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  1. For the 3 other rumored teams that @canzman shared, the Chargers, Colts & Patriots, here what I hope they do. CHARGERS: Make the road jersey powder blue dominant instead of navy dominant. COLTS: They don't need anything, but if they do, I hope it's something small like blue pants or a new alt. PATRIOTS: Make a new red alt that fits with the color scheme. A color swap of the color rush with Silver pants would probably be the best option.
  2. There's no way they get rid of the pewter, right? It doesn't look right without it. Kind of wish the one helmet rule didn't exist, so we could see some awesome throwbacks.
  3. Unpopular Opinion, as much as I love orange, the Bucs should just do away with it on the uniforms. Stick with just the red and pewter, and it still looks mighty fine. It's not like they had many successes in the Creamsicles anyway.
  4. Might not be unpopular on these boards, but I am a big fan of jerseys without number outlines. it just looks so much cleaner, no matter the background it's on.
  5. I think one of @oldschoolvikings concepts from his thread was a very good mix of the orange crush days, and the Super Bowl winning days. The current look is just so outdated, imo.
  6. Bears fans are so insufferable lol
  7. I've got a gut feeling that they will use a gradient somewhere
  8. People really really want to have new identities this year lol
  9. This is pretty much what I'd like to see the Browns do with their new uniforms
  10. Yeah, my other wish would be to put it in the upper left corner
  11. FOX is using the Super Bowl graphics package for the XFL game, which likely means the scorebug design is here to stay for NFL.
  12. Is there any chance that FOX changes its scorebug for the Superbowl? The one they have right now is pretty bad.
  13. MOD EDIT: As stated in the board rules, no discussion of Native American team name controversies.
  14. Nice I can finally forget my cringy 13-year old self
  15. Nothing yet? Guess I'll roll out Week 2 BUCCANEERS @ PANTHERS Because of the formula I used, lots of these early season primetime games have white at home. Panthers wear black socks again CARDINALS @ RAVENS The Ravens home opener sees Baltimore in all white, instead of white over purple REDSKINS @ COWBOYS Washington wears their standard burgundy at home, causing Dallas to go white COLTS @ TITANS Titans wear navy pants instead of columbia, but nothing else is changed SEAHAWKS @ STEELERS Nothing will change here, but I did give the Seahawks green shoes BILLS @ GIANTS Bills go white on white for a more traditional looking game 49ERS @ BENGALS Cincy, there's no need to wear all black this early in the season CHARGERS @ LIONS Lions stun everyone by bringing out all blue (Chargers facemask is supposed to be Navy) VIKINGS @ PACKERS This matchup stays the same it's been since 2013 JAGUARS @ TEXANS Texans go with their Liberty White set, while the Jaguars put on teal pants for an interesting looking game Dolphins go with standard white unis, as the aqua throwback is the only throwback used this year CHIEFS @ RAIDERS The last game on a baseball diamond features a very great matchup between two classic looks SAINTS @ RAMS The NFC Championship rematch ironically features the same uniforms as the Championship Game BEARS @ BRONCOS Nothing needs to change here, as Broncos don't break out there alternates yet EAGLES @ FALCONS Just a simple sock change for the Eagles is needed BROWNS @ JETS Jets wear all green with new white socks, and the Browns use brown ants and orange socks under the lights C&C is appreciated!!