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  1. @SidneyI wanted to get your permission to personally use your rebrand of Knicks for NBA 2k20 video game my league?
  2. Anyways....someone blessed me with a copy of NBA 2k19 for XBOX ONE this year. So since I'm not feeling the gameplay, I started my designs again. https://imgur.com/DTZZ7fl
  3. I just seen this and people really see a gun? LOL Wow this world is changing alot. Exactly @MJWalker45 its a standard solider salute clipart found online. I've got alot of good feed back on this piece. It is what it is...this world see what they want!
  4. I was not going to do the rebranding/resurrection of Basketball teams for NBA 2k19 since I'm not feeling the game play since 2K17. But I was blessed in getting a free copy for XBOX ONE vs PS4. So I am thinking of doing this again and upload for XBOX ONE & NINTENDO SWITCH. Unfortunately I lost alot of my work so I have to start over...I think i'm start with Anaheim Amigos and NJ Americans
  5. @stumpygremlinHey Whats up!? I just create or remix logos on Photoshop and upload them to https://www.nba2k.com/upload . Numbers and fonts for names I use are the in game ones but logos, watermarks and patterns you can, as @MJWalker45 mention.
  6. @Hoopladawg87 Love what you did with all these redesigns! I speak for most of us that we wish these were the actual jerseys. I'm big on doing custom jerseys and logo on NBA 2k18, hopefully we can see them there lol Keep up the good work!!
  7. I am going to work on the camo soon and yea I notice that LOL I'll try to switch it up
  8. Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it.
  9. I might just do that this week. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. I saw someone post here YEARS ago about concept team VEGAS FLAMINGOS. So I did my little remix of this and bought it life. Unfortunately, I had to re-image my computer so lost the Flamingo logo but I uploaded this to NBA 2K18 for PS4.
  11. Hey JM, Yea I saw that logo and researched the actual team those are the colors I seen lol. Yea i might have to look into the Spirits and Buffalo.
  12. Another short lived ABA team I made to reality when I had NBA 2K17. These are logos I found in the internet, so I figure why not do another ABA team for the Western Conference. For some reason in NBA 2K18 I can upload this team for other to DL.
  13. Hey CheeseBurger, Thanks for the feedback, I'm not crazy about it either but wanted to the whole military feel.
  14. This is a team I made when I saw someone post a rebrand of the NJ AMERICANS (short lived ABA team). So I took the crest the and made my own version by adding the soldier, Americans plus some touch ups.
  15. Hey guys, My name is Newarkian (PSN: HDF_DaDon), I like to design custom jerseys/teams on NBA 2K. I never shared my designs since I am still beginning stages of my graphic career, some are not my own but I utilized custom logos I found and turned them to reality on NBA 2K games. I started to do it alot last year so figure to share with anyone that want to DL them on NBA 2K18 on PS4. I will upload pics here and hope you enjoy. Not all designs are my creations, some are designs I found on google then remixed it. Any question please let me know! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN ON HERE AS WELL
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