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  1. Panthers are in black and silver tomorrow, which means this is probably the end of the all black combo.
  2. he was the one with the "fisherman's incident"
  3. why would you need to shield your eyes i love light green and plus the hawks color rush is literally your profile pic
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    NBA Football

    excited to see bucks!
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    NBA Football

    It looks really good but i wood suggest to make the white stripes on the association and icon green, since there is no green really anywhere else (yes, I know there is no green in the basketball jerseys, but the whole point is that sucks, so you can change the future)
  6. If this is an alternate universe, then how would the curse of blue jerseys still be there? They weren't in Super Bowl V, unless they lost Super Bowl 1 to Buffalo, but still.
  7. Too bad to see this thread is dead, but Super Bowl LI features my favorite team the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Green Bay is the home team, so they choose to wear green, obviously. Simulated thru WhatIfSports, the Steelers win in spectacular fashion, 35-31, with DeAngelo Williams catching 2 touchdowns, including the game winner with 1:00 on the clock. Pittsburgh pulls off their 6th Super Bowl ring, which will lead the NFL as the greatest team championwise in NFL history .
  8. All this talk about the Browns helmets had me realize something; no team in the NFL has numbers on the helmets . The Browns could totally do that so it would be a cross of no logo and logo. Also unpopular opinion is unpopular, but i would put the Browns in brown lids so they dont look like their in state rivals.
  9. it took me until now to realize the Steelers & Lions have the same number font
  10. found this on the browns twitter page so the brown on brown looks to be happening
  11. HELLO!!! I have finally turned 13 today and i have been so excited to post something! I have follow this forever and now I can have a Say Earlier about 2 weeks ago I was reading the posts about the browns going with.... You guessed it! White/White/Orange and someone asked what there uni combo for the Browns-Titans game in week 7 as they had tickets to the game. The BROWNs replied, saying they would be going BROWN/BROWN/and probably brown socks So the mono brown is true! A few things This game will be pretty ugly Hoping the Titans finally wear their light blue pants so it will be a little more pleasing The browns actually know what their wearing (surprising) Yeah, I heard everyone talking about the brown on brown and i was anticipating to say this but im finally 13 and now i can post! CYA