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  1. Chargers a B+ switching to the powder blue jersey
  2. Dunkin' Center sounds a lot better to me
  3. Definently better than expected. 7/10. These will be fun to see in action.
  4. If these leaks turn out legit, I'd be fine with them. They are actually some pretty dope uniforms. I'd give them a 6/10, but I'll bump them up to 7/10 because they're a lot better than what I was expecting.
  5. The logo is fine. Was honestly expecting a little more, but beggars can't be choosers. It does really bug me how nothing is centered.
  6. I can't believe I would ever say this, but the Cleveland Browns are the team to beat.
  7. Could I see a Super Bowl LII field with the Packers and Jaguars? Packers in green and Jaguars in teal
  8. The NFL is down to four teams, and Sunday's winners will be in Super Bowl LIII. With that said, here are my rankings 1. Rams vs Chiefs 2. Saints vs Chiefs (PREDICTION) 3. Rams vs Patriots 4. Saints vs Patriots
  9. The wild card games are over, and the NFL playoffs are down to 8 teams. With that said, here are my updated uniform picks. BEST: WORST: MY PREDICTION: 
  10. So I am starting a fictional football league. The problem is, I don't have any ideas. That's where I'm calling you guys. I am creating a 32 team league. Here is the criteria:32 teams 2 Conferences (East/West, North/South, or NFC/AFC style) (16 teams each)8 Divisions (4 per conference, 4 teams each)If you have any ideas feel free to share them like this:City Mascot, Conference DivisionI can sort them out from that point on. Thank you!
  11. The 2018-2019 NFL Playoffs are set, and 12 teams are setting their minds on the Lombardi Trophy. But, what would be the most aesthetically beautiful Super Bowl? Here are mine. BEST: WORST: MY PREDICTION:
  12. Yikes. I love their color rush as a once a year deal, but this is just the wrong game to wear them.
  13. the Texans wore all white in that game, so they are 3-0 in their Color Rush.
  14. Based on the graphics on the uniform reveals, and how late it is in the season, I highly doubt that the Cardinals will wear their standard black jerseys this year.
  15. The Browns have scored a touchdown on every offensive drive so far..
  16. My prediction of Marvin Lewis being fired after a blowout loss vs the Browns in Cincinnati has been right so far...