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  1. Now that I think of it, I just thought it looked cool. Bears have some of favorite uniforms so.
  2. Something like the numbers on this concept could look good on a Giants jersey:
  3. I could see a military styled team taking an olive and white color scheme.
  4. Some interesting color schemes I think would work: Purple - Old Gold Black - Copper Yellow - Teal Maroon - Black Green - Old Gold Purple - Black - Old Gold Green - Anthracite
  5. I forgot about this thread! Here's the teams I'd like. Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin Badgers FB Milwaukee Admirals Milwaukee Wave And their championship years: It would be a trophy case type deal. Does that sound alright?
  6. Fair point. I understand the historical side to it, just wish it could happen. Who knows, tey could have a team in London in the near future.
  7. For the 3 other rumored teams that @canzman shared, the Chargers, Colts & Patriots, here what I hope they do. CHARGERS: Make the road jersey powder blue dominant instead of navy dominant. COLTS: They don't need anything, but if they do, I hope it's something small like blue pants or a new alt. PATRIOTS: Make a new red alt that fits with the color scheme. A color swap of the color rush with Silver pants would probably be the best option.
  8. There's no way they get rid of the pewter, right? It doesn't look right without it. Kind of wish the one helmet rule didn't exist, so we could see some awesome throwbacks.
  9. Unpopular Opinion, as much as I love orange, the Bucs should just do away with it on the uniforms. Stick with just the red and pewter, and it still looks mighty fine. It's not like they had many successes in the Creamsicles anyway.
  10. Might not be unpopular on these boards, but I am a big fan of jerseys without number outlines. it just looks so much cleaner, no matter the background it's on.
  11. I think one of @oldschoolvikings concepts from his thread was a very good mix of the orange crush days, and the Super Bowl winning days. The current look is just so outdated, imo.
  12. Bears fans are so insufferable lol
  13. April feels like such a long time from now...
  14. I've got a gut feeling that they will use a gradient somewhere
  15. That is one of my favorite uniform quirks imo
  16. People really really want to have new identities this year lol
  17. This is pretty much what I'd like to see the Browns do with their new uniforms
  18. Yeah, my other wish would be to put it in the upper left corner
  19. FOX is using the Super Bowl graphics package for the XFL game, which likely means the scorebug design is here to stay for NFL.