win. New England will probably win, they would probably win the AFC championship game against any team in Foxborough. But you get the feeling the one team they would rather not play is the Jacksonville Jaguars!
  12. Interesting stuff, I just assumed they would take care of the big city markets first, like NY, Chicago, and LA, then work down from there. And Dallas being in the east, again, my assumption from overseas was that they are the biggest team, with the biggest drawing power, so the US TV networks insisted that the Cowboys got paired with the Giants. They really had the Giants in that Century division for one year? That bloody crazy! I would have thought the Giants/Eagles rivalry being one of the most famous in the league would those two joined at the hip regardless of any realignment, as I imagine the Bears/Packers would. And I must confess, until you pointed it out, I never thought of how bizarre the situation in Florida is! I guess I’ve always viewed the Dolphins as being at a much higher level than the Bucs and Jags, even when the are struggling, I still regard them as a premier franchise who should be matched with New York and New England in the east. But you would have thought the last realignment would have been the perfect opportunity to pair the Bucs/Jags, and give the two fairy young franchises a natural geographic rivalry.
  13. Indeed. And what of a player who switch teams mid season? They have no problem with those players wearing another helmet, I did not see James Harrison wearing a black lid with the flying Elvis this week. Surely if the one helmet rule is imperative to player safety, then logical the helmet should be a neutral colour, a piece of equipment separate from the uniform, which could be worn at any team in any league. This clearly is not the case, so it seems obvious that this rule is utter nonsense.
  14. The Cowboys do look great this week, in my opinion it’s an improvement on their already strong blue uniform. And it’s great to see the Giants in this look again! As a Redskins fan who started watching the NFL in the 80s, this is the Giants! Even if the Colour Rush gets the chop after this season, I hope the Giants keep this as an alternate, and whip it out once a year.
  15. Indeed, that is a lovely jersey! Wear it well, and I hope it brings your team good luck.
  16. Excellent work! I’ve really enjoyed following this series. I’m especially impressed by the way you worked within the boundaries you set yourself with the single helmet rule, and keeping the matchup within the same period. I really thought you had painted yourself into a corner, as a few teams have completely changed their look, while others have essentially kept the same uniform throughout their history. I love that Seattle uniform! The mix of the old style uniform with their modern colours works remarkably well! You certainly proved that Throwback Thursday can be done, even within the single helmet rule. And I would not completely dismiss the possibility of something like this happening. The NFL has its 100th anniversary in a few years, by then I assume the Colour Rush will have run its course. The league may wish teams to wear an occasional throwback, as they did for the 75th. What better way to do it than switching Colour Rush Thursday to Throwback Thursday?
  17. Amazing! I stumbled across this, and I’m completely blown away by how good they look. I’m a Redskins fan, and love that logo! But my favourites are the Miami Dolphins, and the NY Giants Big Apple logos. Stunning work, and I am really looking forward to see the full set.
  18. Football Kilmarnock. My hometown team, been going to Killie games since I was a boy, will probably still be going till my dying day. In the English league, I have always supported Liverpool. When I has a lad in the early 80s, Liverpool were the best team in Europe, and always had some great Scottish players. Also have a soft spot for Juventus in European football. And obviously Scotland in international football, but there is no chance of us ever winning a tournament, so in the World Cup and the Euros, i always end up cheering on Italy. NFL Washington Redskins! Back in 82, when the NFL got its first big push in the UK, my dad got me a Redskins poster and my brother a Dolphins poster, and they have been our teams ever since! I remember as a schoolboy, staying up all night to see us win 3 Super Bowls, and being completely stunned when the Raiders hammered us in Super Bowl XVIII. I also cheer on the Miami Dolphins as a second team, again back to the 80s, and one man, Dan Marino. Nothing in the world was as cool as Dan Marino in his prime! And we had never saw anything like him over here, in that gorgeous white and aqua uniform in the blazing Florida sunshine, blasting that ball downfield like a cannon! He was the reason the Dolphins were easily the best supported team in Britain back in the day, and even now are still right up there despite not having won a title in over 40 years. MLB New York Mets. About a decade ago, Channel 5 would show live MLB games through the night twice a week, so when I got up early for work on Monday and Thursday mornings, I would catch the last few innings of a game before heading out. I got into the sport so much that I recorded the games and watched them when I got home. Usually it was east coast teams that were shown, usually the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets. I have no idea why I preferred the Mets, maybe the did not seem as stuck up as the other two, maybe it was from Seinfeld, but the Mets were the team I liked! Alas! Channel 5 lost the MLB contract, and no free to air broadcaster picked it up, so I have fell away from baseball.
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