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  1. I would be very surprised if the Chargers or Patriots got new uniforms...
  2. You've gotta be kidding me! They suspend the season right as the Bucks are championship-caliber!!! What the !!!! What am I supposed to watch now!!!!! As if I just didn't have my cat die!
  3. Never mind, I thought we were still talking about the Jags. It would be fun to see my Packers play in London
  4. What does this have to do with the Packers?
  5. Every time I scroll past it fast, it looms like we're talking about the Chargers. Just sayin
  6. I give up. Why do I even hope they'll do it right!!!
  7. I definitely think that it wont be Miami, because they just hosted the Saints 3 years ago. Falcons hosted the Lions 6 years ago, so maybe, but it still feels like a long shot.
  8. I knew that, and Jacksonville hosting 2, but where did Miami and Atlanta come from? Is it because they hosted the super Bowl recently
  9. How do you know what teams are hosting international games? Or did i miss something.
  10. I feel like they'll make the Packers play a road game in London this year, because they're still the only team who hasn't been out of the country.
  11. It looks pretty good! My C&C would be change the number font, the cream isn't probably needed, and that green alt has to go. But good concept!
  12. If the patriots ever went red-based again, I'd like to see something close to this.
  13. This looks like a half decent chargers secondary logo, no way should the Rams ever use this. Just keep the Ram logo
  14. It looks cool, but I can't tell what this logo is supposed to be. Only thing I can make out is the hat and the star
  15. I was a pretty big fan of the different identity scheme the Rams had last year. It would be cool for their new uniforms to have a blue and gold home and a navy and white away, along with the same uniform design on each.
  16. Its too bad, I actually really like their current logo
  17. Now that I think of it, I just thought it looked cool. Bears have some of favorite uniforms so.
  18. Something like the numbers on this concept could look good on a Giants jersey:
  19. I could see a military styled team taking an olive and white color scheme.
  20. Some interesting color schemes I think would work: Purple - Old Gold Black - Copper Yellow - Teal Maroon - Black Green - Old Gold Purple - Black - Old Gold Green - Anthracite
  21. I forgot about this thread! Here's the teams I'd like. Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin Badgers FB Milwaukee Admirals Milwaukee Wave And their championship years: It would be a trophy case type deal. Does that sound alright?
  22. Fair point. I understand the historical side to it, just wish it could happen. Who knows, tey could have a team in London in the near future.