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  1. We'll have to see about Color Rush after the jags unveil their uniforms
  2. That looks like the Bills and the Bucs on ice
  3. I don't know why, but I thought they would look really good with the design BLoeb Designs made.
  4. I can't believe they based the uniforms off of the sword logo, yet still didn't change the logo? What the heck! They also went navy overkill on it.
  5. It is most likely an account that posts news for the members to see controlled by the website. Thanks for defending my case anyway haha
  6. Dont know how they keep screwing this up. gold is a great accent color
  7. Even the concept in @j'villejags icon is a million times better than this garbage
  8. The only combos that look good are teal/white teal/black teal/teal and black/teal
  9. Just read the tweet, the employee had no response for the nike leak
  10. I'm pretty sure some of these might be made by other people
  11. Haha, that was my bad, i just didn't want it to get lost in the sea of comments