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  1. 13 minutes ago, goforbroke said:

    Giants made a change this year.  White Pants always with Blue jerseys. Gray Pants always with white road jerseys.   The only exception being Week 2 at Dallas it will be blue on gray.

    In past 2 years gray pants were worn on the road with with either blue or white jerseys. 

    I don't see any change if they are still wearing Blue over Gray in Dallas

  2. 16 hours ago, Red Wolf said:

    Well, that could send us down a rabbit hole of "lions aren't blue." For me, a lot of the reason I want this is separation from the Browns. The Bengals' origins, and older uniforms make it clear that they were meant to be a Browns clone. Plus, nobody else in the league wears orange helmets and orange jerseys as their primary look. I'd even like them to have orange pants added as the away option because orange-white-orange can be a great look (unless you're the Browns).

    Are you sure?

    Image result for cleveland browns 1975-1983

    I like this look


    Heck, this is one the best combos the Browns have in their garbage set

    Image result for cleveland browns white over orange