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  1. chances are they will indeed wear deep green helmets (rants about one helmet rule)
  2. Lol there is no way the browns would wear white helmets besides he says he has the inside access on 6 different teams
  3. Patriots obviously will be in navy/silver. But do the Eagles go green or white pants?
  4. @BringBackTheVet Do you have a link to the forum? Looked thru the entire Cleveland browns changes thread and no luck
  5. Yeah, Led Zeppelin is in the UKC, and Nirvana and Metallica are from LA, so they would be in the NAC
  6. Please add the NFL! (and Aaron Rodgers)
  7. Led Zeppelin & Metallica? Plus my dad is a huge fan of Nirvana!
  8. No, it was because the Broncos were 0-4 in their orange jerseys during the Super bowl
  9. Didn't get to watch the game because our neighbors apartment, their sprinkler broke and it tripped the fire alarm, and everyone had to evacuate the apartment complex, but i heard it on the radio and it was crazy! (no this legit happened not to mention the twin cities are in the middle of a blizzard as of 8:15 CT on 1/14/18, so ) Dilly Dilly, Minnesota
  10. These look great! Only nitpick is that the template you use doesn't have pants/shorts. But these are really good!
  11. After the Wild Card, the Chiefs, Rams, Bills, and Panthers are all out. (basically the only good teams we had left) NEW PICKS Favorite: Worst Possible: Prediction: