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  1. 14 hours ago, heavybass said:

    And now we end the year off with 69!


    The 69th team that is now available for you all to look at, for as we speak... I have made references to teams looking like NFL... such as Browns, Raiders etc but there is one team that has been doing this since 1978.... and that is to look like the Pittsburgh Steelers but in the college world... they are known as the...






    This set is inspired by the current Alts and I figured the Hawkeyes will eventually move on from the Steelers look but retain the Steelers color of Black and Gold.... but then there are those that are not going to like what I did but don't worry naysayers I have you covered too!




    Its alright, but I fell like there's a way to have the jerseys more than just two colors. Maybe like different colored spikes  on the collar? Maybe add a number outline? I would like to see what your thoughts are, if you feel like editing them

  2. 6 hours ago, heavybass said:

    Alright I think it's time to go back to the Power 5... the next batch of updates planned are going to be large and will take a majority of the major teams not covered yet.

    So which of the following teams do you want me to do first:

    North Carolina Tarheels
    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Virginia Tech Hokies
    Oklahoma State Cowboys
    Cal Bears

    I'd like to see what you have in mind for Virginia Tech

  3. On 12/21/2020 at 5:13 PM, gothedistance said:

    After Atlanta wore white at home this season, here are the teams who have the longest drought of not wearing white for a home game since they last did it. Teams who wore white as a Super Bowl host count here, when they last did WAH at their own stadium and city.


    1. Minnesota Viking (1964)

    2. Pittsburgh Steelers (1969)

    3. Denver Broncos (2003)

    4. Kansas City Chiefs (2006)

    5. Arizona Cardinals (2009)


    The listed teams are more than 10 years.


    Fun fact: The Seahawks have never worn white at home in their entire 45 years of being a franchise.

  4. 11 hours ago, throwmesomepics said:

    If they do, it’s gonna be next week against the Titans on SNF. I’m wondering if the ravens will break out the color rush this season. They have 2 home games left and still haven’t worn purple/purple, purple/black, color rush, and black/purple.

    Ravens are wearing purple/black today I believe. I think color rush and black purple aren't gonna be happening this year, because they've already worn the black jersey 3 times and it doesn't seem like the NFL is gonna allow them to wear alternates 4 times a year, unlike last year.

  5. On 12/16/2020 at 7:56 PM, Cardsblues02 said:

    I propose they change their name in honor of the local stream that runs near campus, the Virgin River.  Virgin State-St. George? Virgin University of Utah (what other state would it be in?). Idk, I just think the student body would really get behind it. 

    Virgin University

  6. 23 hours ago, John1988 said:

    Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback! Definitely solid points. The Jets collar was an idea I got from another designer, but honestly it doesn't quite work with those colors. Fair point about Washington also. The burgundy I used was their official shade (according to their website), but it does look pretty dark on a computer screen.

    These were some good concepts, underappreciated IMO. My thing about the collars is not only is it a different color scheme, but you already made them a Titans throwback, so I feel like thats a good about of representation. It's not like the Titans were all that notable anyway. But like I said, these are some fine looking concepts!

  7. These look pretty good so far! A couple nitpicks I have is first of all, the navy strip on the Jets collar needs to go, it just looks bad IMO, and secondly, Washington's burgundy looks like brown. But these are nice so far!

  8. Teams I like wearing white pants as their primary road combination:

















    Teams I think look better in colored pants:

    Cowboys - greenish silver

    Giants - gray

    Washington - yellow

    Bears - navy

    Lions - silver

    Packers - yellow

    Vikings - purple

    Saints - gold

    Buccaneers - pewter

    49ers - gold

    Seahawks - gray

    Dolphins - aqua

    Patriots - navy

    Jets - green

    Browns - brown

    Steelers - yellow

    Chiefs - red

    Raiders - silver


  9. On 10/27/2020 at 12:00 AM, heavybass said:

    Alright, alright. We are going to save the cardinal/crimson debate for another day as it's time to update the thread.....

    With the furthest northern team in the Big 12...





    West Viriginia has three colors and they changed the uniforms recently but I don't like what Nike did... so I added some lines onto the sleeves that looks like the mountain... also no grey alt, I focused on the white, old gold and blue instead.

    Helmet logo should always read WV, not VW, but otherwise this is a good concept. I'd say add some yellow into the road uniform a bit too.